Writing - Daily Winner:

Thomas Pope
“Rock of Ages” (8/5/2012)
Fayetteville Observer

Judges’ Comments:

The reporter brings Bowman Gray Stadium to life, revealing the culture of grassroots racing with plenty of local color. Whether readers are racing fans or not, they will recognize the passion and connection to place as universal human experiences.

Broadcast - Local Winner:

Andrew Doud
“Pit Crew Training”

Judges’ Comments:

This story has everything a great broadcast feature needs: quality reporting, great interviews and natural sound, effective editing and videography. This report makes clear the importance of teamwork in racing. The audience “walks” in the pit crew’s shoes.


Gary Nastase
“Funny Car Explosion”
Inland Valley Daily Bulletin

Judges’ Comments:

An aesthetically pleasing photo rife with visual intrigue and definite “stopping power.” Although the situation is not unique, the photographer captured an image that also functions as spot news.

Writing - Non-Daily Winner:

Kris Johnson
“Skin in the Game”
NASCAR Illustrated

Judges’ Comments:

This story explores the intersection of gender, fame, sponsorship and legacy through multiple perspectives. The reporter shows the complexity of a controversial issue that has wide-reaching implications.

Broadcast - National Winner:

Rosie Barresi
“Pass in the Grass”

Judges’ Comments:

Entertaining story that provides context for multiple elements of NASCAR history: Dale Earnhardt’s legendary status, the coining of a famous phrase, and the role of rivalries in racing. Broadcast on the 25th anniversary of the “pass in the grass,” this piece is both timely and timeless, balancing ample research and reporting with humor and good storytelling.