The Dale Jarrett Racing Adventure offers a variety of packages from a 3 Lap Qualifier Ride to an 80 Lap Championship Challenge and was founded by NASCAR Champion Dale Jarrett. 

Dale Jarrett Racing Adventure is a company that offers racing fans the opportunity to find out what it’s like to race an authentic racecar on a major racetrack.  Receive vital training from top racing instructors, wear full body fire retardant racing suits, HANS and full face Bell Helmets and climb into the seat of a real racecar once driven by one of the racing greats.  Guided by hand signals from the instructor in the seat next to them, racing adventurers learn how to race just like the pros!

We surpass the usual “Follow-the-Leader” approach to racing and teach our guests how to race like a real NASCAR driver does, finding their own line, drafting and passing for optimum fun.  A 100% safety record and the endorsements of thousands of guests testify to the excitement, safety and unforgettable thrill of the Dale Jarrett Racing Adventure!

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