We're coming to Auto Fair this morning!  The Ranchero is done and like most projects, the hardest part is looking at the finished car and asking "Do I REALLY want to sell this car???"

No, I really don't.  Its a great, rust-free example of a pretty rare car/truck, and they sure aren't making any more like it (except in Australia, and they won't bring those here).  If I didn't have a pickup I could maybe make a case for keeping it, but its time to make some room in the garage for a new project.  I'm hoping the next owner will get to drive it more than I've had time to.

Like most projects, we ended up doing more than we intended... new bumpers, new tires, some new suspension parts and the repairs I detailed in earlier blogs.  But its been a fun project, and its a really cool little car to drive.

There's just one thing missing... somehow, our Ranchero has lost its grille emblem!


Fortunately, one of America's biggest vendors of Ford restoration parts, Dennis Carpenter, has his factory and showroom located just north of the speedway on US29.  And even better, they have the best price I could find on a new 1965 grille emblem!  So I'll pick one up on the way to the track and install it there.

So come on over to Car Corral spot CC-2129 on the frontstretch of the oval and have a look.