Okay, we're almost ready for our assault on Food Lion Auto Fair tomorrow.  Sunscreen, passes, map of the layout, comfortable shoes, shopping list.  I need to get some new webbing for my tie-downs, and I'm usually looking for neat old signs and license plates... Auto Fair is always a great place to find used parts and pieces.

Our 1965 Ranchero is just about ready to go, and we now know that it will be in Car Corral space 2129.  That's along the frontstretch wall of the superspeedway, between start/finish and turn 4.

When we pulled it out of the garage after a long slumber, it started right up but had a carburetor leak.  So we shipped the Autolite 1100 carb to Recarbco in Calif.  Noah Burt and company not only rebuild carbs, but every one gets tested on a running engine before they ship it back.   It looks and works just like brand new.

Noah said the carb had some debris in it that suggested crap in the gas tank.  I know that tank is NLA (no longer available), so I didnt want to mess with it.  We hauled the Ranchero to Ken Nicks at Eclectic Rods and Restoration in Jonesville.  Ken pulled the tank, acid etched the inside, flushed the lines and changed the filters.  The fuel system is all clean and good to go.


While checking the car over, they noted three of the four drum brake adjusters were rusty and frozen.  Off they came for refurbishing, and now everything works as it should.  You can see Ken is in a hurry to get everything done!

Almost done.  Marvin reworked and painted an old scrape behind the driver's door, and painted the spare wheel to match the four wheels on the car.  The carpet looked a little shabby, so I called Stock Interiors in Seneca, SC, and they shipped a new molded carpet in just two working days.

There's only one more thing we need... and I can pick it up on the way to the speedway Thursday,  I'll tell you about it tomorrow.

Mike Joy