Drivers and fans are saying...

"It's viewmongous." @dougieSS

"This huge tv at charlotte motor speedway is unreal. So cool to watch." @kaseykahne

"Incredible, and something you have to see in person!" @KBfaninGA

"Speaking of the speedway's big television: If you think it's overrated, you haven't seen it in person.  It's huge and has a remarkably sharp picture. It's a dynamic addition to the track, adding a dimension to watching a race at Charlotte Motor Speedway.". - Ron Green, Jr.,  Charlotte Observer

"If I were a race fan, I'd never buy a ticket in the stands that wrap around Turn 2 again, because you miss the HDTV entirely. From the frontstretch, though, it was an extremely welcome addition." - Scott Fowler, Charlotte Observer

"VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY BIG! With a GREAT picture!" @EsterWhite40

"It is BIG!!! You won't miss any of the action with the ability to see it on the BIG SCREEN! Love it!" @NSCRgal

"Cannot say enough how cool the new video board is at Charlotte Motor Speedway-best in sports" - Steve O'Donnell, NASCAR

"I can't say it strongly enough - this is one of the most impressive large screens I've ever seen. It's enormous size made it truly visible in a big way from every seat on the money side of the track. It made the race more exciting…" - Clint DeBoer,

"Congrats @CLTMotorSpdwy on the new HD TV. One word...awesome." @bfhood

"@CLTMotorSpdwy Your backstretch TV is the size of an #NHL hockey rink. That's mind blowing! #NASCAR" @slarocko 

"New ginormous HDTV @CLTMotorSpdwy is awesome" @MikePacheco81