"Kid Rocket" no more, Josh Richards raced his way to win the World of Outlaws Late Model Series championship in front of a standing-room-only crowd at The Dirt Track @ Charlotte Motor Speedway. He is the sixth different champion in six years in the World of Outlaws Late Model Series.

Now known as "Rocket Man," the 21-year old Shinnston, W. Va., native was able to clinch the championship by 14 points over Steve Francis. Richards racked up eight wins during the 2009 season.

"It's just been an awesome ride so far. I wouldn't be here without all the race fans. You guys have been awesome. To be the 2009 champion is just a dream come true," said Richards. "We've been in tight battle all year, but man, when it came down to the end, basically tied with Francis in points, it definitely made it well worth it."

Richards and Francis battled for position early in the race, but Francis fell back to finish 12th in the 50-lap late model feature, while Richards hung on to finish seventh.

Jimmy Owens, from Newport, Tenn., returned to Victory Lane for the first time in four years at The Dirt Track @ Charlotte Motor Speedway in the Late Model Series feature. Owens came to the front after starting in eighth place.

"The car was great. My hat is off to my crew and all my fans," said Owens. "Congratulations to Josh [Richards]. I'm glad to see him get it and it's a hard fought battle for everyone. I'm just glad to win in front of this crowd."

Owens battled with Shannon Babb for the lead and finally moved into the point position on lap 34. The only yellow flag of the race came out with 10 laps to go for the No. 4T of Tommy Kerr, who stopped in Turn 4. Jordon Bland also spun as they were coming to the checkers, but did not bring out the caution flag.

Tim McCreadie, who has one win at The Dirt Track, finished second.

"It's a lot of fun. I want to give these [fans] a heck of an applause," said McCreadie. "Thanks for coming out everybody. It's awesome to race in front of a big crowd."

Donny Schatz, driver of the No. 15 Tony Stewart Racing sprint car, clinched his fourth-consecutive World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series championship with a sixth-place finish in Saturday night's sprint car feature.

"Well, Mario Andretti told me when we did this whole STP thing that he doesn't associate himself with losers - he associates himself with winners. So we had a big weight on our shoulders," said Schatz. "We had an awesome car last night. I got very conservative tonight. Tonight was the first night I really thought about the whole points deal and I got nervous about everything."

Jason Meyers finished second in the championship standings after finishing third in the feature race. Schatz posted 12 wins during the 2009 season.

Kasey Kahne Racing's Joey Saldana returned to Victory Lane for his second win at The Dirt Track this year after winning his heat race and starting on the outside pole of the feature. It was his 20th feature win in 2009.

"Twenty wins these days seems impossible. It's just pretty cool. I never dreamed I'd win 20 in a lifetime, so 20 in one season is pretty neat," said Saldana. "The fans, they come here and support this - definitely a stand-alone event like this with late models and sprint cars. It's awesome that there's a lot of support for short track, dirt track racing."

Tim McCreadie, Rick Eckert, Clint Smith, Earl Pearson Jr., Darrell Lanigan and Babb came out on top in the 10-lap late model heat races. In the eight-lap Sprint Car Series heat races Terry McCarl, Steve Kinser, Saldana and Meyers were victorious.   

Dale Blaney won the Crane Cams Dash to earn the pole position for the sprint car feature race and Cale Conley took the checkered flag in the sprint car B-Main.

In the Late Model Series, Jordan Bland, Jason Feger and Brad Neat grabbed the victories in the B-Mains.

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The results:

World of Outlaws Late Models

First Heat (10 laps): 1. Tim McCreadie; 2. Chris Madden; 3. Scott Bloomquist; 4. Jordan Bland; 5. Eric Jacobsen; 6. Vic Coffey; 7. Booper Bare; 8. Jeremy Miller; 9. Bo Feathers; 10. Al Shawver Jr.; 11. Justin Labonte.

Second Heat (10 laps): 1. Rick Eckert; 2. Jimmy Owens; 3. Josh Richards; 4. Eric Wells; 5. John Blankenship; 6. Randy Korte; 7. Jared Landers; 8. Dan Stone; 9. Doug Horton; 10. Jeep Van Wormer; 11. Ben Faircloth; 12. Spencer Liggon.

Third Heat (10 laps): 1. Clint Smith; 2. Brady Smith; 3. Greg Satterlee; 4. Matt Lux; 5. Jeremy Faircloth; 6. Rick Briggs; 7. Will Vaught; 8. Petey Ivey; 9. Ricky Elliott; 10. Chuck Harper; 11. Larry Blankenship; 12. Dustin Mitchell.

Fourth Heat (10 laps): 1. Earl Pearson Jr.; 2. Steve Francis; 3. Chris Ferguson; 4. Jason Feger; 5. Tim Dohm; 6. Russell King; 7. Johnny Pursley; 8. Brian Ruhlman; 9. Donnie Moran; 10. Eddie Carrier Jr.; 11. Cruz Pedregon; 12. Jim Yoder.

Fifth Heat (10 laps): 1. Darrell Lanigan; 2. Dale McDowell; 3. Tim Fuller; 4. Brad Neat; 5. Mike Knight; 6. Kenny Schrader; 7. Mike Gault; 8. Jeff Rine; 9. Brent Robinson; 10. Bob Gordon; 11. Tre Martin; 12. Dan Schlieper.

Sixth Heat (10 laps): 1. Shannon Babb; 2. Shane Clanton; 3. Tommy Kerr; 4. Tyler Reddick; 5. Austin Hubbard; 6. Dennis Franklin; 7. Austin Dillon; 8. Adam Hensel; 9. Devin Friese; 10. DJ Wells; 11. Walker Arthur.

First B-Main (12 laps): 1. Jordan Bland; 2. John Blankenship; 3. Eric Wells; 4. Randy Korte; 5. Vic Coffey; 6. Jeep Van Wormer; 7. Eric Jacobsen; 8. Bo Feathers; 9. Booper Bare; 10. Dan Stone; 11. Doug Horton; 12. Al Shawver Jr.; 13. Justin Labonte; 14. Spencer Liggon; 15. Jared Landers.

Did Not Start: Jeremy Miller; Ben Faircloth

Second B-Main (12 laps): 1. Jason Feger; 2. Matt Lux; 3. Tim Dohm; 4. Russell King; 5. Brian Ruhlman; 6. Rick Briggs; 7. Donnie Moran; 8. Will Vaught; 9. Jim Yoder; 10. Dustin Mitchell; 11. Petey Ivey; 12. Chuck Harper; 13. Jeremy Faircloth.

Did Not Start: Johnny Pursley; Ricky Elliott; Eddie Carrier Jr.; Larry Blankenship; Cruz Pedregon

Third B-Main (12 laps): 1. Brad Neat; 2. Mike Knight; 3. Austin Hubbard; 4. Tyler Reddick; 5. Austin Dillon; 6. Adam Hensel; 7. Kenny Schrader; 8. Mike Gault; 9. Dennis Franklin; 10. Jeff Rine; 11. Bob Gordon; 12. Devin Friese; 13. Brent Robinson; 14. Walker Arthur; 15. Tre Martin; 16. DJ Wells.

Did Not Start: Dan Schlieper

Feature (50 laps): 1. Jimmy Owens; 2. Tim McCreadie; 3. Earl Pearson Jr.; 4. Darrell Lanigan; 5. Shannon Babb; 6. Clint Smith; 7. Josh Richards; 8. Rick Eckert; 9. Dale McDowell; 10. Scott Bloomquist; 11. Chris Madden; 12. Steve Francis; 13. Tim Fuller; 14. Brady Smith; 15. Brad Neat; 16. Shane Clanton; 17. John Blankenship; 18. Mike Knight; 19. Greg Satterlee; 20. Russell King; 21. Dan Schlieper; 22. Kenny Schrader; 23. Jason Feger; 24. Brent Robinson; 25. Tommy Kerr; 26. Jordan Bland; 27. Matt Lux; 28. Chris Ferguson.

World of Outlaw Sprint Cars 

First Heat (8 laps): 1. Terry McCarl; 2. Jason Sides; 3. Donny Schatz; 4. Cody Darrah; 5. Tim Shaffer; 6. Zach Zimmerly; 7. Lucas Wolfe; 8. Kraig Kinser; 9. Chad Kemenah; 10. Chris Shirek; 11. Adam Wilt; 12. Brian Ellenberger.

Second Heat (8 laps): 1. Steve Kinser; 2. Craig Dollansky; 3. Lance Dewease; 4. Fred Rahmer; 5. Brad Sweet; 6. Cale Conley; 7. Mark Smith; 8. Jeremy Campbell; 9. Brook Tatnell; 10. Jac Haudenschild; 11. Justin Henderson; 12. Chad Layton.

Third Heat (8 laps): 1. Joey Saldana; 2. Dale Blaney; 3. Ed Lynch Jr.; 4. Daryn Pittman; 5. Brandon Wimmer; 6. Tim Kaeding; 7. Jessica Zemken; 8. Doug Dodson; 9. Curt Michael; 10. Ben Gregg; 11. Kramer Williamson; 12. Danny Holtgraver.

Fourth Heat (8 laps): 1. Jason Meyers; 2. Danny Lasoski; 3. Bob Felmlee; 4. Don Droud Jr.; 5. Keith Baxter; 6. Sam Hafertepe Jr.; 7. Todd Kane; 8. Robbie Stillwaggon; 9. Brian Montieth; 10. Kory Crabtree; 11. Craig Folmar; 12. Greg Hodnett.

Crane Cams Dash (6 laps): 1. Dale Blaney; 2. Joey Saldana; 3. Ed Lynch Jr.; 4. Steve Kinser; 5. Donny Schatz; 6. Jason Sides; 7. Terry McCarl; 8. Jason Meyers; 9. Craig Dollansky; 10. Danny Lasoski.

D-Main (8 laps): 1. Bob Howard; 2. Brad Wickham; 3. Josh Weller; 4. Todd Zinn; 5. Kyle Pruitt; 6. Kris Spitz; 7. Glenn Styres.

Did Not Start: Mark Cole

C-Main (10 laps): 1. Tim Kaeding; 2. Brook Tatnell; 3. Adam Wilt; 4. Brian Ellenberger; 5. Chris Shirek; 6. Craig Folmar; 7. Chad Layton; 8. Kory Crabtree; 9. Bob Howard; 10. Robbie Stillwaggon; 11. Danny Holtgraver; 12. Kramer Williamson; 13. Brad Wickham.

Did Not Start: Jac Haudenschild

B-Main (12 laps): 1. Cale Conley; 2. Greg Hodnett; 3. Zach Zimmerly; 4. Jessica Zemken; 5. Lucas Wolfe; 6. Mark Smith; 7. Todd Kane; 8. Chad Kemenah; 9. Curt Michael; 10. Kraig Kinser; 11. Jeremy Campbell; 12. Sam Hefertepe Jr.; 13. Tim Kaeding; 14. Justin Henderson; 15. Ben Gregg; 16. Brook Tatnell; 17. Brian Montieth; 18. Doug Dodson.

Feature (30 laps): 1. Joey Saldana; 2. Dale Blaney; 3. Jason Meyers; 4. Steve Kinser; 5. Fred Rahmer; 6. Donny Schatz; 7. Danny Lasoski; 8. Terry McCarl; 9. Tim Shaffer; 10. Ed Lynch Jr.; 11. Jason Sides; 12. Brad Sweet; 13. Greg Hodnett; 14. Cody Darrah; 15. Bob Felmlee; 16. Cale Conley; 17. Zach Zimmerly; 18. Daryn Pittman; 19. Kraig Kinser; 20. Jessica Zemken; 21. Don Droud Jr.; 22. Brandon Wimmer; 23. Keith Baxter; 24. Craig Dollansky; 25. Jac Haudenschild; 26. Lance Dewease.