In a day and age when longevity is sometimes nothing more than a nine-letter word, one of auto racing's longest-running streaks is still going strong. Motorsports artist Sam Bass just finished designing and painting his 45th and 46th consecutive souvenir program covers for Charlotte Motor Speedway, extending a tradition that began way back in 1985.

An original artwork entitled "All-Star Wars!" will grace the cover of the NASCAR NEXTEL All-Star Challenge program, while the Coca-Cola 600 publication is to feature a composition cleverly referred to as "Bottle Rockets!" Both illustrations are available as limited edition prints and fine art posters.

If you've ever attended the NASCAR NEXTEL All-Star Challenge, you know that the competition is out of this world. And that's just what you'll see in "All-Star Wars!" as a fleet of NASCAR's bravest warriors engage in all out combat against an intergalactic backdrop. Centerpiece of the illustration is a shot of Dale Earnhardt Jr. -- eyes wrought with intensity-- tightly gripping the steering wheel in the heat of battle. Meanwhile, more than a dozen of the cars contesting the annual speedfest are streaking across the starscape locked in a futuristic dogfight. It's 25th century excitement in the here-and-now!

"The NASCAR NEXTEL All-Star Challenge is such an epic event, and when it comes to action and excitement, the sky's the limit," said Bass, the first artist officially licensed by NASCAR. "I thought it would be fun to illustrate the race as the larger-than-life battle that it has become. With this kind of star power you never know what's going to happen next!"

Edition size for "All-Star Wars!" is limited to only 500 prints, signed and numbered by the artist.

The world's most recognizable beverage container and motor racing's most distinctive trophy share the spotlight in "Bottle Rockets!" The classic contoured Coke bottle takes center stage in the illustration, with the trademark Charlotte Motor Speedway trophy visible inside and the official Coca-Cola 600 logo overhead. That scene is flanked on either side by a "comin'-at-ya" shot of 10 Coca-Cola Racing Family competitors running at full throttle.

In the foreground is a banked view of defending race winner Jimmie Johnson's Lowe's Chevrolet. Below that are side views of the cars of retiring icons Rusty Wallace and Mark Martin, with the "Rusty's Last Call" and "Salute To You" tour logos prominently displayed.

"I've been fortunate to illustrate every Coca-Cola 600 program cover since it began its title sponsorship in 1985," Bass explained. "Their products and the drivers they partner with are icons of the sport, as well as fan favorites. I really appreciate Coca-Cola for allowing my art to be part of the family."

The edition size for "Bottle Rockets!" will be 600 signed and numbered prints. Prints or posters of either "All-Star Wars!" or "Bottle Rockets!" may be ordered by calling the Sam Bass Gallery at 1-800-556-5464. Or order online at