Brian Vickers, driver of the No. 25 Chevrolet grabbed a check for $53,325 as the winner of the NEXTEL Open preliminary event.

Vickers made contact with race leader Mike Bliss on the last lap. Bliss lost control and Vickers took the win. Here's what the drivers had to say:

MIKE BLISS (No. 0, Haas/NetZero Chevrolet) - "If that's the way he (Brian Vickers, No. 25) wants to win it, I just don't race like that. But he's in the big show and I'm not. We had a really good car tonight. We've got 600 miles here, if that's the way he wants to race. I was hoping to beat him to the line, at least, sideways."

Winner: BRIAN VICKERS (No. 25, Chevrolet) - It was pretty crazy out there, but all the guys on my team did an awesome job. It was an exciting challenge because it's also about who wins. I hate it for Mike Bliss. He was blocking and I was doing my job. He was blocking that whole last lap and if it would have been me I'd have been doing the same thing. He blocked me and we ended up getting together. I hate he wrecked but there's nothing else I could have done. That's not how I race and it's not how I wanted to win. What else could I have done? I'm sure he's mad and I would have been mad, too.

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