Michael Van Wingerden held off brother Thomas to win the Centex Homes Legends Car Pro division feature Tuesday night as round two of Charlotte Motor Speedway's Hardee's Summer Shootout suffered from a severe case of yellow fever.

With a record 226 race cars in the pit area, only three of the eight feature races in the Amoco Ultimate-sponsored program went the scheduled 20-lap distance as numerous spins and minor accidents slowed the action.

Michael Van Wingerden of Huntersville, N.C., started fourth in the 28-car Legends Car Pro feature, took the lead on lap five and never looked back as only 14 laps were completed due to time constraints. Van Wingerden, a consistent Hardee's Summer Shootout winner in both the Legends Cars and Thunder Roadsters, beat his brother to the stripe by a car length with early leader Louis Hawkins settling for third.

Ken Deese of Monroe, N.C., driving the black No. 3 Big Show entry, inherited the point at the lap-15 inversion and went on to win the Hardee's Summer Shootout debut of the wild-and-crazy CRASHCars. Jerry White led early in the 20-lap race, but drew the seventh spot for the inversion. White came back to claim runner-up honors in the 23-car field while Gene Loden was next under the checkered flag.

In the only caution-free event of the evening, Kyle Beattie of Concord, N.C., shot to the point and led each of the 20 laps in the Duragloss Thunder Roadster finale. Duplicating his effort in the Legends Car Pro feature, Thomas Van Wingerden claimed second with Hunt Dyer third.

John Sossoman of New London, N.C., led only one lap in the Verizon Wireless Legends Car Masters feature, but it was the one that mattered. Chuck Dohm started from the pole and paced the first 14 trips around the quarter-mile oval before Sossoman made the winning move in turn one of lap 15. Sossoman, a six-time Masters division feature winner last season, held off Dohm for the victory while defending series champion Clay Hair was on Dohm's bumper in third as the caution-filled race was shortened by five laps.

Former Bandolero star Jordan Anderson of Columbia, S.C., visited victory lane following the caution-plagued feature for the Cabarrus Family Medicine Legends Car Semi-Pro division. Anderson started third, took the lead on lap six and held on through repeated restarts in a race that was shortened to 15 laps due to time constraints. Jake Crum, who won the last chance race to make the main, charged from the 21st starting spot to finish second with Phillip Gill third.

Cole Miktuk of Rock Hill, S.C., assumed command on lap 12 in the Lucas Oil Bandolero Young Guns feature and went on to victory as the race was also time-shortened to 15 laps. Aided by several caution flags, Miktuk methodically worked forward from the 10th starting spot and took the lead from Matthew Stover who had set the pace from the green flag. Stover settled for second while week-one winner Brandon McReynolds, son of longtime NASCAR crew chief and FOX racing commentator Larry McReynolds, sliced through the field from the 19th starting spot to finish third.

In yet another caution-filled feature, the Lucas Oil Bandolero Bandits saved their best for last with a crash at the finish sending speedway officials to the videotape to determine a winner. In the division for drivers ages 8 to 11, Stephen Bergh Jr. and Gerald White Jr. got together less than five car lengths from the stripe, sending both drivers sideways under the checkered flag. Officials ruled Bergh, who lives in nearby Harrisburg, N.C., crossed the stripe first with Josh Williams slipping underneath to capture second. Despite the aggressive last-lap move, White claimed third.

Charging to the front from the 12th starting position, Eric Redmond of Girard, Pa., zipped to his second consecutive victory in the 20-lap feature for the Lucas Oil Bandolero Outlaws. Jason Haynes was second with Derrick Long next across the stripe.

Fireworks will light up the sky during round three of the 10-week Hardee's Summer Shootout Tuesday night, June 28. Kicking off the area's Independence Day celebration, the Amoco Ultimate-sponsored program will include the seven regular divisions of Legends Car, Bandolero and Thunder Roadster racing along with the radical CRASHCars.

Spectator gates opens at 5 p.m. with feature racing at 7:30. The fireworks extravaganza will follow the racing program at approximately 10:15 p.m. Call 1-800-455-FANS for information or visit www.charlottemotorspeedway.com.

The results:

Centex Homes Legends Car Pro Feature (14 laps): 1. Michael Van Wingerden; 2. Thomas Van Wingerden; 3. Louis Hawkins; 4. Jason Reisman; 5. Alex Haase; 6. Ben Stancill; 7. Tim Andrews; 8. Brent Sealy; 9. Tolliver Smith; 10. Travis Pennington; 11. Jesse Bunnell; 12. C.E. Falk III; 13. Daniel Kraus; 14. Derrick Shumaker; 15. Johnny Sutton; 16. Tiffany Daniels; 17. Josh Waring; 18. Jeremy Kalina; 19. Matt Dibenedetto; 20. Chris Rogers; 21. Jeremy Colangelo; 22. Scott Knox; 23. Derek Frohlich; 24. Chris Eggleston; 25. Davin Scites; 26. Beau Slocumb; 27. Tonya Cordrey; 28. Mark Whitley.

Duragloss Thunder Roadster Feature (20 laps): 1. Kyle Beattie; 2. Thomas Van Wingerden; 3. Hunt Dyer; 4. Jon Michael; 5. Jim Fluharty; 6. D.J. Krentz; 7. Ryan Zeck; 8. Scott Whitaker; 9. Tom Van Wingerden; 10. Chrissy Wallace; 11. Michael Van Wingerden; 12. Torry Horak; 13. David Sugg; 14. Roger Simons; 15. Jim Gresham; 16. Ashleigh Wilkins; 17. Chase Hitchcock; 18. Eric Harrington; 19. Adam Welch; Danny Keaton

Cabarrus Family Medicine Legends Car Semi-Pro Feature (15 laps): 1. Jordan Anderson; 2. Jake Crum; 3. Phillip Gill; 4. Chrissy Wallace; 5. Brandon Weber; 6. Casey Dohm; 7. Kyle Fowler; 8. Ryan Farbo; 9. Glenn Bradshaw Jr.; 10. Andrew Carlsen; 11. Brandon Thompson; 12. James Buescher; 13. Jess Mattox; 14. D.J. Vanderlay; 15. Kory Abbot; 16. Keith Breasbois; 17. Kory Blevins; 18. Travis Beam; 19. Trent Newton; 20. Collier Jones; 21. Scott Ward; 22. Brennan Poole; 23. Bryan Silas; 24. Scotty Hancock; 25. Alan Hunter; 26. Trevor Bayne; 27. Chris Buescher; 28. Drew Denham.

Verizon Wireless Legends Car Masters Feature (15 laps): 1. John Sossoman; 2. Chuck Dohm; 3. Clay Hair; 4. Jan Ingram; 5. John Barilka; 6. Todd Johnson; 7. Bobby Pence; 8. Brian Wiemer; 9. George "Cotton" Spry; 10. Randy Thornton; 11. Chris Carlsen; 12. Bill Gardner; 13. Eddie Harwell; 14. Tom Van Wingerden; 15. Phil Sharpe; 16. Roger Hefner; 17. Jeff Tuner; 18. Bill Mathers; 19. Jeff Jordan; 20. Ronnie Laney; 21. Tony Carper; 22. Terry Cochran; 23. Dr. Mark Moskowitz; 24. Dennis White; 25. Rick Van DeBogart.

Lucas Oil Bandolero Bandits Feature (12 laps): 1. Stephen Bergh Jr.; 2. Josh Williams; 3. Gerald White Jr.; 4. Max Gresham; 5. Derrick Ramey; 6. Darrell Wallace Jr.; 7. Peyton Durflinger; 8. Clint King; 9. Corey Gordon; 10. Tyler Reddick; 11. Jacob Harrell; 12. Corey Morrison; 13. Austin Hill; 14. William Nelson; 15. Ronnie Bassett Jr.; 16. C.J. Faison; 17. Matt Wallace; 18. Landon Bullock; 19. Jordan Phillips; 20. Nicholas Stroupe; 21. Ryan Blaney; 22. Casey LaJoie; 23. Blake Eden; 24. Noah Clark; 25. Dax Triplett; 26. Dillon Bassett; 27. Matthew Linker; 28. Meghan Dillner.

Lucas Oil Bandolero Young Guns Feature (15 laps): 1. Cole Miktuk; 2. Matthew Stover; 3. Brandon McReynolds; 4. Tyler Green; 5. John Ellenburg; 6. Nick Hoffman; 7. Daniel Hemric; 8. Sam MaAulay; 9. Josh Butler; 10. Robby Innella; 11. Bailey Freeman; 12. Drew Foster; 13. Ty Dillon; 14. Mitchell Coble; 15. Kendall Seller; 16. Daniel Goins; 17. Justin Kraemer; 18. Jake Morris; 19. John Stancill; 20. Austin Dillon; 21. Christopher Moore; 22. Trevor Farbo; 23. Amanda Harrell; 24. Sloan Henderson; 25. Ryan Gandee; 26. Kyle Shano; 27. Ryan Rust; 28. Ryan Glenski.

Lucas Oil Bandolero Outlaws Feature (20 laps): 1. Eric Redmond; 2. Jason Haynes; 3. Chris Morgan; 4. Ryan Salomon; 5. Artie Clever; 6. Randy Spencer; 7. Marcus Limehouse; 8. Dawn Eagens; 9. Benny Mingo; 10. Ashleigh Wilkins; 11. Duke Furr; 12. Tyler Winters; 13. Charles Long Jr.; 14. Derrick Long; 15. Jennifer Spain; 16. Bruce Benson II; 17. Tim Kenner; 18. Kara Clarke.

CRASHCar Feature (20 laps): 1. Ken Deese; 2. Jerry White; 3. Gene Loden; 4. Bobby Wallace; 5. Terry Plott; 6. Pete Kenney; 7. Tony Springer; 8. Chris James; 9. James Crider; 10. Kristi Springer; 11. Marty Williams; 12. Ashley Long; 13. Brian Spivey; 14. Randy Spivey; 15. Larry Henderson; 16. Casey Callaway; 17. George "Cotton" Spry; 18. Rusty Drye; 19. Jeff Blackwelder; 20. Dale Drye; 21. Matt Fernandez; 22. Walter Pecora; 23. Stephen Runion.