Showers from the leading edge of tropical storm Alberto dampened the track but not the competition Tuesday as 210 cars jammed the pit area for the opening night of the 10-race Summer Shootout Series at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

John "the Shark" Gottsacker, the 2005 Legends Car Pro division national champion, was among the eight winners as the Dallas, Texas, resident recorded his first Summer Shootout victory in convincing fashion. Gottsacker started fifth in the 24-car field, took the lead on lap six and never looked back en route to victory in the 20-lap feature for the Peach Auto Body Legends Car Pro division. With Gottsacker cruising on the point, Ben Stancill emerged from a multi-car battle to claim runner-up honors with Brandon Thomson taking third-place money back to St. Cloud, Fla.

In the Thunder Roadster finale, Kyle Beattie of Concord, N.C., was the class of the field. The 21-year-old racing veteran started on the front row and led all 20 laps in the caution-free event. Defending series champion Thomas Van Wingerden started last in the 10-car field but steadily worked through the pack to take second ahead of third-place finisher Ryan Zeck.

George "Cotton" Spry picked up where he left off last season as the 52-year-old Salisbury, N.C., veteran posted a wire-to-wire victory in the 20-lap feature for the Legends Car Masters division. Spry, who closed the 2005 Summer Shootout by winning the final two races, was chased throughout the race by longtime rival John Sossoman, who settled for the runner-up money. Tom Van Wingerden was third under the checkered flag in the division for drivers ages 40 and over.

Tim Varnadoe of Concord, N.C., momentarily lost the lead on a late-race restart, but recovered to take the checkered flag in the National Guard Legends Car Semi-Pro feature that was shortened to 17 laps due to time constraints. Paddy Rodenbeck started fifth in the 24-car field and made a late charge to finish second with Matt Bowers next under the checkered flag.

There was nothing slick about the driving in the Lucas Oil Bandolero Bandits division as the main event featured more caution flags (five) than lead changes (three) among racers ages 8 to 11. When the yellow lights finally went out, Kyle Benjamin of Simpsonville, S.C., found himself in first place. Dylan Presnell and J.D. Farlow followed Benjamin across the stripe in the feature that was shortened to 12 laps due to time constraints.

Before the feature in the Lucas Oil Bandolero Young Guns division, 15-year-old Matthew Stover claimed a third-place finish as his greatest achievement in racing. The Gastonia, N.C., racer surpassed that Tuesday by passing leader Ryan Glenski on the inside with three laps to go and cruising to a two-car length victory. Glenski started on the outside front row and led every lap before reluctantly giving in to Stover. Daniel Hemric took the show money in the 15-lap feature.

Bruce Benson II of Lexington, N.C., also used an inside move, slipping past rookie Josh Turner on the final lap, to win the Lucas Oil Bandolero Outlaws feature that was shortened from 20 to 15 laps due to time constraints. Benson and Turner battled throughout the caution-filled race with Benson's experience paying dividends when Turner slipped coming to the checkered flag on the rain-soaked surface. Kara Clarke made the long tow from Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., pay off with a third-place finish.

Charles Daugherty, known in the School Bus paddock as "Boz the Bumper Basher," emerged victorious in a breathtaking eight-lap School Bus race that saw the behemoth creations battle three abreast for several laps. Veteran Figure-8 racer Bobby Wallace settled for second while fan favorites Dirty Dan and Lug Nut were deep in the pack when the checkered flag was unfurled.

The 13th annual Summer Shootout continues Tuesday night, June 20. In addition to the regular racing divisions, Charlotte Motor Speedway's radical CRASHCar division makes its first of seven Summer Shootout appearances. Gates open at 5 p.m. with feature racing at 7:30.

The results:

Peach Auto Body Legends Car Pro Feature (20 laps): 1. John Gottsacker; 2. Ben Stancill; 3. Brandon Thomas; 4. Tyler Green; 5. Casey Roderick; 6. Thomas Van Wingerden; 7. Jeremy Kalina; 8. Michael Van Wingerden; 9. Chris Eggleston; 10. Chrissy Wallace; 11. Daniel Moskowitz; 12. Jason Reisman; 13. Patrick Molesworth; 14. Kyle Fowler; 15. Cole Miktuk; 16. Mark Whitley; 17. Jordan Anderson; 18. Bobby Skinger; 19. Scott Knox; 20. Steve Abbey; 21. Andrew Rogers; 22. David Ragan; 23. Andy Diggs; 24. Brennan Poole.

Thunder Roadster Feature (20 laps): 1. Kyle Beattie; 2. Thomas Van Wingerden; 3. Ryan Zeck; 4. Tom Van Wingerden; 5. Jim Gresham; 6. Chris White; 7. Jon Michael; 8. Eric Harrington; 9. Roger Simons; 10. Michael Van Wingerden.

National Guard Legends Car Semi-Pro Feature (17 laps): 1. Tim Varnadoe; 2. Paddy Rodenbeck; 3. Matt Bowers; 4. Thomas Hartensueld Jr.; 5. Austin Dillon; 6. Robby Innella; 7. John Ellenburg; 8. Jake Crum; 9. Mitchell Coble; 10. J.R. Allen; 11. Trey Edison; 12. Charles Kiser; 13. Dennis Kiser; 14. Kara Clarke; 15. Max Gresham; 16. Andrew Carlsen; 17. Bryan Silas; 18. A.J. Slattery; 19. Zach Stroupe; 20. Justin Lloyd; 21. Beau Browning; 22. Kory Blevins; 23. Drew Denham; 24. Daniel Hemric.

Legends Car Masters Feature (20 laps): 1. George "Cotton" Spry; 2. John Sossoman; 3. Tom Van Wingerden; 4. Chuck Dohm; 5. Dr. Mark Moskowitz 6. John Barilka; 7. "Crazy" Eddie Harwell; 8. Bobby Pence; 9. Phil "Razor" Sharpe; 10. Bruce Sawicki; 11. Bruce Little; 12. Clay Hair; 13. Brian Weimer; 14. Danny Williams; 15. Tony Carper; 16. W. Gary Shannon; 17. Jeff Turner; 18. Dave Winston; 19. Bill Mathers; 20. David Sugg; 21. Keith Breabois; 22. Todd Johnson; 23. Jan Ingram; 24. Bill Gardner.

Lucas Oil Bandolero Outlaws Feature (15 laps): 1. Bruce Benson II; 2. Josh Turner; 3. Kara Clarke; 4. Chris Morgan; 5. Duke Furr; 6. Tim Keener; 7. Amanda Harrell; 8. Bailey Freeman; 9. Chris Honeycutt; 10. Nathan Rodgers; 11. Charles Long Jr.; 12. Benny Mingo; 13. Ashleigh Wilkins; 14. Dawn Eagens; 15. Marcus Limehouse; 16. Trevor Cauble.

Lucas Oil Bandolero Young Guns Feature (15 laps): 1. Matthew Stover; 2. Ryan Glenski; 3. Daniel Hemric; 4. Sam McAulay; 5. Christopher Moore; 6. Trevor Farbo; 7. Ty Dillon; 8. Austin Hill; 9. Ryan Blaney; 10. Zac Kittle; 11. Nick Hoffman; 12. Kendall Sellers; 13. Jordan Coker; 14. John Stancill; 15. Dylan Pack; 16. Gerald White Jr.; 17. Kenny Brown; 18. Kyle Pierce; 19. Taylor Bryant; 20. Timmy Hill; 21. Tyler Fedrizzi; 22. Bailey Daniels; 23. Robert Poole; 24. Ryan Rust.

Lucas Oil Bandolero Bandits Feature (12 laps): 1. Cody Blackburn; 2. Dylan Presnell; 3. J.D. Farlow; 4. Jacob Harrell; 5. Landon Bullock; 6. Mason Massey; 7. Evan Bell; 8. Stephen Bergh Jr.; 9. Maxx Bennett; 10. Corey Gordon; 11. Grant Crane; 12. Judson Kittle; 13. Matt Wallace; 14. Andrew Lloyd; 15. Joshua Langley; 16. Nicholas Stroupe; 17. Kyle Benjamin; 18. Corey LaJoie; 19. Dillon Bassett; 20. Matthew Linker; 21. Clint King; 22. Blake Jones; 23. Kyle Plott; 24. Noah Clark.