Thomas Van Wingerden, a 24-year-old veteran, and 15-year-old rising star Matthew Stover celebrated the Fourth of July by recording their fourth victories in five starts Tuesday night as the 10-race Summer Shootout Series reached its half-way point at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

It was the same song, different verse as Van Wingerden topped the Thunder Roadster feature. In a virtual repeat of Monday night's event, the Huntersville, N.C., racer beat older brother Michael to the checkered flag to earn his third straight trip to the victory podium.

The younger Van Wingerden started eighth, but needed only eight laps to take command of the 20-lap event. Once in front, he never looked back. Michael Van Wingerden withstood a terrific challenge from Ryan Zeck to claim the runner-up money while Zeck settled for his fourth third-place finish.

Stover took command from early leader Daniel Hemric on lap six and went on to win the caution-filled Lucas Oil Bandolero Young Guns feature that was shortened to 15 laps due to time constraints. Stover's cruise to victory was nearly a carbon copy of his Monday night triumph as the Gastonia, N.C., racer posted his second consecutive triumph and fourth of the season. Hemric chased Stover under the checkered flag for runner-up honors with Sam McAulay taking third for the second night in a row.

Brandon Thomson, a visitor from St. Cloud, Fla., made it look easy as he led every lap en route to his first victory in the 20-lap finale for the Peach Auto Body Legends Car Pro division. Thomson started from the pole and was never seriously challenged as he beat Kyle Fowler and Scott Knox to the checkered flag.

Clay Hair continued to set the pace in the Legends Car Masters division as the Mt. Pleasant, N.C., driver stormed to his second consecutive victory and third of the season. Hair started eighth, needed only five laps to take command and was never challenged during the final seven laps. Point leader George "Cotton" Spry finished second with John Sossoman as time constraints forced the race to be shortened to just 12 laps.

In the National Guard Legends Car Semi-Pro division feature, Dennis Lambert received his marching orders early, steering to the front on lap two and charging to victory. The Indian Trail, N.C., driver maintained the lead despite three caution flags that bunched the 24-car field. Max Gresham gave chase throughout, but settled for second with Austin Dillon picking up the third-place trophy.

Before the feature for the Lucas Oil Bandolero Bandits, Landon Bullock claimed a second-place finish as the greatest achievement in his short racing career. But after leading flag-to-flag with the resolve of a crafty veteran, the Denver, N.C., racer had surpassed his previous high. Three caution flags tightened the field in the 20-lap race, but Bullock was in a class of his own.

With Bullock cruising, the best Bandits battle saw point leader Cody Blackburn reel in Dylan Presnell on the backstretch of the last lap. Blackburn pulled ahead coming out of Turn 4 to steal second place with Presnell settling for third among drivers ages 8 to 11.

Methodist Youth Night may not be until next week, but Chris Morgan and his Methodist Motorsports Evangelism machine didn't wait for divine intervention to find victory lane. Morgan passed early leader Ashleigh Wilkins on lap eight and then avoided a multi-car accident four laps later to take the win in the Lucas Oil Bandolero Outlaws feature.

Josh Turner and Benny Mingo followed Morgan under the checkered flag in a race that was shortened to 15 laps due to numerous caution flags and a red flag. The most spectacular crash of the night occurred on lap four as a pileup in Turn 2 catapulted Nathan Rodgers into a barrel-roll that ended against the outside retaining wall. Rodgers walked away uninjured.

Dirty Dan the Fan emerged victorious in the School Bus Slobberknocker that included a five-bus crash and another tangle that caused one of the behemoth creations to roll onto its side. Lug Nut, the world's fastest mascot, was side-by-side with Dirty Dan at the checkered flag and Racer Joe Saleem celebrated a third-place finish.

Summer Shootout action continues Tuesday night, July 11, with Methodist Youth Night. In addition to the seven divisions of Legends Car, Bandolero and Thunder Roadster racing, the wild-and-wacky CRASHCars will be back for their fourth of seven Summer Shootout appearances.

Admission is just $5 for adults with children 6-12 admitted for $3 and kids under 6 free. Spectator gates open at 5 p.m. with feature racing at 7:30.

The results:

Peach Auto Body Legends Car Pro Feature (20 laps): 1. Brandon Thompson; 2. Kyle Fowler; 3. Scott Knox; 4. Mark Whitley; 5. Tyler Green; 6. Patrick Molesworth; 7. Duncan Molesworth; 8. Michael Van Wingerden; 9. Brennan Poole; 10. Casey Roderick; 11. Jason Reisman; 12. Cole Miktuk; 13. Ben Stancill; 14. Jordan Anderson; 15. Jeremy Kalina; 16. Chrissy Wallace; 17. Chris Eggleston; 18. Steven Abbey; 19. Rob Hall; 20. Dean Abbey; 21. Daniel Moskowitz; 22. Thomas Van Wingerden; 23. Chris Buescher; 24. John Gottsacker.

Thunder Roadster Feature (20 laps): 1. Thomas Van Wingerden; 2. Michael Van Wingerden; 3. Ryan Zeck; 4. Kyle Beattie; 5. Tom Van Wingerden; 6. Mike Ferre; 7. Jim Gresham; 8. Eric Harrington; 9. Johanna Godinez; 10. Ed Evans; 11. Roger Simons.

National Guard Legends Car Semi-Pro Feature (20 laps): 1. Dennis Lambert; 2. Max Gresham; 3. Austin Dillon; 4. Matt Bowers; 5. Justin Lloyd; 6. Dennis Kiser; 7. Darrell Wallace Jr.; 8. Beau Browning; 9. J.R. Allen; 10. Mitchell Coble; 11. Drew Denham; 12. Michael Brown; 13. Brett Butler; 14. Zach Rearden; 15. Tyler Chrisinger; 16. Kory Blevins; 17. Charles Kiser; 18. Andrew Carlsen; 19. Bryan Silas; 20. Parker Hammons; 21. Zach Stroupe; 22. Robby Innella; 23. Daniel Hemric; 24. Kyle Hall.

Legends Car Masters Feature (12 laps): 1. Clay Hair; 2. George "Cotton" Spry; 3. John Sossoman; 4. Brian Weimer; 5. Tom Van Wingerden; 6. Dr. Mark Moskowitz; 7. John Barilka; 8. Chuck Dohm; 9. Bobby Pence; 10. Keith Breasbois; 11. David Denham; 12. W. Gary Shannon; 13. Carlos Moore; 14. Bruce Sawicki; 15. Todd Johnson; 16. Dean Lyons; 17. James Stanton; 18. Dave Winston; 19. Jan Ingram; 20. Phil Sharpe; 21. Jeff Turner; 22. Bill Gardner; 23. Jimmy Gurley; 24. Eddie Harwell.

Lucas Oil Bandolero Outlaws Feature (15 laps): 1. Chris Morgan; 2. Josh Turner; 3. Benny Mingo; 4. Marcus Limehouse; 5. Amanda Harrell; 6. Chris Honeycutt; 7. Dawn Eagens; 8. Bailey Freeman; 9. Charles Long Jr.; 10. Trevor Cauble; 11. Tim Keener; 12. Ashleigh Wilkins; 13. Duke Furr; 14. Kara Clarke; 15. Nathan Rodgers; 16. Joey Keyser; 17. Bruce Benson II.

Lucas Oil Bandolero Bandits Feature (20 laps): 1. Landon Bullock; 2. Cody Blackburn; 3. Dylan Presnell; 4. Stephen Bergh Jr.; 5. Mason Massey; 6. Ronnie Bassett Jr.; 7. Noah Clark; 8. Nicholas Stroupe; 9. Matthew Linker; 10. Jacob Harrell; 11. Corey LaJoie; 12. Dylan Ames; 13. Clint King; 14. Bodie Bellinger; 15. Kyle Benjamin; 16. Donovan Ponder; 17. Shawn Hoover; 18. Brock Newsom; 19. Tyler Hill; 20. Judson Kittle; 21. Peyton Durflinger; 22. Corey Gordon; 23. Mark Hoover; 24. Justin Crider.

Lucas Oil Bandolero Young Guns Feature (15 laps): 1. Matthew Stover; 2. Daniel Hemric; 3. Sam McAulay; 4. Austin Hill; 5. Ty Dillon; 6. Ryan Glenski; 7. John Stancill; 8. Kenny Brown; 9. Sloan Henderson; 10. Jordan Coker; 11. Currie Pierce; 12. Bryce Walker; 13. Kyle Pierce; 14. Christopher Moore; 15. Dylan Pack; 16. Dax Triplett; 17. Kendall Sellers; 18. Cameron Collins; 19. Ryan Rust; 20. Timmy Hill; 21. Trevor Farbo; 22. Zac Kittle; 23. Ryan Blaney.