Jordan Anderson, Austin Hill and Mike Scarborough added their names to the list of Summer Shootout feature winners Tuesday night as Dollar General presented round eight of the 10-race series on the frontstretch quarter-mile oval at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Anderson, of Columbia, S.C., had to be pulled out of the post-race inspection line in order to celebrate his victory in the Peach Auto Body Legends Car Pro division feature after apparent winner and division point leader Tyler Green was penalized for rough driving.

It appeared as if Green, son of veteran NASCAR driver Mark Green, had earned his first victory of the season after nudging Brennan Poole out of the lead entering Turn 3 of the final lap. But officials deemed the contact unnecessary and moved the Concord, N.C., resident to 18th in the final rundown. Casey Roderick moved up to second place with John Gottsacker next on the score sheet.

Thomas Van Wingerden's six-race winning streak in the Thunder Roadster division came to a screeching halt as Kyle Beattie emerged from a terrific four-car battle to record his second victory of the season. The 22-year-old Beattie took the lead from Tom Van Wingerden on lap 10 of the 20-lap event and then held off constant challenges from Thomas Van Wingerden over the race's second half.

Thomas Van Wingerden, who leads the division point standings, held on for second despite being rammed by his father, Tom Van Wingerden, entering Turn 3 of the final lap. Dana White moved up to third when Ryan Zeck's machine failed post-race inspection.

The cream always rises to the top and such was the case in the Legends Car Masters division as George "Cotton" Spry beat Clay Hair to the checkered flag by half-a-car length. It was the second consecutive victory for the Salisbury, N.C., racer and his third of the season.

Hair settled for the runner-up pay in the caution-filled race that was shortened to just eight laps. John Sossoman finished third and closed the gap on point leader and defending champion Brian Weimer who ended up sixth.

Thomas Hartensveld Jr. of Ringwood, N.J., literally ran away from the field to win the caution-free 20-lap feature for the National Guard Legends Car Semi-Pro division. Hartensveld Jr., who also visited victory lane during week two, started fourth in the 24-car field, took the lead on lap three and was a full straightway ahead of Jake Crum when the checkered flag was unfurled. J.R. Allen banked the show money while championship leader Matt Bowers had a tough night and ended up 16th.

The Lucas Oil Bandolero Young Guns feature turned into a flag-flying affair highlighted by a lap-four tangle that sent Ryan Blaney's car upside down. Blaney walked away from the crash and when action resumed, Hill, of Winston, Ga., drove away from the field to record his first victory of the season. John Stancill ended up second with Trevor Farbo next under the checkered flag. Point leader Ryan Glenski salvaged a sixth-place finish after an early accident in the event that was shortened to just 12 laps due to time constraints.

In one of the closest finishes of the season, Bruce Benson II edged Trevor Cauble to win the 20-lap feature for the Lucas Oil Bandolero Outlaws. Cauble started second and led the first 19 laps before Benson II, who had erased Cauble's nearly straightaway lead, drove to the outside in Turn 4 coming to the checkered flag. The Lexington, N.C., racer's momentum was just enough as he beat Cauble to the stripe by a bumper for his fourth victory of the season. Cauble settled for the second-place trophy with Benny Mingo third.

In a crash-marred finale for the Lucas Oil Bandolero Bandits, Nicholas Stroupe waited for a mistake by Ronnie Bassett Jr. and, when it finally came, the Iron Station, N.C., racer took advantage. Bassett Jr. held the point for most of the race, but got loose coming out of Turn 4 on the next-to-last lap. The miscue allowed Stroupe to make an inside move for the lead, and he went on to record his third triumph of the season. Bassett Jr. and Landon Bullock were next across the stripe in the division for drivers ages 8 to 11.

In the controlled chaos known as the CRASHCar division, track officials informed the 23-car field that the second car across the stripe at the end of the night would be declared the winner. Paul Sparrow's Invader machine led flag-to-flag despite trying to slow at the finish while Scarborough's Chowderhead Monte Carlo, fielded by crew members of Martin Truex Jr.'s NASCAR NEXTEL Cup team, trailed for the second-place victory. Bobby Wallace, driving the Land Shark, finished third.

The Gardens of Taylor Glen, a premier Baptist retirement community in Concord, N.C., will host the penultimate round of the 10-race Summer Shootout Series on Tuesday night, Aug. 1. In addition to seven divisions of Legends Car, Bandolero and Thunder Roadster racing, the wild-and-wacky CRASHCars will be back for their final night of fender-banging excitement.

Admission is just $5 for adults with children 6-12 admitted for $3 and kids under 6 free. Spectator gates open at 5 p.m. with feature racing at 7:30.

The results:

Peach Auto Body Legends Car Pro Feature (20 laps): 1. Jordan Anderson; 2. Casey Roderick; 3. Keith Ciccone; 4. Kyle Fowler; 5. Jeremy Kalina; 6. Thomas Van Wingerden; 7. Cole Miktuk; 8. Dean Abbey; 9. Mark Whitley; 10. Steven Abbey; 11. Ben Stancill; 12. Patrick Molesworth; 13. Brennan Poole; 14. Chris Eggleston; 15. Jason Riesman; 16. Brandon Thomson; 17. Jordan Richardson; 18. Tyler Green; 19. Chris Buescher; 20. Michael Dabney Jr.; 21. Scott Knox; 22. Patrick McVay; 23. Duncan Molesworth; 24. Todd Adams.

Thunder Roadster Feature (20 laps): 1. Kyle Beattie; 2. Thomas Van Wingerden; 3. Dana White; 4. Michael Van Wingerden; 5. Ed Clark; 6. Ed Evans; 7. Jim Gresham; 8. Tom Van Wingerden; 9. Roger Simons; 10. Ryan Zeck.

National Guard Legends Car Semi-Pro Feature (20 laps): 1. Thomas Hartensveld Jr.; 2. Jake Crum; 3. Darrell Wallace Jr.; 4. J.R. Allen; 5. Drew Denham; 6. Paddy Rodenbeck; 7. Zach Stroupe; 8. Josh Williams; 9. Mitchell Coble; 10. Austin Dillon; 11. Andrew Carlsen; 12. Max Gresham; 13. Michael Brown; 14. Parker Hammons; 15. Bryan Silas; 16. Matt Bowers; 17. Daniel Hemric; 18. Tyler Crisinger; 19. Justin Lloyd; 20. Toni McCrary; 21. Kara Clarke; 22. Dennis Kiser; 23. Matthew Bailey; 24. Steve Daniels.

Legends Car Masters Feature (8 laps): 1. George 'Cotton' Spry; 2. Clay Hair; 3. John Sossoman; 4. Dennis White; 5. John Barilka; 6. Brian Weimer; 7. Tom Van Wingerden; 8. Phil Sharpe; 9. James Stanton; 10. Eddie Harwell; 11. Ronnie Laney; 12. W. Gary Shannon; 13. Keith Breasbois; 14. Bruce Sawicki; 15. Bill Gardner; 16. Dr. Mark Moskowitz; 17. Tony Carper; 18. Dave Winston; 19. Bobby Pence; 20. Bruce Little; 21. Dean Lyons; 22. Terry Cochran; 23. Danny Williams; 24. Carlos Moore; 25. Jimmy Gurley; 26. Jan Ingram; 27. Chuck Dohm; 28. Todd Johnson.

Lucas Oil Bandolero Young Guns Feature (12 laps): 1. Austin Hill; 2. John Stancill; 3. Trevor Farbo; 4. Cameron Collins; 5. Dylan Pack; 6. Ryan Glenski; 7. Ryan Rust; 8. John Myers; 9. Daniel Hemric; 10. Jordan Coker; 11. Timmy Hill; 12. Sloan Henderson; 13. William Cunningham; 14. Bryce Walker; 15. Ty Dillon; 16. Robert Poole; 17. Jimmy Heavlow; 18. Zac Kittle; 19. Ryan Blaney; 20. Kenny Brown; 21. Matthew Stover; 22. Sam McAulay; 23. Kendall Sellers; 24. Christopher Moore.

Lucas Oil Bandolero Bandits Feature (10 laps): 1. Nicholas Stroupe; 2. Ronnie Bassett Jr.; 3. Landon Bullock; 4. Corey Gordon; 5. Clayton King; 6. Cody Blackburn; 7. Maxx Bennett; 8. Dylan Presnell; 9. Steven Bergh Jr.; 10. Kyle Benjamin; 11. Noah Clark; 12. Tyler Hill; 13. Dillon Bassett; 14. Joshua Langley; 15. Bayley Currey; 16. Layne Clifton; 17. Judson Kittle; 18. Jacob Harrell; 19. Blake Leuth; 20. Blake Jones; 21. Andrew Lloyd; 22. Justin Crider; 23. Evan Bell; 24. Mason Massey.

Lucas Oil Bandolero Outlaws Feature (20 laps): 1. Bruce Benson II; 2. Trevor Cauble; 3. Benny Mingo; 4. Amanda Harrell; 5. Josh Turner; 6. Dawn Eagens; 7. Marcus Limehouse; 8. Duke Furr; 9. Bailey Freeman; 10. Jake Morris; 11. Nathan Rodgers; 12. Tim Keener; 13. Chris Morgan; 14. Kara Clarke; 15. Chrissy Wallace 16. T.J. Hicks; 17. Charles Long Jr.; 18. James Parson.