The ground will shake and the sound of thunder will be in the air when the 900-horsepower Shadrach Mustang makes its East Coast debut during the Sept. 14-17 Food Lion AutoFair at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

The Shadrach coupe, a twin-turbocharged tire-burner built on the 2006 Ford Mustang chassis, kicks off a limited run of Signature Editions commemorating Super Stock drag racing legends Hubert Platt and Randy Payne.

Pure Power Motorsports, of Powder Springs, Ga., begins by purchasing a 2006 Mustang GT and stripping it to the point that only the Vista Blue factory paint remains. The stock 4.6-liter block is transformed into a 900-horsepower monster with a crate of hot rod parts, including a sophisticated fuel injection system that allows a smooth idle and emissions that fall within federal guidelines. Two water-to-air turbochargers and intercooler radiators pump cool air into the aluminum V-8 through a vintage eight-stack system-the type of flashy intake favored by drag racers in the 1960s and '70s. A six-speed racing transmission means the driver can always find a gear for acceleration, whether on the road or dragstrip.

No boulevard cruiser, the Shadrach Mustang's suspension and chassis components were chosen for serious high-speed use. The beefy high-tech brake rotors are barely hidden behind the 20-inch forged aluminum competition wheels and low-profile, ultra-performance tires.

The interior features a six-point roll cage, leather-wrapped Recaro front seats, matching rears, five-point harnesses and a carbon-fiber dash. There is also a heads-up display system that projects vital information such as speed, revolutions per minute and turbo boost pressure on the windshield.

PPM's styling package turns a "cute commuter" Mustang into a dragstrip icon, with every part functional and unique to the Shadrach. The front bumper cover, which incorporates an aerodynamic carbon-fiber air splitter and billet grille, gives the Shadrach the face of a predator. Its raised hood is an organic sculpture that sprouts twin air inlet scoops in front, then presents the turbo engine's polished aluminum intake like a Best of Show trophy. Side skirts molded in carbon-fiber hide all but the outlets of the side exhaust pipes. An adjustable wing and lower air diffuser maintain clean airflow as the Shadrach carves its way through the atmosphere.

Even the factory Ford paint receives special attention-layers of pearl protected by many coats of clear-and a unique Shadrach wings/flames logo on the hood. The first 70 Shadrachs will be Vista Blue Signature Editions with "The Going Thing" stripes, a reference to Platt and Payne, the charismatic duo who campaigned Ford muscle cars at dragstrips all across America in the late 1960s under that marketing slogan.

Hubert Platt, known early in his career for a series of "Georgia Shaker" race cars, was picked by Ford's Lee Iacocca to head the company's 1968-'70 Eastern drag racing team. During that time he drove a 428 Cobra Jet Mustang to an NHRA SS/IA record of 12.41 seconds at 112.92 mph and won the 1969 Winter Championships and AHRA U.S. Open Top Stock Eliminator class.

Teammate Randy Payne piloted his Torino Cobra to victory so many times that no one ever challenged the validity of his nickname, "Mr. Big Stuff." Payne won every event in his class while racing for Ford, including the first sanctioned drag race held in Canada. When he won all three nights in Super Stock in Daytona Beach, Fla., by elimination he wound up running the finals against himself, a feat that has never recurred.

"This Shadrach Mustang combines the best of both worlds," said H.A. "Humpy" Wheeler, president and general manager of Charlotte Motor Speedway. "It's what I call 'modern nostalgia.' It's built on a current chassis, but it has all the styling of a '60s drag car. I also like that it honors two drivers who helped Ford maintain its Total Performance image during that decade."

Other attractions scheduled for the Sept. 14-17 Food Lion AutoFair include a display of vintage wood-bodied wagons, the Ultimate Surfmobile from Discovery Channel's "Monster Garage," a Ford Model-A pickup covered with a history of cartoons and 40th Anniversary gatherings of two important American muscle cars that have recently been revived: the Dodge Charger and the Shelby GT-500 Mustang. Hundreds of examples of vintage farm machinery, courtesy of the Stumptown Tractor Club, will fill the show lot next to the infield Pavilion.

Food Lion AutoFair hours are 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Thursday through Saturday, and 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., on Sunday. Tickets are $10 for adults. Children under 12 are admitted free when accompanied by an adult. Parking for the event is $5. For information, contact the speedway events department at (704) 455-3205 or visit the Food Lion AutoFair webpage.