Defending Legends Car Pro division champion Casey Roderick and veteran Michael Van Wingerden were the big winners Tuesday night at Lowe's Motor Speedway as the opening round of the 14th annual Summer Shootout Series suffered a severe case of yellow fever.

Feature events for the eight divisions of Legends Cars, Bandoleros and Thunder Roadsters are scheduled for 20 laps, but each must be completed within a 15-minute time limit. With 223 cars jamming the pit area, the races were filled with numerous accidents, spins and skirmishes as only three of the eight main events went the full 20-lap distance.

Roderick started fourth in the Verdict Ridge Golf & Country Club Legends Car Pro division feature and the 14-year-old racer needed only three laps to assume command. Once in front, the Lawrenceville, Ga., driver was never seriously challenged as the race was shortened to just 10 laps due to time constraints after a lap-one accident left oil around the entire quarter-mile oval. Doug Stevens claimed the place money with Chris Buescher next across the stripe.

In the only race that went the full 20-lap distance without a caution flag, Van Wingerden started from the pole and led every lap in the Thunder Roadster feature. The Davidson, N.C., resident opened nearly a straightaway margin before starter Glen Jarman waved the checkered flag. Ryan Zeck finished second with Nick Turner third.

Picking up where they left off last season in the division for drivers ages 40 and over, veterans Brian Weimer and Clay Hair battled the entire distance in the 20-lap feature for the Fractured Prune Legends Car Masters. Weimer, who makes the trip each week from Cumming, Ga., started fourth, took the lead on lap two and held off Hair as the pair sliced through lapped traffic. Hair, who won five times last season, settled for runner-up honors with Shootout newcomer Kevin Yeatts a distant third at the checkered flag.

            Parker Hammons, of Midland, N.C., won the Pull-A-Part Legends Car Semi-Pro division feature, slipping through an eight-car crash on the final lap. Hammons started ninth, steadily moved through the field and emerged with the lead following the big crash. J.R. Allen also missed the carnage to take second with Christian Pahud third.

Dylan Presnell charged from the 10th starting spot to win the Summer Shootout debut of the Legends Car Young Lions division. The Sevierville, Tenn., racer assumed command on a lap-three restart when leader Ryan Blaney spun entering Turn 1. Once in front, the 12-year-old Presnell never looked back in the caution-filled race that was shortened to just five laps due to time constraints. Trevor Farbo finished second with Jordan Penninger third.

Continuing the evening's yellow theme, the bright yellow cars of the Methodist Motorsports organization dominated the 20-lap feature for the Bandolero Outlaws. Kendall Sellers, of Kannapolis, N.C., led every lap en route to the victory while his teammate, Chris Morgan, was on his rear bumper for the final 13 laps. Morgan made several attempts to take the lead late in the race, but had to settle for second. Defending series champion Josh Turner finished in the show position.

In a caution-filled race that was cut from 20 laps to 12, Clint King, of Denton, N.C., topped the main event for the Bandolero Young Guns. King chased Ryan Glenski for much of the distance and took the lead three laps before the clock ran out and the checkered flag was unfurled. Glenski was running second on the white flag lap but spun in Turn 1, triggering a massive tangle. When the dust settled, Nicholas Stroupe was second with Brandon Lynn third.

Dillon Bassett, of Winston-Salem, N.C., inherited the victory in the finale for the Fisher-Price Bandolero Bandits division when apparent winner Evan Swilling's car failed post-race inspection. Kyle Plott moved up to second in the division for drivers ages 8 to 11 and Kyle Benjamin ended up third. The caution-filled race was shortened to just 15 laps due to time constraints.

Veteran CRASHCar racer Rusty Drye, of Concord, N.C., held off a snarling pack of motorized behemoths to win the wild-and-crazy School Bus race.

The 14th annual Summer Shootout continues Tuesday night, June 19. In addition to the regular racing divisions, Lowe's Motor Speedway's wild-and-wacky CRASHCar division makes its first of six Summer Shootout appearances. Gates open at 5 p.m. with feature racing at 7:30.      

The results:

Verdict Ridge Golf & Country Club Legends Car Pro Feature (10 laps): 1. Casey Roderick; 2. Doug Stevens; 3. Cole Miktuk; 4. Chris Buescher; 5. Tyler Green; 6. Michael Van Wingerden; 7.Jordan Anderson; 8. Garrett Lancaster; 9. Ryan Gandee; 10. Max Gresham; 11. Chrissy Wallace; 12. Paddy Rodenbeck; 13. John Gottsacker; 14. Brandon Thomson; 15. Billy Fulson; 16. Steven Daniels; 17. Steven Abbey; 18. Tyler Chrisinger; 19. Kyle Fowler; 20. Patrick Molesworth; 21. Mitchell Coble; 22. Thomas Hartensveld Jr.; 23. Jesse Bunnell; 24. Thomas Van Wingerden; 25. Rich Petrucco; 26. Tolliver Smith; 27. Duncan Molesworth; 28. Scott Knox.

Thunder Roadster Feature (20 laps): 1. Michael Van Wingerden; 2. Ryan Zeck; 3. Nick Turner; 4. Tom Van Wingerden; 5. Brian Weimer; 6. Thomas Van Wingerden; 7. Jordan Sims; 8. Jim Gresham; 9. Roger Simons; 10. Thomas Clark; 11. Todd Burlingame; 12. Ed Evans.

Fractured Prune Legends Car Masters Feature (20 laps): 1. Brian Weimer; 2. Clay Hair; 3. Kevin Yeatts; 4. Tom Van Wingerden; 5. George "Cotton" Spry; 6. Eddie Harwell; 7. Will Cagle; 8. David Denham; 9. Bill Gardner; 10. Jeff Turner; 11. Jan Ingram; 12. Dennis White; 13. Tony Carper; 14. Jimmy Gurley; 15. Ronnie Laney; 16. Todd Johnson; 17. Charles Kiser; 18. Bruce Little; 19. Bobby Pence; 20. Dean Lyons; 21. Carlos Moore; 22. Bruce Silver; 23. Gary Shannon; 24. Brad Taylor; 25. Phil Sharpe; 26. John Barilka; 27. Chip Ferguson; 28. Roger Hefner; 29. Mark Moskowitz.

Pull-A-Part Legends Car Semi-Pro Feature (13 laps): 1. Parker Hammons; 2. J.R. Allen; 3. Christian Pahud; 4. Justin Morton; 5. John Stancil; 6. Austin Hill; 7. Daniel Hemric; 8. Bryan Silas; 9. Kara Clark; 10. Trey Eidson; 11. Denis Kiser; 12. Scott Ward; 13. Derek Humble; 14. Zach Stroupe; 15. Kyle Hall; 16. Steven Ross; 17. Josh Williams; 18. Sam McAulay; 19. John Ellenburg; 20. Matthew Stover; 21. Kory Blevins; 22. Luke Fleming; 23. Jonathan Ross; 24. Zach Zimmerly; 25. Chad Hackenbracht; 26. Justin Swilling; 27. Ronnie Milroy; 28. Justin Lloyd.

Legends Car Young Lions Feature (5 laps): 1. Dylan Presnell; 2. Trevor Farbo; 3. Jordan Penninger; 4. Justin Ashley; 5. Tyler Kivett; 6. C.J. Faison; 7. Devin Layser; 8. Nick Hoffman; 9. Wyatt Dallenbach; 10. Jimmy Heavlow; 11. Andrew Lloyd; 12. Tyler Millwood; 13. Landon Bullock; 14. Gene Kirila III; 15. Ryan Blaney; 16. Bailey Freeman; 17. Brady Demelee; 18. Kyle Pierce; 19. Chris Moore.

Fisher-Price Bandolero Bandits Feature (15 laps): 1. Dillon Bassett; 2. Kyle Plott; 3. Kyle Benjamin; 4. Corey Gordon; 5. Jesse Kirila; 6. Bodie Bellinger; 7. Sean Shalvoy; 8. Blake Jones; 9. Bailey Currey; 10. Sammy Jasper; 11. Brock Newsom; 12. Tyler Lester; 13. Matt Wallace; 14. Trevor Collins; 15. Jordan Stillwell; 16. Davey Matthews; 17. Nicholas Drake; 18. John Holleman; 19. Chandler Levan; 20. Jeffrey Abbey; 21. Justin Crider; 22. Riley Halverson; 23. Reid Wilson; 24. Evan Bell; 25. Aaron Beaver; 26. Jesse Little; 27 Evan Swilling; 28. Mason Massey.

Bandolero Young Guns Feature (12 laps): 1. Clint King; 2. Nicholas Stroupe; 3. Brandon Lynn; 4. Daniel Gobeille; 5. Hayden Reeves; 6. Ronnie Bassett; 7. Kenzie Ruston; 8. Tyler Hill; 9. Ryan Glenski; 10. Josh Lambert; 11. Meghan Dillner; 12. Dylan Barbrian; 13. Brett Pepicelli; 14. Gregory Lang; 15. Joshua Langley; 16. Blake Eden; 17. Benji Hicks; 18. Timmy Hill; 19. Jordan Coker; 20. Dylan Pack; 21. Chase Ferguson; 22. Justin Grimes; 23. Chad Finchum; 24. Robert Poole; 25. William Cunningham; 26. Judson Kittle; 27. Bryce Walker; 28. Casey Lajoie.

Bandolero Outlaws Feature (20 laps): 1. Kendall Sellers; 2. Chris Morgan; 3. Josh Turner; 4. Nathan Rodgers; 5. Christopher McKinney; 6. T.J. Hicks; 7. Tim Kenner; 8. Jake Morris; 9. Marcus Limehouse; 10. Kayla Turner; 11. Brett White; 12. Chris Honeycutt; 13. Dave Furr; 14. Charles Long Jr.; 15. Dawn Eagens.