Shannon Babb cleaned up during the 50-lap finale of the Jani-King Southern Showdown presented by Ferris Commercial Mowers Wednesday night at The Dirt Track @ Lowe's Motor Speedway.

The veteran late model driver from Moweaqua, Ill., started eighth in the World of Outlaws Late Model Series event and romped to an $18,000 victory.

"We drove all night to get here and had thoughts about not coming for a little bit, but I sure am glad we did," Babb said. "The track was super racey and there was a ton of good cars out there tonight."

Babb first took the lead on lap nine, but led only one trip around the four-tenths-mile clay oval before Josh Richards drove around him on the outside. Richards' time at the front was short-lived however, as he retired with mechanical problems on lap 13, handing the lead back to Babb.

Babb was never seriously challenged during the final 37 laps as he claimed his first victory at The Dirt Track and his fifth triumph of the season on the nomadic World of Outlaws circuit.

Mike Balzano had an up-and-down night en route to a second-place finish. The Parkersburg, W.Va., driver started from the pole, but a flat left-rear tire sent him to the pits during an early caution flag. He then charged back through the field to claim the $5,000 runner-up check.

Veteran Darrell Lanigan, of Vienna, W.Va., sliced through the field from the final starting spot in the 28-car field to finish third while series points leader Steve Francis was fourth under the checkered flag. Defending series champion Tim McCreadie rounded out the top five.

The feature was slowed by seven caution flags, one of which was waved when a lap-13 tangle collected nearly 20 cars.

NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series driver Ryan Newman was impressive in his first late model start at The Dirt Track, finishing 11th.

The 12-lap heat races were won by Donnie Moran, Jackie Boggs; Chuck Harper; Scott Bloomquist, Eric Jacobsen and Babb. Steve Shaver, Clint Smith and Richards worked their way into the 50-lap finale by winning the 12-lap last chance races.

The most serious incident of the evening came during the heat races when Jared Hawkins slammed into one of the tractor tires lining the inside of the track. The Jackson, Ohio, driver was not injured, but his car was heavily damaged.

The Dirt Track @ Lowe's Motor Speedway returns to action Nov. 1-3 with the inaugural World of Outlaws World Finals. The unique doubleheader features the season finales for both the World of Outlaws Sprint Series and the World of Outlaws Late Model Series. The three-night program is highlighted by four $10,000-to-win features, two for the sprint cars and two for the late models. Qualifying is Thursday night with complete programs for both divisions on tap Friday and Saturday nights.

Tickets can be purchased by calling the Lowe's Motor Speedway ticket office at 1-800-455-FANS or online at

The results:

First Heat (12 laps): 1. Donnie Moran; 2. Brian Shirley; 3. Damon Eller; 4. Dan Stone; 5. Austin Dillon; 6. Billy Hicks; 7. Chesley Dixon; 8. Steve Francis; 9. Rick Eckert; 10. Tre Martin

Second Heat (12 laps): 1. Jackie Boggs; 2. Tim McCreadie; 3. Brady Smith; 4. Eddie Carrier Jr.; 5. Darrell Lanigan; 6. Steve Shaver; 7. Ronnie Hoover; 8. Brian Ledbetter; 9. Corey Conley; 10. Jonathon Davenport.

Third Heat (12 laps): 1. Chuck Harper; 2. Tim Dohm; 3. Jayme Zidar; 4. Audie Swartz; 5. Jeff Smith; 6. Kirk Baker; 7. Luke Roffers; 8. Keith Jacobs; 9. Billy Moyer; 10. Jordan Bland.

Fourth Heat (12 laps) 1. Scott Bloomquist; 2. Mike Balzano; 3. Chub Frank; 4. Clint Smith; 5. Dennis Franklin; 6. Steve Lucas; 7. G.R. Smith; 8. Kenny Wallace; 9. Kenny Christy; 10. Roy Mitchell.

Fifth Heat (12 laps): 1. Eric Jacobsen; 2. Chris Madden; 3. Jimmy Owens; 4. Shane Tankersley; 5. Furman Parton; 6. Ryan Newman; 7. Joe Ramey; 8. Tim Allen; 9. Ricky Weeks.

Sixth Heat (12 laps) 1. Shannon Babb; 2. Earl Pearson Jr.; 3. Shane Clanton; 4. Larry Blankenship; 5. Mike Duvall; 6. Josh Richards; 7. Brent Robinson; 8. Jared Hawkins; 9. Anthony Huber.

First Last Chance Race (12 laps): 1. Steve Shaver; 2. Eddie Carrier Jr.; 3. Rick Eckert; 4. Darrell Lanigan; 5. Billy Moyer; 6. Ronnie Hoover; 7. Brian Ledbetter; 8. Steve Francis; 9. Corey Conley; 10. Tre Martin; 11. Austin Dillon; 12. Billy Hicks; 13. Chesley Dixon; 14. Jonathan Davenport.

Second Last Chance Race (12 laps): 1. Clint Smith; 2. Steve Lucas; 3. Audie Swartz; 4. Luke Roffers; 5. Kenny Christy; 6. G.R. Smith; 7. Kirk Baker; 8. Jordan Bland; 9. Roy Mitchell; 10. Jeff Smith; 11. Dennis Franklin; 12. Keith Jacobs; 13. Kenny Wallace; 14. Billy Moyer.

Third Last Chance Race (12 laps): 1. Josh Richards; 2. Ryan Newman; 3. Tim Allen; 4. Shane Tankersley; 5. Joe Ramey; 6. Larry Blankenship; 7. Furman Parton; 8. Anthony Hubert; 9. Mike Duvall; 10. Brent Robinson; 11. Jared Hawkins; 12. Ricky Weeks.

Feature (50 laps): 1. Shannon Babb; 2. Mike Balzano; 3. Darrell Lanigan; 4. Steve Francis; 5. Tim McCreadie; 6. Rick Eckert; 7. Chub Frank; 8. Jackie Boggs; 9. Eric Jacobsen; 10. Brady Smith; 11. Ryan Newman; 12. Damon Eller; 13. Brian Shirley; 14. Jimmy Owens; 15. Tim Dohm; 16. Chris Madden; 17. Donnie Moran; 18. Chuck Harper; 19. Earl Pearson Jr.; 20. Josh Richards; 21. Tim Allen; 22. Clint Smith; 23. Steve Lucas; 24. Shane Clanton; 25. Jayme Zidar; 26. Eddie Carrier Jr.; 27. Scott Bloomquist; 28. Steve Shaver.