Quaker Steak & Lube Summer Shootout veterans Jordan Anderson, John Sossoman and Thomas Van Wingerden were among the feature winners Tuesday night as 218 race cars filled the Lowe's Motor
Speedway pit area when Toyota of Concord presented opening night of the 10-week series.
  Anderson, the defending Pull-A-Part Legends Car Pro division champion, showed he has every intention of claiming another title as the 17-year-old racer led the 20-lap feature for the series' premier division from flag-to-flag.
  Steven Ross chased Anderson, of Forest Acres, S.C., across the stripe to claim second-place money while Chris Buescher finished third in the 28-car field.
  Sossoman, of Concord, N.C., picked up where he left off last season, leading wire-to-wire en route to victory in the main event for the Coke Classic Legends Car Masters division.
  Sossoman, winner of the 2007 season finale, started third in the 28-car field, but took the lead by the time the field entered the backstretch on lap one. He then held off repeated late-race challenges from
long-time rival George "Cotton" Spry to claim the 20th victory of his Quaker Steak & Lube Summer Shootout career.
  Spry settled for second in the division for drivers ages 40 and over while defending series champion Clay Hair was third under the checkered flag. Several late-race caution flags forced the race to be shortened to 19 laps due to time constraints.
  It was déjà vu in the Full Throttle Thunder Car division as Thomas Van Wingerden, of Huntersville, N.C., picked up where he left off last season, displaying the same mastery with the new body-style that he used to win the 2007 Thunder Roadster championship.
  Van Wingerden started from the pole with his brother, Michael, on the outside. The race was slowed by several caution flags, including one that sent former NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series driver Phil Bonifield to the garage after race officials black-flagged him for rough driving.
  Thomas Van Wingerden led throughout the race until Michael used a bump-and-run move to the inside to pull ahead in Turn 3 on the last lap. But Thomas got the better run out of Turn 4 and moved to the outside for a bumper-length margin at the stripe. Adam Gay followed the Van Wingerdens
under the checkered flag for third.
  Masson Massey, of Winston, Ga., started on the pole and was never seriously challenged en route to victory in the POWERade Bandolero Bandits feature. It was the first career Quaker Steak & Lube Summer Shootout victory for the 11-year-old racer.
  Second-place finisher T.J. Michael was 40 yards back at the checkered flag while Kason Plott was third. The feature for drivers ages 8 to 11 was shortened to just 12 laps due to time constraints after a large
pile-up on the opening lap took several minutes to clear.
  It was no surprise that Chad Finchum claimed his first Quaker Steak & Lube Summer Shootout victory in the 20-lap feature for the Sprite Bandolero Young Guns. The Knoxville, Tenn., racer started from the pole, pulled away early and began lapping slower cars by lap four.
  While the 13-year-old Finchum was cruising at the front of the pack, the real battle was for second as Corey Gordon and Robert Poole went wheel-to-wheel. Gordon eventually emerged with the runner-up trophy while Poole had to settle for third in the division for drivers ages 12 to 16.
  Other feature winners were Jimmy Heavlow, of Galena, Md., in the Coke Zero Legends Car Semi-Pro division; Kendall Sellers, of Kannapolis, N.C., in the Cherry Coke Bandolero Outlaws; and Scott Hensley, of Olive Branch, Miss., in the Vault Legends Car Young Lions.
  Rusty Drye took everyone to school, leading early lap on his way to victory in the School Bus Race presented by Toyota of Concord.
  Despite Drye's wire-to-wire victory, there was plenty of beating and banging throughout the field with Matt Long mounting a serious charge at the finish line to come in a close second. Robert Berry finished just inches behind in third.
  The 15th annual Quaker Steak & Lube Summer Shootout continues Tuesday night, June 17. In addition to the regular racing divisions, Charlotte Motor Speedway's wild-and-wacky CRASHCar division makes its first of six Summer Shootout appearances. Gates open at 5 p.m. with feature racing at 7:30.

The results:

Pull-A-Part Legends Car Pro Feature (20 laps): 1. Jordan Anderson;
2. Steven Ross; 3. Chris Buescher; 4. John Ellenburg; 5. Scott Knox; 6.
Michael Van Wingerden; 7. Mitchell Coble; 8. Christian Pahud; 9. Nick Carey;
10. Andrew Smith; 11. Garrett Lancaster; 12. Thomas Van Wingerden; 13. Josh
Williams; 14. Taylor Hull; 15. Baiden Heskett; 16. John Gottsacker; 17.
Matthew Stover; 18. Dusty Davis; 19. Daniel Moskowitz; 20. Trey Poole; 21.
Parker Hammons; 22. Shaughn McCormick; 23. Marc Mitchell; 24. Chris Dilbeck;
25. Jesse Bunnell; 26. Drew Calhoun; 27. Daniel Hemric; 28. Jeremy Wood.

Full Throttle Thunder Car Feature (20 laps): 1. Thomas Van
Wingerden; 2. Michael Van Wingerden; 3. Adam Gay; 4. Kara Clarke; 5. Scott
Knox; 6. Tom Van Wingerden; 7. Jim Fluharty; 8. Duke Furr; 9. Tim Pafford;
10. Phil Bonifield.

Coke Classic Legends Car Masters Feature (19 laps): 1. John
Sossoman; 2. George "Cotton" Spry; 3. Clay Hair; 4. Jeff Turner; 5. Dennis
White; 6. Eddie Harwell; 7. Phil Sharpe; 8. Chuck Dohm; 9. Bruce Sawicki;
10. Chip Ferguson; 11. John Davis; 12. Carlos Moore; 13. Tom Van Wingerden;
14. Glen Aikenhead; 15. Ronnie Laney; 16. Bobby Pence; 17. Charles Kiser;
18. Bill Gardner; 19. Will Cagle; 20. David Denham; 21. Bruce Silver; 22.
Jimmy Gurley; 23. Bill Bradford; 24. Dr. Gary Shannon; 25. Jan Ingram; 26.
Hoyt Demis; 27. Todd Johnson; 28. Rachel Bolen; 29. Stephen Carter.

Coke Zero Legends Car Semi-Pro Feature (16 laps): 1. Jimmy Heavlow;
2. Cody Blackburn; 3. Duke Furr; 4. Jordan Penninger; 5. Chad Hackenbracht;
6. Ronnie Bassett Jr.; 7. Mike Brown; 8. Zachary Alspach; 9. Justin Lloyd;
10. Ronnie Milroy; 11. Chase Elliott; 12. Roger Coss; 13. Austin Hill; 14.
Kyle Pierce; 15. Ryan Blaney; 16. Dennis Kiser; 17. Kara Clarke; 18. Dale
Dodge Jr.; 19. Jeffery Bolen; 20. Landon Bullock; 21. Sam McAulay; 22. Karl
Forman; 23. Jerry Lambert; 24. Michael Cooper; 25. Brock Baldwin; 26. Currie
Pierce; 27. Zach Zimmerly; 28. Christopher McKinney.

Vault Legends Car Young Lions Feature (10 laps): 1. Scott Hensley;
2. Dylan Pressnell; 3. Devin Jones; 4. Hunter Bledsoe; 5. Travis Braden; 6.
Harrison Rhodes; 7. Timmy Hill; 8. Justin Grimes; 9. Gunther Beam; 10.
Robert Kuczmarski; 11. Sean Shalvoy; 12. Jordan Fleming; 13. Evan Swilling;
14. Bryce Walker; 15. Nicholas Stroupe; 16. Dylan Sawyer; 17. Austin
Leitner; 18. Nick Gill; 19. Kenzie Ruston; 20. Jordan Stillwell; 21.
Mitchell Taylor; 22. Hayden Reeves; 23. Derrick Hill; 24. Sean Harris; 25.
Dusty Summers; 26. Kyle Resco.

POWERade Bandolero Bandits Feature (12 laps): 1. Mason Massey; 2.
T.J. Michael; 3. Kason Plott; 4. Layne Clifton; 5. John Holleman IV; 6.
Clayton Weatherman; 7. Kyle Weatherman; 8. Jesse Little 9. Cole Timm; 10.
Mason Hudson; 11. Trevor Collins; 12. Ben Klatt; 13. Reid Wilson; 14. Tanner
Rumburg; 15. Dillon Spain; 16. Briggs Dorman; 17. Drew Whidby; 18. Jordan
Plummer; 19. Dillon Latour; 20. Kayla Marshall; 21. Casey Hillenburg; 22.
Carson Ferguson; 23. Grayson Massey; 24. Gabe Plyer; 25. Mica Wever; 26.
Heather Lynn; 27. Brian Kolb; 28. Dillon Bassett.

Sprite Bandolero Young Guns Feature (20 laps): 1.Chad Finchum; 2.
Corey Gordon; 3. Robert Poole; 4. Tyler Hill; 5. Justin Carroll; 6. Timmy
Hill; 7. Travis Robinson; 8. Derrick Ramey; 9. Noah Triplett; 10. Justin
Thomas; 11. Matt Wallace; 12. Jeremy Birch; 13. Riley Halverson; 14. William
Cunningham; 15. Matthew Linker; 16. Gregory Lang; 17. Benji Hicks; 18. Myatt
Snider; 19. Blake Jones; 20. Cody Humphreys; 21. Dillon Barbian; 22. Scott
Nagel; 23. Daniel Gobeille; 24. Luke Demis; 25. Chandler LeVan; 26. George
Blaney; 27. Chase Ferguson; 28. Brandon Nelson.

Cherry Coke Bandolero Outlaws Feature (20 laps): 1. Kendall Sellers;
2. Chris Morgan; 3. Brett Pepicelli; 4. Bailey Daniels; 5. Kayla Turner; 6.
John Jones IV; 7. Kenny Brown; 8. Charles Long Jr.; 9. Thomas Ellis; 10. Tim
Keener; 11. Brandon Conard; 12. Ashley Hillenburg; 13. Scott Beaver.