Jordan Anderson proved to be as strong as steel Tuesday night at Charlotte Motor Speedway when Stock Car Steel and Aluminum presented the season finale of the Quaker Steak & Lube Summer Shootout Series.

In one of the greatest comebacks in the 15-year history of the series, the 17-year-old Anderson, of Forest Acres, S.C., claimed his second consecutive championship in the Pull-A-Part Legends Car Pro division.

Just three weeks ago, Anderson was 87 points behind Chris Buescher, of Prosper, Texas. Anderson visited victory lane during weeks eight and nine, and entered the final night with a seven-point deficit.

Buescher ran fourth with Anderson on his rear bumper in fifth during much of the 20-lap race, but the championship was decided on a lap-17 restart when Buescher was involved in a multi-car tangle in Turn 2. With Buescher struggling to regain control, Anderson slipped by on the inside and went on to finish fourth while Buescher had to settle for seventh. The difference between the two competitors was enough for Anderson to claim the title by a mere seven points.

In addition to the terrific title fight, Andrew Smith, of Pooler, Ga., paced the entire 20-lap distance to claim his first victory of the season. Daniel Hemric took the checkered flag second with Steven Ross claiming third-place money.

Taylor Hull, of Winston, Ga., and Thomas Van Wingerden, of Huntersville, N.C., went wheel-to-wheel for the final two laps in a thrilling finale to the Full Throttle Thunder Car season. While Hull was able to pull ahead at the finish line to score his first victory, Van Wingerden clinched his fourth consecutive division title.

After taking the lead at the halfway point of the 20-lap event, Van Wingerden appeared en route to his fifth victory in 10 races. However, four laps from the checkered flag, Van Wingerden's No. 12 got trapped behind lapped traffic, allowing Hull to close to his rear bumper. As Van Wingerden struggled to pass a lapped car, Hull worked to the inside and the two were side-by-side coming to the white flag.

The two cars ran wheel-to-wheel for the final circuit and, despite contact just before the finish line, Hull held on to score the victory by less than half-a-car length. Van Wingerden settled for second while Kara Clarke finished third.

Jimmy Heavlow posted the victory in the Coke Zero Legends Car Semi-Pro feature, but Austin Hill clinched the division championship.

Heavlow, 15, started sixth and quickly worked his way to the front of the pack, grabbing the second spot just before the halfway point of the 20-lap feature. The Galena, Md., driver followed Justin Lloyd around the quarter-mile oval until lap 19, when he and Hill went three-wide with Lloyd on the backstretch. Heavlow emerged with the lead and held off a hard-charging Hill to earn his third victory of the season.

Hill, 14, of Winston, Ga., crossed the line in the runner-up position to secure his first championship, while Lloyd slipped to third.

Kason Plott claimed the battle, while Dillon Bassett won the war in the 20-lap feature for the POWERade Bandolero Bandits.

Plott, of Marietta, Ga., had a rough run in his heat race and had to finish second in the B feature to even qualify for the finale. The 10-year-old racer lined up 20th in the main event and steadily worked through the field, taking the lead from Mason Massey with just two laps remaining.

Once in front, Plott plowed to his second victory of the season while Bassett also got around Massey to finish second and claim the division championship. Massey had to settle for third.

The championship was the first for the 11-year-old Bassett, of Winston-Salem, N.C., as he follows in the tire tracks of his older brother, Ronnie Bassett, Jr., who won the Bandolero Young Guns crown in 2007.

In other feature action, 13-year-old Chad Finchum had a big night as the Knoxville, Tenn., resident scored his eighth feature victory of the season and claimed the Sprite Bandolero Young Guns division title. John Sossoman, of Concord, N.C., claimed his fourth win of the year in the 20-lap finale of the Coke Classic Legends Car Masters division while Clay Hair celebrated the championship he clinched the previous week by finishing second.

Kendall Sellers, of Kannapolis, N.C., captured his seventh win of the season in the 20-lap finale for the Cherry Coke Bandolero Outlaws while Chris Morgan, of Kannapolis, N.C., earned his first division championship.

Bryce Walker, of Weatherford, Texas, romped to his fourth win of the season and claimed the championship in the Vault Legends Car Young Lions division.

Proving that school is not yet in session, Greg Fornelli, owner of Stock Car Steel and Aluminum, beat six Cabarrus County elementary school principals in the wild and crazy School Bus Slobberknocker.

Prior to the racing action, 19-year-old Nick Carey, of Snohomish, Wash., received the prestigious Spirit of a Legend award. The honor is presented annually to the Summer Shootout competitor who best exemplifies the spirit of friendly competition upon which the Legends Cars, Bandoleros and Thunder Cars are based.

Highlights from each round of the 10-race Quaker Steak & Lube Summer Shootout Series will be televised by SPEED Channel following the conclusion of the NASCAR Sprint Cup season. Check local listings for dates and times.

The results:

Pull-A-Part Legends Car Pro Feature (20 laps): 1. Andrew Smith; 2.
Daniel Hemric; 3. Darrell Wallace Jr.; 4. Jordan Anderson; 5. Michael Van
Wingerden; 6. Nick Carey; 7. Chris Buescher; 8. Steven Abbey; 9. Matthew
Stover; 10. Dusty Davis; 11. John Ellenburg; 12. Josh Williams; 13. Steven
Ross; 14. James Kennedy; 15. Parker Hammons; 16. Trey Poole; 17. Garrett
Lancaster; 18. Daniel Moskowitz; 19. Drew Calhoun; 20. Mitchell Coble; 21.
Tyler Green; 22. Jesse Bunnell; 23. Thomas Van Wingerden. Champion: Jordan
Full Throttle Thunder Car Feature (20 laps): 1. Taylor Hull; 2.
Thomas Van Wingerden; 3. Kara Clarke; 4. Adam Gay; 5. Hunter Bledsoe; 6. Tom
Van Wingerden; 7. Drew Calhoun; 8. Tom Clarke; 9. Michael Van Wingerden; 10.
Jim Fluharty. Champion: Thomas Van Wingerden.
Coke Classic Legends Car Masters Feature (20 laps): 1. John
Sossoman; 2. Clay Hair; 3. Gary Dietz; 4. David Denham; 5. Hoyt Demis; 6.
Tom Van Wingerden; 7. Bruce Sawicki; 8. Jimmy Gurley; 9. Chip Ferguson; 10.
Charles Kiser; 11. Stephen Carter; 12. Todd Johnson; 13. Dr. Gary Shannon;
14. Phil Sharpe; 15. Todd Adams; 16. John Davis; 17. Chuck Dohm; 18. Clayton
Austin; 19. Will Cagle; 20. Bruce Silver; 21. Bill Gardner; 22. Carlos
Moore; 23. Bill Bradford; 24. Jan Ingram; 25. Glen Aikenhed; 26. Dennis
White. Champion: Clay Hair.
Coke Zero Legends Car Semi-Pro Feature (20 laps): 1. Jimmy Heavlow;
2. Austin Hill; 3. Justin Lloyd; 4. Jordan Penninger: 5. Justin Swilling; 6.
Chad Hackenbracht; 7. Kyle Plott; 8. Michael Brown; 9. Jerry Lambert; 10.
Mike Alcaro; 11. Currie Pierce; 12. Roger Coss; 13. Chase Elliott; 14.
Ronnie Milroy; 15. Zachary Alspach; 16. Brock Baldwin; 17. Trevor Alspach;
18. Jeffrey Bolen; 19. Andrew Lloyd; 20. Kyle Forman; 21. Sam McAulay; 22.
Brandon Snow; 23. Cody Blackburn; 24. Brecken Snow; 25. Dennis Kiser; 26.
Justin Lofton; 27. Andy Kilpatrick; 28. Kyle Pierce. Champion: Austin Hill.
Vault Legends Car Young Lions Feature (20 laps): 1. Bryce Walker; 2.
Justin Grimes; 3. Donny St. Ours; 4. Hunter Bledsoe; 5. Harrison Rhodes; 6.
Devin Jones; 7. Sean Shalvoy; 8. Sloan Henderson; 9. Jordan Stillwell; 10.
Sean Harris; 11. Mitchell Taylor; 12. Scott Hensley; 13. Kenzie Ruston; 14.
Dylan Presnell; 15. Trey Robinson; 16. Dusty Summers; 17. Dylan Sawyer; 18.
Evan Swilling; 19. Jacob Morris; 20. Robert Kuczmarski; 21. Nick Gill; 22.
Hayden Reeves; 23. Kyle Nelson; 24. Amber Colvin. Champion: Bryce Walker.
POWERade Bandolero Bandits Feature (20 laps): 1.Kason Plott; 2.
Dillon Bassett; 3. Mason Massey; 4. Layne Clifton; 5. Clayton Weatherman; 6.
Jesse Little; 7. Jeffery Abbey; 8. Brady Boswell; 9. Trevor Collins; 10.
John Holleman IV; 11. Daniel Bedford; 12. Mason Hudson; 13. Dillon Spain;
14. Brian Kolb; 15. Reid Wilson; 16. A.J. Davis; 17. Cole Custer; 18. Kasey
Otto; 19. Ray Beebe; 20. T.J. Michael; 21. Cole Timm; 22. Kyle Weatherman;
23. Casey Hillenburg; 24. Daniel Bedford; 25. Tanner Rumburg; 26. Dalton
Hill; 27. Jordon Plummer; 28. Gray Gaulding. Champion: Dillon Bassett
Sprite Bandolero Young Guns Feature (17 laps): 1. Chad Finchum; 2.
Corey Gordon; 3. Travis Robinson; 4. Matthew Linker; 5. Timmy Hill; 6. Cody
Humphreys; 7. Tyler Lester; 8. Casey LaJoie; 9. Gregory Lang; 10. Chandler
LeVan; 11. William Cunningham; 12. Blake Jones; 13. Scott Nagel; 14. Jeremy
Birch; 15. Noah Triplett; 16. Myatt Snider; 17. Jonathan St. Ours; 18. Matt
Wallace; 19. Zachary Dunn; 20 Luke Demis; 21. Austin Langenstein; 22. Tyler
Hill; 23. Riley Halverson; 24. Brandon Nelson; 25. Benji Hicks; 26. Justin
Thomas; 27. Robert Poole. Champion: Chad Finchum.
Cherry Coke Bandolero Outlaws Feature (20 laps): 1. Kendall Sellers;
2. Brett Pepicelli; 3. Benny Mingo; 4. Kenny Brown; 5. Scott Beaver; 6.
Bailey Daniels; 7. Chris Morgan; 8. Kayla Turner; 9. Tim Keener; 10. Thomas
Ellis; 11. Charles Long Jr.; 12. John Jones IV; 13. Carson Smith; 14. Ashley
Hillenburg. Champion: Chris Morgan.