Charlotte Motor Speedway unveiled a new ad this week for the May 16 NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race featuring several drivers' heads on the bodies of professional wrestlers. The ad included Dale Earnhardt Jr. who requested his image feature an Indian headdress reminiscent of his wrestling hero Wahoo McDaniel.

Billed as the "All-Star Slugfest: A Night of Fractured Fenders and Shattered Dreams," Dale "Wahoo" Junior and Kyle "Rowdy" Busch headlined the advertisement. The speedway also engaged Ric Flair, 16-time World Wrestling Heavyweight Champion and Honorary Race Director for the Sprint All-Star Race, to film a segment highlighting the drivers featured in the ad. The full spot is available on at

When asked about the ad during his weekend media availability at Texas Motor Speedway today, Earnhardt Jr. said the following:

"I liked Wahoo (McDaniel) a lot when I was a little kid and we all kind of look like the same guy if they just put a face on a big muscular body. I figured I would get the Indian headdress on so I could be distinguished apart from the others. 'Wahoo' was pretty cool and he was great in the cage matches and he kind of came up around Ric Flair's time and they've got Ric Flair promoting it and he's doing a great job. I felt like it was dishonorable to them to take the 'Nature Boy' or the 'American Dream' from Dusty Rhodes so I took 'Wahoo' because I was a big fan of his anyways.

"I just want to say that was one of the first times where a race track came to us with their ideas and we worked together and a lot of people might think its ridiculous, but we had fun with it. That was a happy ending to that kind of deal and hopefully we can do it that way with that kind of approach in the future when the race tracks want to do promotions we can work together because I think it's a lot of fun."

Tickets for the NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race on May 16 start at only $25 and can be obtained by calling 1-800-455-FANS or online. Convenient payment plan options and multi-day ticket packages are also available.