The month of May at Lowe¿s Motor Speedway is so packed with racing action it takes two souvenir program covers by NASCAR artist Sam Bass to show it all ¿ one for the May 17 running of The Winston, another for the May 25 Coca-Cola 600 weekend.

Capturing the excitement of the all-star, non-points event, Bass portrays 14 of the top teams in a bumper-to-bumper, fender-to-fender dash for first place. The cars blow down the frontstretch through a cloud of billowing cash ¿ the $1 million payoff reserved for the winner of the race! The painting, which is titled ¿Money, Money, Money, Money!¿ features a fantasy six-car-wide train made up of Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Bobby Labonte, Mark Martin and other hopefuls.

¿I wanted to put on paper the every-man-for-himself, anything-goes excitement of The Winston,¿ Bass said. ¿Putting such a big paycheck out there gives the drivers a real incentive to finish first, and it¿s the fans who ultimately win.¿

Bass chose last year¿s Coca-Cola 600 program cover to launch a series of images blending the screaming energy of stock car racing with the laid-back, nostalgic mood of an earlier America. As a follow-up to 2002¿s ¿Family Drive-In,¿ in which competitors and their cars stop off at a ¿50s-style diner for a post-race Coke, Bass created ¿Now Playing.¿ This newest piece depicts the dozen Coca-Cola Racing Family drivers taking advantage of the 600¿s nighttime schedule to attend a drive-in movie in Lowe¿s Motor Speedway¿s Turn Four.

¿I created this series because I really like the idea of combining two American institutions from two different eras in one illustration,¿ Bass said. ¿When drive-ins were still popular, families loaded up in station wagons and went to the movies several times a year. Now they pack into minivans and SUVs for NASCAR races. I wanted to show that parallel with this series.¿

Souvenir programs featuring the two Sam Bass covers may be purchased for $10 each during race weeks in the Winston Gift Shop, at most ticket gates and at LMS merchandise trailers.