A capacity crowd of more than 14,000 was on hand Saturday night as Saybrook, Ill., racer Blake Feese recorded his first O¿Reilly World of Outlaws sprint car feature victory in the Charlotte Outlaw Showdown at The Dirt Track @ Lowe¿s Motor Speedway.

Feese started from the pole in the 24-car feature field and was never seriously challenged as rain forced officials to stop the feature three laps short of the scheduled 25-lap distance. He claimed $10,000 for his evening¿s work.

¿I can¿t tell you how excited I am to have won my first World of Outlaws race at The Dirt Track. Running with the Outlaws is so exciting, and I¿m so excited to get my first win with this series, ¿Feese said. ¿The Outlaws have nearly 30 years behind them, and that says a lot. This is a great series.¿

The front wing on Feese¿s car collapsed during the closing laps and Jason Meyers was closing the gap when the race ended. Meyers, subbing for the injured Craig Dollansky, settled for the $5,500 runner-up check.

¿It¿s great to run so well here at The Dirt Track. I¿m extremely pleased to have run so well in only our second time out with this car,¿ Meyers said. ¿Craig (Dollansky) called us right before the feature, and we were able to tell him we were good for the feature. I can¿t wait to call him and tell him how well we ran. It¿s too bad it started to rain, I think we could have caught Blake.¿

Jason Sides finished third with Danny Lasoski, driving a car owned by NASCAR Winston Cup champion Tony Stewart, fourth. Joey Saldana completed the top five.

The feature was slowed by five caution flags for minor incidents and the field was under the yellow flag for Adam Clarke¿s blown tire when rain began to fall.

The eight-lap heat races were won by Johnny Herrera, Tyler Walker and Sammy Swindell while veteran Mark Kinser topped the 12-lap B main to earn a starting spot in the finale.

Paul Rolo¿s night ended early when he flipped during hot laps. The Canadian driver was not injured.

Ryan Zeck was the class of the field in the 12-lap feature for the 600 Racing Thunder Roadsters. Zeck, an engineer for Robert Yates Racing, beat Tom Van Wingerden and David Ragan to the checkered flag.

The Charlotte Outlaw Showdown was originally scheduled as a two-night event, but heavy rain forced officials to condense the event into a one-night program.

The Dirt Track will return to action Thursday night, July 3, with the inaugural Night of Fireworks. The program will include four-cylinder stock cars, IMCA modifieds, a demolition derby and a gigantic fireworks display. Tickets can be purchased by calling 1-800-455-FANS.

The summary:

Qualifications: 1. Danny Lasoski, 12.269; 2. Steve Kinser, 12.314; 3. Kraig Kinser, 12.404; 4. Daryn Pittman, 12.449; 5. Donny Schatz, 12.4.60; 6. Joey Saldana, 12.507; 7. Jason Meyers, 12.545; 8. Blake Feese, 12.549; 9. Mark Kinser, 12.603; 10. Jason Sides, 12.616; 11. Paul McMahan, 12.619; 12. Curt Michael, 12.630; 13. Johnny Herrera, 12.638; 14. Tyler Walker, 12.657; 15. Tim Shaffer, 12.696; 16. Sammy Swindell, 12.710; 17. Randy Hannagan, 12.780; 18. Stevie Smith, 12.795; 19. Danny Wood, 12.797; 20. Adam Clarke, 12. 805; 21. Brian Paulus, 12.814; 22. Jeremy Campbell, 12. 822; 23. Billy Wilburn, 12. 859; 24. Kasey Kahne, 12.994; 25. Bob Bennett, 13.042, 26. Brian Ellenberger, 13. 048; 27. Mike Hudson, 13. 274; 28. Brian Carlson, 13.353; 29. Johnny Bridges, No Time; 30. Paul Rolo, No Time.

First Heat (8 laps):1. Johnny Herrera; 2. Stevie Smith; 3. Jason Meyers; 4. Curt Michael; 5. Joey Saldana; 6. Danny Lasoski; 7. Jeremy Campbell; 8. Danny Wood; 9. Bob Bennett; 10. Brian Carlson.

Second Heat ( 8 laps): 1. Tyler Walker; 2. Randy Hannagan;, 3. Paul McMahan; 4. Blake Feese; 5. Steve Kinser; 6. Adam Clarke; 7. Brian Ellenberger; 8. Billy Wilburn; 9. Donny Schatz; 10. Johnny Bridges.

Third Heat (8 laps):1. Sammy Swindell; 2. Tim Shaffer; 3. Jason Sides; 4. Kraig Kinser; 5. Daryn Pittman; 6. Brian Paulus; 7. Mike Hudson; 8. Mark Kinser; 9. Kasey Kahne; 10. Paul Rolo.

First Dash (5 laps): 1. Blake Feese; 2. Joey Saldana; 3. Danny Lasoski; 4. Kraig Kinser; 5. Johnny Herrera; 6. Tim Shaffer; 7. Paul McMahan; 8. Randy Hannagan.

Second Dash (5 laps): 1. Jason Meyers; 2. Jason Sides; 3. Tyler Walker; 4. Daryn Pittman; 5. Steve Kinser; 6. Sammy Swindell; 7. Curt Michael; 8. Stevie Smith.

B Feature: (10 laps): 1. Mark Kinser; 2. Donny Schatz; 3. Jeremy Campbell; 4. Danny Wood; 5. Brian Ellenberger; 6. Billy Wilburn; 7. Bob Bennett; 8. Brian Carlson; 9. Mike Hudson; 10. Kasey Kahne; 11. Johnny Bridges; 12. Brian Rolo.

Feature (25 laps): 1. Blake Feese, 2. Jason Meyers; 3. Jason Sides; 4. Danny Lasoski; 5. Joey Saldana; 6. Sammy Swindell; 7. Tim Shaffer; 8. Donny Schatz; 9. Steve Kinser; 10. Paul McMahan; 11. Daryn Pittman; 12. Mark Kinser; 13. Randy Hannagan; 14. Brian Paulus; 15. Danny Wood; 16. Curt Michael; 17. Johnny Herrera; 18. Billy Wilburn; 19. Brian Ellenberger; 20. Adam Clarke; 21. Tyler Walker; 22. Stevie Smith; 23. Kraig Kinser; 24. Jeremy Campbell.