The season finale of the 10th annual Summer Shootout Series at Lowe¿s Motor Speedway truly defined the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat as seven new champions were crowned among the 161 Legends Car, Bandolero and Thunder Roadster competitors in action Tuesday night.

Joey Logano ran away from the 19-car field in the Legends Car Pro division feature. The Alpharetta, Ga., youngster started fourth, had the lead by lap three and was half a straightaway in front of Jesse Smith at the end of the 20-lap run. Kyle Grissom finished third in the rain-soaked race while Michael Van Wingerden of Huntersville, N.C., secured the series championship with a fifth-place finish.

In the most dramatic championship battle of the evening, Eddie Harwell of Terrell, N.C., claimed the Masters division title in a 20-lap feature that was won by George ¿Cotton¿ Spry of Salisbury, N.C. Harwell entered the race second in the points and appeared en route to the title until he was forced to pit when his front bumper came loose. Harwell then restarted at the back of the pack and charged through the field to finish third, but ended up tied with Phil Sharpe, who finished sixth, in the points. Number of feature victories was the tie breaker and Sharpe appeared to have taken the crown with two wins as Harwell failed to visit victory lane. However, second-place feature finisher John Sossoman was disqualified when he failed to go through post-race tech inspection, handing the championship back to Harwell.

With the skies opening up just before the green flag, David Ragan, son of former NASCAR Winston Cup driver Ken Ragan, was the class of the field in the 20-lap Thunder Roadster feature. The Kannapolis, N.C., resident moved into the lead on lap nine and never looked back. Tommy Wrape claimed runner-up honors while Harrisburg, N.C., resident Ryan Zeck, who clinched the championship by taking the green flag, finished third.

John Freeman, a second-generation Legends Car racer from Huntersville, N.C., added icing to the cake in the Legends Car Semi-Pro division, winning the feature and claiming the series championship. Freeman started fourth in the 28-car field, took the lead for the final time on lap nine and notched his second victory of the season. Andrew Rogers settled for second in the caution-filled feature that was shortened to 11 laps due to time constraints. Scott Knox equaled his best finish in third.

Corey Lajoie, son of two-time NASCAR Busch Series champion Randy Lajoie, claimed the Bandolero Bandits championship without ever lining up for the feature. The Kannapolis, N.C., driver had a 33-point advantage entering the night and that ended up as the championship margin when rain forced officials to cancel the 20-lap race.

Adding an exclamation mark to his amazing season, Nicholas Pope notched his eighth consecutive victory in the Bandolero Young Guns feature. The Taylorsville, N.C., driver, who clinched the championship on week nine, assumed command on lap four and was never seriously challenged in the 20-lap run. Brad Griffin chased Pope under the checkered flag in the division for drivers ages 12 to 16 while Adam Crawford, son of NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series ace Rick Crawford, finished third and settled for second in the points.

Joel Suggs of Cornelius, N.C., earned his first Bandolero Outlaws feature victory as Brandon Keene of Concord, N.C., claimed the championship trophy in the division for Bandolero drivers ages 17 and over. Suggs started 12th, took the lead on lap nine and beat Ryan Jernigan to the checkered flag in the 20-lap event. Allen Stowe settled for the show honors.

There was no repeat winner in school bus competition as amateur stunt man Danny Furr drove his Pink bus to victory in the third slobberknocker of the season. Black Jack Davis and Dirty Dan the Fan chased Furr to the stripe as the first two winners struggled and were never factors. WRFX radio personality Mr. Bill, the winner of round one, battled an ill-handling bus and finished fourth while Fox Charlotte¿s Mark Mathis, the most recent school bus winner, was a distant fifth.

Rain forced officials to cancel the NASCAR Celebrity Grudge Match between Kyle and Kurt Busch.

The Van Wingerden family¿Tom, Thomas and Michael¿received the prestigious Spirit of a Legend Award during pre-race ceremonies. The honor is presented annually in recognition of a Summer Shootout competitor whose actions exemplify the spirit and intent of Legends Car, Bandolero and Thunder Roadster racing.

Highlights of the 10th annual Summer Shootout Series will be televised this fall by SPEED Channel. The series of 10 one-hour programs will feature highlights from each week and is scheduled to air on Friday nights. Check SPEED Channel listings for broadcast dates.

The 2004 edition of the Summer Shootout Series begins its 10-week run on Tuesday night, June 15.

The results

Legends Car Pro Feature (20 laps): 1. Joey Logano; 2. Jesse Smith; 3. Kyle Grissom; 4. Cliff Daniels; 5. Michael Van Wingerden; 6. Richie Steamboat; 7. David Ragan; 8. Thomas Van Wingerden; 9. Beau Slocumb; 10. Kyle Beattie; 11. Wes Burton; 12. Jimmy Lang; 13. Adam Roberson; 14. Josh Waring; 15. Troy Andrews; 16. Mike Wirth; 17. Tolliver Smith; 18. Kyle Busch; 19. Cary Thompson.

Thunder Roadster Feature (20 laps): 1. David Ragan; 2. Tommy Wrape; 3. Ryan Zeck; 4. Steve Zacharias; 5. Kyle Beattie; 6. Tom Van Wingerden; 7. Brandon Hylton; 8. Andrew Rogers; 9. Jim Fluharty; 10. David Sugg; 11. Ralph Sheheen; 12. Mark Miller; 13. Hunt Dyer; 14. Scott Whitaker; 15. Bill Summerville; 16. Jim Gresham; 17. Reggie Primus; 18. Herman Towe.

Legends Car Semi-Pro Feature (11 laps): 1. John Freeman; 2. Andrew Rogers; 3. Scott Knox; 4. Louis Hawkins; 5. Chrissy Wallace; 6. Jamie Hayes; 7. Matt Willingham; 8. Jesse Bunnell; 9. Patrick Conrad; 10. Casey Dohm; 11. Todd Adams; 12. Scott Naset; 13. John Barilka; 14. Alan Hunter; 15. Robert Hall; 16. Tim Snyder; 17. Dale Rauzi; 18. Tonya Cordrey; 19. Todd Johnson; 20. Tiffany Daniels; 21. Richard Gordon; 22. Kim Bruder; 23. Scott Edgell; 24. Scooter Hillis; 25. Dustin Rumley; 26. John Johnston; 27. Dustin Genenbacher; 28. Keith Breasbois.

Legends Car Masters Feature (20 laps): 1. Cotton Spry; 2. Eddie Harwell; 3. Tom Van Wingerden; 4. Jan Ingram; 5. Phil Sharpe; 6. Ronnie Laney; 7. Bobby Pence; 8. Brian Weimer; 9. Bruce Sawicki; 10. Randy Thornton; 11. Chuck Dohm; 12. Eddie Caudill; 13. Rolfe Schnur; 14. Gary Shannon; 15. Bill Mathers; 16. Freddie Lancaster; 17. Walter Wyatt; 18. Larry Friddle; 19. Chris Carlsen; 20. Randy Spencer; 21. Clay Hair; 22. Wayne Whaley; 23. Dennis White; 24. John Smith; 25. Dave Sondles; 26. Thomas Hutson; 27. John Sossoman

Bandolero Outlaws Feature (20 laps): 1. Joel Suggs; 2. Ryan Jernigan; 3. Allen Stowe; 4. William Jay Gould; 5. Brandon Keene; 6. Jeff Miles; 7. Kyle Beattie; 8. Christopher Morgan; 9. Doug Wisl; 10. Jeff Harrel; 11. Scott Brown; 12. Thomas Haun; 13. Charles Long Sr.; 14. Jason Haynes; 15. Discovery Jones.

Bandolero Young Guns Feature (20 laps): 1. Nicholas Pope; 2. Brad Griffin; 3. Adam Crawford; 4. Drew Calhoun; 5. Ryan Bowman; 6. Chris Bailey Jr.; 7. Justin Morton; 8. Bruce Benson II; 9. Brandon Steadman; 10. Jessie Johnson; 11. Cameron Caputo; 12. Jonathan Stone; 13. Matthew Stover; 14. Phillip Gill; 15. Marcus Limehouse; 16. Mathew Lassiter; 17. John Ellenburg; 18. Jordan Tonelis; 19. Ashleigh Wilkins; 20. Jake Morris; 21. Bailey Freeman; 22. Joshua Sisco; 23. Jake Palillo; 24. Tripp Mazzucco; 25. Whitney Wolfe; 26. Tyler Green; 27. Bret Hylton.

School Bus Race (8 laps): 1. Stuntman Danny Furr; 2. Black Jack Davis; 3. Dirty Dan the Fan; 4. Mr. Bill; 5. Mark Mathis; 6. Lug Nut; 7. Ari Bergeron.

Bandolero Bandits Feature (20 laps): Rained out.

NASCAR Celebrity Grudge Match: Rained out.