NASCAR veteran Mike Wallace inherited the victory in a wild School Bus race while Michael Van Wingerden topped both the Legends Car Pro division and Thunder Roadster features as the 11th annual Hardee¿s Summer Shootout opened its 10-week run Tuesday night at Lowe¿s Motor Speedway.

Wallace, driving the all-American red, white and blue bus, battled side-by-side with Lowe¿s Motor Speedway¿s Jeff Marshall during the closing stages of the eight-lap school bus battle around the quarter-mile frontstretch oval. The two took the checkered flag in a near dead heat with officials deciding Marshall had won by inches.

However, Marshall was disqualified shortly after the checkered flag when an illegal fuel additive was found in the gas tank of his bright pink bus. Wallace inherited the victory with radio personality Mr. Bill of 99.7 The Fox claiming second place. Wild-and-wacky TV weatherman Mark Mathis of Fox Charlotte finished third.

Van Wingerden of Huntersville, N.C., started ninth in the Tom Johnson Camping Center Legends Car Pro division feature and needed only four laps to put his red and yellow No. 23 into the lead. Once in front, Van Wingerden, the defending series champion, was never seriously challenged as he beat brother Thomas Van Wingerden to the line by 10-car lengths. Ben Stancill was the final podium finisher.

In the Quaker Steak & Lube Thunder Roadster main, Michael Van Wingerden needed only six laps to take command and cruised to an easy victory over Scott Whittaker and John Freeman in the 20-lap feature.

John Sossoman of New London, N.C., literally pushed leader Clay Hair out of the way on a late-race restart and went on to win the 18-lap feature for the Holiday Inn University Legends Car Masters division. Phil ¿Razor¿ Sharpe finished second with Jerry Chafton completing the top three in the division for drivers ages 40 and older.

Mark Whitley of Charlotte, N.C., avoided an early backstretch accident to win the Legends Car Semi-Pro division feature that was shortened to just eight laps due to time constraints. R. Todd Johnson finished second while Matt Dibenedetto nipped C.E. Falk III at the stripe for third.

After finishing fifth in last year¿s title chase, Zachary Stroupe established himself as a championship contender in the TopChoice for Fire Ants Bandolero Bandits, winning the crash-filled feature that was shortened to just 11 laps. Cole Miktuk claimed runner-up honors with Max Gresham taking the show money in the division for racers ages 8 to 11.

Sam McAulay of Huntersville, N.C., did something no driver was able to do in the final eight races last season as he beat Nicholas Pope to the checkered flag in the Cabarrus Family Medicine Bandolero Young Guns feature. Pope settled for second in the race that was cut to eight laps due to time constraints, and Brandon McReynolds finished third.

The 20-lap feature Premise Termite Elimination Bandolero Outlaws division saw Ryan Jernigan of Hickory, N.C., charge from deep in the field to claim the victory while Jason Haynes emerged from a terrific side-by-side battle with Brad Griffin to finish second.

A total of 179 race cars were on hand for City Chevrolet-sponsored evening of racing.

The 11th annual Hardee¿s Summer Shootout continues Tuesday night, June 22, with Stock Car Steel and Aluminum hosting the action. In addition to the regular racing divisions, Lowe¿s Motor Speedway¿s Road Hawg division will make its Hardee¿s Summer Shootout debut. Gates open at 5 p.m. with feature racing at 7:30.

The results:

Tom Johnson Camping Center Legends Car Pro Feature (20 laps): 1. Michael Van Wingerden; 2. Thomas Van Wingerden; 3. Michael Wirth; 4. David Ragan; 5. Jesse Bunnell; 6. Chris Dilbeck; 7. Josh Waring; 8. Richie Steamboat; 9. Charles Hudson; 10. Beau Slocumb; 11. Jesse Smith; 12. Tommy Pistone III; 13. Cliff Daniels; 14. Brent Seeley; 15. Ben Stancill; 16. Landon Cassill; 17. Kyle Busch; 18. Max Smith; 19. Kyle Grissom; 20. Jason Reisman; 21. Keeton Hanks; 22. Louis Hawkins.

Quaker Steak & Lube Thunder Roadster Feature (20 laps): 1. Michael Van Wingerden; 2. Scott Whittaker; 3. John Freeman; 4. Andrew Rogers; 5. Jim Fluharty; 6. Roger Simons; 7. Tom Van Wingerden; 8. Ralph Sheheen; 9. Drew Calhoun; 10. Matt Lassiter; 11. Bill Summerville; 12. Hunt Dyer; 13. David Sugg; 14. Mark Miller; 15. Buddy Compton; 16. Chris Lingenfelter; 17. Jim Gresham; 18. Steve Zacharias. Legends Car Semi-Pro Feature (8 laps): 1. Mark Whitley; 2. Todd Johnson; 3. Matt Dibenedetto; 4. C.E. Falk III; 5. Chris Rogers; 6. Keith Breasbois; 7. Casey Callaway; 8. Scott Knox; 9. Josh Sell; 10. Andrew Rogers; 11. Tiffany Daniels; 12. Jess Mattox; 13. Chrissy Wallace; 14. Matt Bowers; 15. Mike Hampton; 16. Sean Saunders; 17. Todd Adams; 18. Howard Biggers; 19. Rob Hall; 20. Jake Crum; 21. Jordan Anderson; 22. Scooter Hillis; 23. Daniel Sossoman; 24. John Gottsacker; 25. Scott Edgell; 26. Jamie Hayes; 27. Brandon Weber; 28. John Barilka.

Holiday Inn University Legends Car Masters Feature (18 laps): 1. John Sossoman; 2. Phil Sharpe; 3. Jerry Chafton; 4. Tom Van Wingerden; 5. Eddie Harwell; 6. Bobby Pence; 7. George ¿Cotton¿ Spry; 8. Bill Crowder; 9. Bruce Sawicki; 10. Clay Hair; 11. Larry Friddle; 12. Bill Mathers; 13. Mike Burnett; 14. Rick Little; 15. Roger Hefner; 16. Randy Thornton; 17. ¿Captain¿ John Smith; 18. Bill Gardner; 19. Brian Wiemer; 20. Randy Spencer; 21. Wayne Whaley; 22. Gary Shannon; 23. Chris Carlsen; 24. Jan Ingram; 25. Mark Moskowitz; 26. Dennis White; 27. Freddie Lancaster; 28. Carlos Moore; 29. Larry Boahn.

Premise Termite Elimination Bandolero Outlaws Feature (20 laps): 1. Ryan Jernigan; 2. Jason Haynes; 3. Brad Griffin; 4. Kevin Bellicourt; 5. Joshua Sisco; 6. Dawn Eagens; 7. Chris Morgan; 8. Scott Brown; 9. Artie Clever; 10. Michael Hodgson; 11. Marcus Limehouse; 12. Charles Long Jr.; 13. Jennifer Spain; 14. James Long.

Cabarrus Family Medicine Bandolero Young Guns Feature (8 laps): 1. Sam McAulay; 2. Nicholas Pope; 3. Brandon McReynolds; 4. Tyler Green; 5. Jake Crum; 6. Bret Hylton; 7. Jesse Johnson; 8. John Ellenburg; 9. Corey Lajoie; 10. Justen Kraemer; 11. Amanda Harrell; 12. Derrick Long; 13. Jake Morris; 14. Devon Haun; 15. Charles Mingo III; 16. Adam Apple; 17. Kyle Shano; 18. Ashleigh Wilkins; 19. Matthew Stover; 20. Jordan Penninger; 21. Josh Butler; 22. Christopher Mark; 23. Bailey Freeman; 24. Daniel Goins.

TopChoice for Fire Ants Bandolero Bandits Feature (11 laps): 1. Zachary Stroupe; 2. Cole Miktuk; 3. Max Gresham; 4. Chad Akins; 5. Mitchell Coble; 6. Rob Beasley; 7. Corey Gordon; 8. Darrell Wallace Jr.; 9. Matthew Kussmaul; 10. Drew Moffitt; 11. Casey Lajoie; 12. Jordan Phillips; 13. Blake Eden; 14. Nicholas Stroupe; 15. Josh Williams; 16. Stephen Bergh Jr.; 17. Ryan Glenski; 18. William Nelson; 19. Landon Bullock; 20. Ryan Blaney; 21. Noah Clark; 22. Ronnie Bassett; 23. Tyler Reddick; 24. Evan Swilling; 25. Gerald White Jr.; 26. Clint King.