The high-flying stunts riders will perform during the Ricky Hendrick¿s Performance Suzuki FMX Championship presented by City Chevrolet Saturday night, July 24, at The Dirt Track @ Lowe¿s Motor Speedway carry such names as Can Can, Cliff Hanger, Superman and Hart Attack.

As the world¿s most popular Extreme Sport, Freestyle Motocross has literally developed its own vocabulary. Those breathtaking aerobatic stunts are known as tricks and are often described with such adjectives as ¿awesome dude,¿ ¿stoked,¿ ¿sweeeet¿ and ¿sick.¿

Over the last decade, not only have the tricks been cleverly named, but they have also spawned variations. For example, the No Footer, a trick where both feet are removed from the motorcycle¿s foot pegs, led to the Nothing, a trick where both the hands and feet are removed from the bike in mid-air.

In an effort to assist fans in understanding the many tricks of Freestyle Motocross, the sport has developed its own trictionary. Several entries from the Freestyle Motocross trictionary follow:

Can Can: The rider takes one foot off the foot peg and raises his leg up and over the seat so both legs are on the same side of the motorcycle.

Heel Clicker: The rider raises his feet above the handlebars, then, with his hands still on the grips, wraps his legs around his arms and ¿clicks¿ his heels together above the front fender.

Cliff Hanger: The rider leaves the bike, only to have his toes catch the underside of the handlebars. His hands are raised over his head in the ¿rollercoaster¿ position.

Superman: With his hands on the handlebars, the rider¿s feet are removed from the foot pegs and extended backward, parallel to the motorcycle.

Hart Attack: The Hart Attack is performed by placing one hand on the handlebars and the other on the seat. The rider then does a handstand in mid-air. Invented by rider Carey Hart, the Hart Attack is one of the wildest tricks.

Fender Kiss: The rider¿s body is thrust forward over the handlebars and his helmet touches the front fender.

Bar Hop: With both hands on the handlebars, the rider puts his feet between his arms and extends them up and over the front fender.

Nac Nac: Rider takes one foot off the foot peg, brings it over the rear fender and extends it out the other side.

No Hander: The rider lets go of the handlebars in the air and extends them above his head.

Saran Wrap: With both hands on the handlebars, the rider removes one foot from the foot peg and places it between his arms. The rider then lifts one arm and the leg is swung around the handle bars and placed back on the foot peg.

Lazy Boy: The rider lets go of the handle bars in the air and lies on his back across the seat, extending his feet past the handlebars.

The Ricky Hendrick¿s Performance Suzuki FMX Championship begins with an exclusive Party with the Stars rider autograph session from 6 to 7 p.m. Passes to the Party with the Stars are available only at Ricky Hendrick¿s Performance Suzuki in Pineville, N.C.

Freestyle competition starts immediately after opening ceremonies at 7:15 p.m. A big air contest and a high-jump competition are also part of the program.

In addition, a full slate of amateur motocross racing is on tap as top riders from across the Southeast compete in a pivotal round of the JMX Rollercoaster Racing Tour.

Adult reserved tickets are $18 in advance with children 12 and under admitted for just $5. Adult tickets are $2 more the day of the event and parking at The Dirt Track is always free.

Tickets can be purchased online at or by calling 1-800-455-FANS.