Chris Madden of Garycourt, S.C., fought off a case of ¿yellow fever¿ to claim the $10,000 first-place prize in the 40-lap finale of the Golden Corral Dirt Late Model Championship Saturday night at The Dirt Track @ Lowe¿s Motor Speedway.

Madden started sixth in the 30-car field of O¿Reilly Southern All Star Racing Series late models, took the lead on lap nine and held on through six restarts to claim his fourth series victory of the season.

¿We had a good car all night,¿ Madden said in victory lane. ¿I took the lead on the top, but then we were able to go back to the bottom. I want to thank all the guys who helped me tonight because I couldn¿t have done it without them.¿

Jimmy Owens started 12th and steadily worked to the front. He took second on lap 35 and held off a charging Ricky Weeks to claim second.

¿I was trying the high side and it wasn¿t nearly as good in three and four as it was in one and two,¿ Owens said about a late-race miscue that saw him nearly hit the wall in turn four. ¿We missed our tires a little bit, but overall we had a good car.¿

Weeks was on Owens¿ bumper at the checkered flag, but settled for third.

¿We had a harder tire than the rest of those guys and the restarts were killing us,¿ said Weeks. ¿But when we would get some green flag laps, man that horse would run.¿

Series point leader Shane Tankersley finished fourth with Steve Lucas rounding out the top-five at the end of the 10-mile run.

The race was stopped on lap two when a multi-car tangle in turn four resulted in Jimmy McCormick¿s No. 15 doing a slow roll and landing on its wheels. No one was injured in the melee, but McCormick, Jeff Cooke, Gary Stuhler, Larry Blankenship, Jeff Smith and Stacy Holmes were finished for the evening.

Dan Breuer, Weeks, Madden, Lucas, Randle Chupp and Petey Ivey topped the eight-lap late model heat races while Stuhler and McCormick won the eight-lap last chance events.

Gene Loden of China Grove, N.C., remained undefeated in the Road Hawg division, notching his fourth consecutive victory in the 15-lap finale for the stock production automobiles.

The Dirt Track @ Lowe¿s Motor Speedway concludes its season Wednesday night, Oct. 13, with the Mopar Sprint Car Nationals. The doubleheader, which kicks off UAW-GM Quality 500 Week, includes the traditional sprint cars of the United States Auto Club and the O¿Reilly Southern All Star Racing Series late models.

Reserved seats for the Mopar Sprint Car Nationals start at $15 and can be obtained by calling 1-800-455-FANS or online at

The results:

First Heat (8 laps): 1. Dan Breuer; 2. Larry Blankenship; 3. Phillip Seifert; 4. Doug Sanders; 5. Michael Mason; 6. Brad Fowler; 7. Bruce Hall.

Second Heat (8 laps): 1. Ricky Weeks; 2. Jimmy Owens; 3. Jeff Smith; 4. Billy Hicks; 5. Mike Duvall; 6. Damon Eller; 7. Skip Arp.

Third Heat (8 laps): 1. Chris Madden; 2. Dennis Franklin; 3. Jeff Cooke; 4. Gary Stuhler; 5. David Weisinger; 6. Tony Morris; 7. Rodney Martin.

Fourth Heat (8 laps): 1. Steve Lucas; 2. Shane Tankersley; 3. Buckshot Miles; 4. Jimmy McCormick; 5. Casey Roberts; 6. Tim Dohm; 7. Shane Quattro.

Fifth Heat (8 laps): 1. Randle Chupp; 2. Gary Mabe; 3. Johnny Stovall; 4. Stacey Holmes; 5. Neil Welch; 6. Zachary Cox; 7. Dale Hammond.

Sixth Heat (8 laps): 1. Petey Ivey; 2. Freddy Smith; 3. Noel Tucker; 4. John Llewellyn; Ed Basey; 6. Chuck Harper.

First Last Chance Race (8 laps): 1. Gary Stuhler; 2. Shane Tankersley; 3. Billy Hicks; 4. Damon Eller; 5. Rodney Martin; 6. Mike Duvall; 7. Doug Sanders; 8. Brad Fowler; 9. Bruce Hall; 10. Michael Mason; 11. David Weisinger; 12. Tony Morris.

Second Last Chance Race (8 laps): 1. Jimmy McCormick; 2. Casey Roberts; 3. Stacey Holmes; 4. John Llewellyn; 5. Tim Dohm; 6. Ed Basey; 7. Zachary Cox; 8. Neil Welch; 9. Dale Hammond; 10. Chuck Harper; 11. Shane Quattro.

Golden Corral Dirt Late Model Championship (40 laps): 1. Chris Madden; 2. Jimmy Owens; 3. Ricky Weeks; 4. Shane Tankersley; 5. Steve Lucas; 6. Skip Arp; 7. Dennis Franklin; 8. Randle Chupp; 9. Rodney Martin; 10. Billy Hicks; 11. John Llewellyn; 12. Mike Duvall; 13. Ed Basey; 14. Casey Roberts; 15. Damon Eller; 16. Dan Breuer; 17. Petey Ivey; 18. Buckshot Miles; 19. Freddy Smith; 20. Noel Tucker; 21. Doug Sanders; 22. Phillip Seifert; 23. Gary Mabe; 24. Stacey Holmes; 25. Gary Stuhler; 26. Larry Blankenship; 27. Jimmy McCormick; 28. Jeff Smith; 29. Jeff Cooke; 30. Johnny Stovall.