After walking away from a vicious crash last season at The Dirt Track @ Lowe¿s Motor Speedway, second-generation late model racer Jackie Boggs vowed to return and conquer the four-tenths-mile clay oval.

The Grayson, Ky., resident made good on his promise Saturday night as he drove to a $10,000 victory in the finale of the Pit Pass Cabarrus Super Nationals, a 40-lap event for the Lucas Oil NARA DirtCar Series.

¿We didn¿t have the fastest car¿Earl Pearson had the fastest car here,¿ Boggs said. ¿But I was just trying to stay out of trouble and wait for the mark to turn the wick up there at the end.

¿We were a little bit hard on tires, but it worked out really well,¿ Boggs added. ¿One time I thought I was going to turn it over, so I just chilled out and finished.¿

Donnie Moran lined up 19th in the 24-car field and steadily worked forward, taking second on lap 33. However, the Dresden, Ohio, resident was no match for Boggs over the final laps and settled for runner-up honors.

Chris Madden, winner of the final two late model races at The Dirt Track last season, came from the 18th starting spot to finish third.

Defending O¿Reilly Southern All Star Racing Series champion Shane Tankersley finished fourth with Matt Miller rounding out the top five. Sixth-place finisher Mike Duvall and Dennis Franklin in seventh were the only other cars on the lead lap at the checkered flag.

The defining moment of the caution-filled race came on a lap-33 restart when Miller and Earl Pearson Jr. tangled in turn one while battling for the lead. Miller went into the corner on the inside with Pearson on the outside. The two made contact, sending Pearson¿s car hard into outside wall. Boggs then passed Miller on the restart and never looked back.

The 10-lap heat races for the NARA late models were won by Petey Ivey, Freddy Smith, Scott James and Jeff Cooke while Ricky Weeks and Madden topped the last chance qualifiers.

Gene Loden of China Grove, N.C., stormed to victory in the world debut of the CRASHCars, a new stock car division that is redefining entry-level short-track racing. Loden started eighth in the 15-car field, methodically worked his way to the front and beat Terry Plott to the checkered flag as the race was shortened from 15 laps to 11 due to time constraints.

Plott settled for runner-up honors with Jeff Blackwelder, Ken Deese and Randy Spivey completing the top five.

The race was stopped on lap nine when Danny Furr of Concord, N.C., flipped in turn two. Furr was involved in a three-wide battle when his Land Shark machine went into a series of rolls. Furr climbed from the car but was transported to NorthEast Medical Center for precautionary X-rays.

The Dirt Track @ Lowe¿s Motor Speedway returns to action Wednesday night, May 25, with the Ferris Commercial Mowers presents the Eckerd 75 featuring the New York-based DIRT modifieds. Tickets for the event, which kicks off Coca-Cola 600 week, can be purchased by calling 1-800-455-FANS or online at

The results:

Lucas Oil NARA DirtCar Series

First Heat (10 laps): 1. Petey Ivey; 2. Mike Duvall; 3. Don O¿Neal; 4. Steve Shaver; 5. Chuck Harper; 6. Donnie Moran; 7. John Gill; 8. Raymond Brown; 9. Bruce Hall; 10. Devin Friese; 11. Brandon Gordon.

Second Heat (10 laps): 1. Freddy Smith; 2. Matt Miller; 3. Jackie Boggs; 4. Shane Tankersley; 5. Doug Sanders; 6. Ricky Weeks; 7. Ricky Elliott; 8. John Mallett; 9. Dennis Franklin; 10. Dan Breuer; 11. Evan Harrell.

Third Heat (10 laps): 1. Scott James; 2. Randle Chupp; 3. Tim Dohm; 4. Billy Hicks; 5. Patrick Sheltra; 6. Chris Madden; 7. Stacy Holmes; 8. Brandon O¿Neal; 9. Jeff Smith; 10. Noel Tucker; 11. Damon Eller.

Fourth Heat (10 laps): 1. Jeff Cooke; 2. Steve Lucas; 3. Michael England; 4. Chuck Southard; 5. Larry Blankenship; 6. Eddie Carrier Jr.; 7. Earl Pearson Jr.; 8. Ray Cook; 9. Terry English; 10. Jimmy Owens.

First Last Chance Race (10 laps): 1. Ricky Weeks; 2. Donnie Moran; 3. Dennis Franklin; 4. Doug Sanders; 5. Ricky Elliott; 6. Devin Friese; 7. Evan Harrell; 8. Bruce Hall; 9. John Gill; 10. John Mallett; 11. Brandon Gordon; 12. Raymond Brown; 13. Chuck Harper; 14. Dan Breuer.

Second Last Chance Race (10 laps): 1. Chris Madden; 2. Earl Pearson Jr.; 3. Patrick Sheltra; 4. Eddie Carrier Jr.; 5. Ray Cook; 6. Jeff Smith; 7. Stacey Holmes; 8. Brandon O¿Neil; 9. Damon Eller; 10. Larry Blankenship; 11. Jimmy Owens; 12. Terry English; 13. Noel Tucker.

Pit Pass Cabarrus Feature (40 laps): 1. Jackie Boggs; 2. Donnie Moran; 3. Chris Madden; 4. Shane Tankersley; 5. Matt Miller; 6. Mike Duvall; 7. Dennis Franklin; 8. Billy Hicks; 9. Steve Lucas; 10. Earl Pearson Jr.; 11. Tim Dohm; 12. Ricky Weeks; 13. Scott James; 14. Chuck Southard; 15. Randle Chupp; 16. Jeff Cooke; 17. Steve Shaver; 18. Terry English; 19. Patrick Sheltra; 20. Freddy Smith; 21. Don O¿Neal; 22. Michael England; 23. Eddie Carrier Jr.; 24. Petey Ivey.

Feature (15 laps): 1. Gene Loden; 2. Terry Plott; 3. Jeff Blackwelder, 4. Kenneth Deese, 5. Randy Spivey, 6. Stephen Runion, 7. Brian Spivey, 8. Rusty Drye, 9. Larry Henderson, 10. Cody Currie, 11. Danny Furr, 12. Matt Fernandez, 13. Tony Springer, 14. Andy Parsons, 15. Chris James.