Josh Wright, Greg Carroll and Brian Spivey celebrated the Fourth of July in red, white and blue fashion, posting victories in the rain-delayed Domino's Pizza Grassroots Nationals Monday night at The Dirt Track @ Charlotte Motor Speedway.

The event was postponed 24 hours due to heavy rain on Sunday and showers once again brought an early end to the racing action.

In the IMCA Modified division, youth topped experience as Wright, a 16-year-old racer from Mooresville, N.C., charged to the $1,000 victory after a fierce battle with Rob McLaughlin of Stanley, N.C.

"This is awesome to win here at The Dirt Track. It was a great race between Rob and myself," Wright said. "When we got to choose for one of the late restarts, it really helped me move up. There were three or four laps that Rob and I were battling for the lead. We got a late run and I was able to get ahead of him in the corner."

McLaughlin chased Wright under the checkered flag as the IMCA Modified race was shortened to 14 laps from its scheduled 20-lap distance when the clouds opened up. Jason Rice finished third with Richard Clew and Craig Smith rounding out the top five.

In preliminary action for the IMCA modifieds, Stoney Jackson and Glenn Coe topped the eight-lap heat races.

Carroll turned in a full night's work in winning the 20-lap feature for the Stock 4-Cylinders. The Greer, S.C., driver stormed through the field from the 18th starting spot, took the lead on lap 19 and nipped Andy Mattison by half-a-car length at the stripe.

"That was a lot of fun," Carroll said after climbing from his winning mount. "My whole crew did a great job, and it is great to win at this track."

Mattison settled for the runner-up pay with Damon Crump ending up third after leading laps 14 to 18. Banjo Duke took fourth with Steve Lindsey completing the top five.

The eight-lap heat races for the Stock 4-Cylinders were won by Greg Haynes, Randy Philpott, Stacy Brock, Travis Robbins, Bruce Absher and Chris Cantrell. Paul Sisk, Lindsey and Duke earned their way into the feature by winning the three last chance races.

Spivey started second in the 15-lap feature for the wild-and-wacky CRASHCars. He took the lead at the green flag and the Norwood, N.C., driver never relinguished command. Ken Deese, driving the Big Show entry, chased Spivey's Scarlet-themed machine under the checkered flag while James Crider was electrifying with a third-place run in the High Voltage car.

The Dirt Track @ Charlotte Motor Speedway returns to action Saturday night, Aug. 20, with the annual Circle K Back-to-School Monster Truck Bash. Several of the world's top Monster Trucks, including the legendary Bigfoot, will battle in a series of one-on-one elimination races with a metal-crunching freestyle competition rounding out the competition. CRASHCar racing is also on the card.

Tickets, $20 for adults and $10 for children ages 12 and under, can be purchased by calling 1-800-455-FANS or online at

The results:

IMCA Modified Feature (14 laps): 1. Josh Wright; 2. Rob McLaughlin; 3. Jason Rice; 4. Richard Clew; 5. Craig Smith; 6. Eric Thompson; 7. James Henneborn; 8. Glenn Coe; 9. Jamie Kuntz; 10. Dave Siegart; 11. Greg Brown; 12. Buck Stevens; 13. Stoney Jackson; 14. Junior Daniels; 15. Tom Kinney Jr.; 16. James Allbee; 17. Brad Moore; 18. Justin Raybourn; 19. Gary Brooks.

Stock 4-Cylinder Feature (20 laps): 1. Greg Carroll; 2. Andy Mattison; 3. Damon Crump; 4. Banjo Duke; 5. Steve Lindsey; 6. Bruce Absher; 7. Kevin Kelly; 8. Jerry Cook; 9. Allen Sisk; 10. Scott Morgan; 11. Paul Sisk; 12. Bryan Crook; 13. Will McGrew; 14. Stacy Brock; 15. Greg Haynes; 16. Jamie Tomaino Jr.; 17. Randy Philpott; 18. Travis Robbins; 19. Michael Boykin; 20. Barry Griffin; 21. Chris Cantrell; 22. J. Stephen McFadden; 23. Dustin Sweatt; 24. Jason McGrew.

CRASHCar Feature (15 laps): 1. Brian Spivey; 2. Ken Deese; 3. James Crider; 4. Rusty Drye; 5. Gene Loden; 6. Pete Kenney; 7. Bob Dillner; 8. Randy Spivey; 9. Dave Hutchinson; 10. Terry Plott; 11. Matt Dillner; 12. Marty Williams; 13. Stephen Runion; 14. Jeff Blackwelder; 15. Larry Henderson; 16. Kristi Springer; 17. Chris James; 18. Casey Callaway; 19. Jerry White; 20. Bobby Wallace.