Some title contenders were as strong as steel while others bent like aluminum Tuesday night as Stock Car Steel and Aluminum presented the finale of the 10-week Hardee's Summer Shootout on the frontstretch quarter-mile oval at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

In the Centex Homes Legends Car Pro division, Beau Slocumb of Juliette, Ga., saved the best for last by capturing his first feature victory on the final night. Jeremy Colangelo led the first 19 laps of the 20-lap run before he was hit him from behind by Thomas Van Wingerden in turn three. Both drivers lost track position as a result of the skirmish and Slocumb capitalized, nipping second-place Chris Eggleston at the checkered flag. Despite starting 11th, third-generation racer Chase Pistone of Charlotte, N.C., finished third to claim the championship.

Van Wingerden of Huntersville, N.C., added to his long list of accomplishments in the Duragloss Thunder Roadsters. After clinching the season title last week, Van Wingerden rolled to his sixth feature victory of the year and captured the $2,500 Hardee's Bigger Is Better bonus for most feature wins in a single division. Roger Simons and Kyle Beattie followed Van Wingerden across the stripe in the 20-lap event which included several minor incidents that resulted in heated tempers.

In the Verizon Wireless Masters division, George "Cotton" Spry of Salisbury, N.C., snared his second consecutive feature victory in a caution-filled race that was shortened to just 10 laps. Randy Thornton was next under the checkered flag with Phil Sharpe third. In the title fight, defending champion Clay Hair entered the night just 19 points behind Brian Weimer. But Hair became frazzled when he got caught up in six-car wreck on lap eight, dashing his title hopes. Weimer of Cumming, Ga., avoided trouble and cruised to a fourth-place finish, earning his first Hardee's Summer Shootout championship.

Brandon Thomson of St. Cloud, Minn., added his name to the list of winners in the Cabarrus Family Medicine Legends Car Semi-Pro division, topping a crash-filled race that was shortened to 16 laps. James Buescher finished second and Kyle Fowler claimed the show money. Despite being spun out half-way through the race, Casey Dohm of Charlotte, N.C., held on to claim his first championship.

John Stancill of Ayden, N.C., finally broke the ice in the Lucas Oil Bandolero Young Guns division, claiming his first victory of the season with a wire-to-wire performance in the 20-lap feature. Brandon McReynolds, the 14-year-old son of former NASCAR crew chief and NASCAR on FOX commentator Larry McReynolds, put the cap on his championship season by chasing Stancill across the stripe in second. It was the first Hardee's Summer Shootout title for the young driver from Mooresville, N.C.

Ryan Blaney, son of NASCAR NEXTEL Cup driver Dave Blaney, also saved his best for last. The 11-year-old High Point, N.C., racer started from the pole and drove to his first victory of the season in the caution-filled Lucas Oil Bandolero Bandits feature that was shortened to 18 laps due to time constraints. Nicholas Stroupe chased Blaney the entire distance, but had to settle for second with Jordan Phillips third. Max Gresham of Milner, Ga., claimed the championship by cruising to a seventh-place finish in the division for drivers ages 8 to 11.

Eric Redmond made the long weekly tow from Northern Pennsylvania pay dividends as the 16-year-old racer romped to his fourth feature victory of the season and claimed the Lucas Oil Bandolero Outlaws title. Redmond of Girard, Pa., started 12th, methodically worked through the pack and took command on lap 17 of the 20-lap finale. Tim Keener recorded his second consecutive runner-up finish with Jason Haynes next under the checkered flag.

Dirty Dan the Fan climbed atop the victory podium following one of the wildest finishes of the season in the 10-lap School Bus slobberknocker. Bobby Wallace was leading coming off the final turn when he was hit from behind by Dirty Dan. The contact sent Wallace into the outside wall while Dirty Dan went on to the checkered flag. Lug Nut avoided Wallace's crashing bus to finish second, while Wallace backed across the line to take third.

During pre-race ceremonies, Bandolero Young Guns competitor John Ellenburg of Concord, N.C., received the prestigious Spirit of a Legend award. The honor is presented annually to the Hardee's Summer Shootout racer who best exemplifies the spirit of friendly competition upon which the Legends Cars, Bandoleros and Thunder Roadsters are based.

Visitors to, a popular web site that covers short-track racing, determined the series' most popular drivers with a winner honored in each of the three types of race cars. Nicholas Stroupe claimed the Most Popular Driver award in the Bandoleros, Chrissy Wallace was the top vote getter in the Thunder Roadsters and Ryan Jernigan was named most popular among the Legends Car drivers.

Highlights from each week of the Hardee's Summer Shootout will be televised this fall and winter on SPEED Channel. The one-hour programs will include feature stories, competitor interviews and highlights of the on-track action.

The 2006 Hardee's Summer Shootout is scheduled to start Tuesday night, June 13.

The results:

Centex Homes Legends Car Pro Feature (20 laps): 1. Beau Slocumb; 2. Chris Eggleston; 3. Chase Pistone; 4. Jason Reisman; 5. Louis Hawkins; 6. Tiffany Daniels; 7. Alex Haase; 8. Mark Whitley; 9. Chris Rogers; 10. Jesse Bunnell; 11. Michael Van Wingerden; 12. Jeremy Kalina; 13. Todd Adams; 14. Tolliver Smith; 15. Daniel Moskowitz; 16. Ben Stancill; 17. Thomas Van Wingerden; 18. John Gottsacker; 19. Jeremy Colangelo.

Duragloss Thunder Roadster Feature (20 laps): 1. Thomas Van Wingerden; 2. Roger Simons; 3. Kyle Beattie; 4. Ryan Zeck; 5. Danny Keaton; 6. Tom Van Wingerden; 7. Eric Harrington; 8. Adam Welch; 9. Jim Gresham; 10. Chrissy Wallace; 11. Michael Van Wingerden; 12. Jon Michael.

Cabarrus Family Medicine Legends Car Semi-Pro Feature (16 laps): 1. Brandon Thomson; 2. James Buescher; 3. Kyle Fowler; 4. Andrew Carlsen; 5. Brennan Poole; 6. Ryan Jernigan; 7. Chrissy Wallace; 8. Kory Abbot; 9. Travis Beam; 10. Bryan Silas; 11. Jake Crum; 12. Charles Wimbish; 13. Patrick McVay; 14. Dennis Kiser; 15. Keith Breasbois; 16. Corey LaJoie; 17. Charles Kiser; 18. Matt Bowers; 19. Davey Mahl; 20. Casey Dohm; 21. Kory Blevins; 22. Trevor Bayne; 23. Travis Bare; 24. Dustin Genebacher; 25. Jordan Anderson; 26. Drew Denham; 27. Darin Coker; 28. Chris Buescher.

Verizon Wireless Legends Car Masters Feature (10 laps): 1. George "Cotton" Spry; 2. Randy Thornton; 3. Phil Sharpe; 4. Brian Wiemer; 5. Jan Ingram; 6. Dennis White; 7. Todd Johnson; 8. Ronnie Laney; 9. Chris Carlsen; 10. Carlos Moore; 11. Dr. Mark Moskowitz; 12. Clay Hair; 13. Dave Winston; 14. Tony Carper; 15. Bill Mathers; 16. Terry Cochran; 17. John Sossoman; 18. Eddie Harwell; 19. Jeff Turner; 20. Sam McCullough; 21. Chuck Dohm; 22. Tom Van Wingerden; 23. Bobby Pence; 24. Bill Gardner; 25. Bruce Sawicki; 26. Tim Lightfoot.

Lucas Oil Bandolero Bandits Feature (18 laps): 1. Ryan Blaney; 2. Nicholas Stroupe; 3. Jordan Phillips; 4. Darrell Wallace Jr.; 5. Austin Hill; 6. Blake Eden; 7. Max Gresham; 8. Stephen Bergh Jr.; 9. Derrick Ramey; 10. Casey LaJoie; 11. Landon Bullock; 12. Noah Clark; 13. William Nelson; 14. Clint King; 15. Tommy Hill; 16. Bodie Bellinger; 17. Matthew Linker; 18. Gerald White Jr.; 19. Tyler Hill; 20. Andre Prescott; 21. Brock Newsom; 22. Meghan Dillner; 23. Corey Gordon; 24. Matt Wallace; 25. Josh Williams.

Lucas Oil Bandolero Young Guns Feature (20 laps): 1. John Stancill; 2. Brandon McReynolds; 3. Nick Hoffman; 4. Matthew Stover; 5. Mitchell Coble; 6. John Ellenburg; 7. Josh Butler; 8. Tyler Green; 9. Sam McAulay; 10. Ryan Glenski; 11. Cole Miktuk; 12. J.R. Allen; 13. Rob Beasley; 14. Trevor Farbo; 15. Sloan Henderson; 16. Daniel Hemric; 17. Robby Innella; 18. Ty Dillon; 19. Bailey Freeman; 20. William Cunningham; 21. Justin Kraemer; 22. Jake Morris; 23. Kyle Shano; 24. Scott Menlen; 25. Clay Winters; 26. Kendall Sellers; 27. Jimmy Rouse Jr.; 28. Austin Dillon.

Lucas Oil Bandolero Outlaws Feature (20 laps): 1. Eric Redmond; 2. Tim Keener; 3. Jason Haynes; 4. Chris Morgan; 5. Dawn Eagens; 6. Duke Furr; 7. Kara Clarke; 8. Robin Metdepenningen; 9. Ryan Salomon; 10. Jennifer Spain; 11. Ryan Jernigan; 12. Benny Mingo; 13. Artie Clever; 14. Tyler Winters; 15. Charles Long Jr.; 16. Randy Spencer.