The inaugural Bank of America presents the World Short-Track Championships attracted 154 race cars from 16 states to The Dirt Track @ Charlotte Motor Speedway as the action-packed two-day program concluded with five championship feature events Saturday night.

Brian Smith of Mooresville, N.C., was the class of the field in the 25-lap season finale for the Heintz Performance American Sprint Car Series Southern Tour. Smith started from the pole but chased Jeff Van Dusen of Otego, N.Y., for nine laps before taking command and charging to the $1,500 victory.

Bryan Howland, a regular on the Patriot Sprint Group circuit in Upstate New York, finished second while Maryland resident Brooke Bowman took home the show money. Scott Young of Mooresville, N.C., finished 12th and claimed in the inaugural Heintz Performance American Sprint Car Series Southern Tour championship.

The race was slowed by two caution flags and stopped twice for flips. The first red flag was unfurled on lap two when Geoff Quackenbush flipped in Turn 3. The race was stopped again on lap four when Dustin Apple flipped hard in Turn 2. Neither driver was injured.

Furman Parton, a former Thunder Roadster competitor in the Hardee's Summer Shootout at Charlotte Motor Speedway, went wire-to-wire in winning the 25-lap feature for the Dixie Thunder Series late models.

Parton of Rutherfordton, N.C., started from the pole and was never seriously challenged en route to the $2,000 victory as the nomadic series that mandates engines with steel cylinder heads concluded its season. Dennis "Rambo" Franklin of Gaffney, S.C., chased Parton under the checkered flag to secure the series championship while Damon Eller finished third in the 23-car field.

The Dixie Thunder Series feature was slowed by just two caution flags, the most consequential of which came on lap 10 when Eller and Ron Parker made contact while battling for second. Eller was able to continue while Parker went to the rear of the field and charged back to finish ninth.

In the best race of the evening, Brent Glastetter of Mooresville, N.C., drove around the outside of John DeYoung on the final lap to win the 25-lap feature for the IMCA modifieds.

Glastetter led the early laps before DeYoung took command on the 22nd trip around the four-tenths-mile clay oval and appeared headed for the victory podium. However, Glastetter never gave up and when the pair approached a lapped car on the final circuit he made the winning move.

DeYoung settled for second with Dave Siegert third under the checkered flag as the final 15 laps went without a caution flag.

Jonathan Davenport of Blairsville, Ga., started ninth in the 24-car Top Tracks Crate Model Series field and methodically worked his way to the front to win the 25-lap event.

Davenport, a former regular in the Legends Car division of the Hardee's Summer Shootout at Charlotte Motor Speedway, used the high line to take the lead with just two laps remaining en route to the $2,000 victory.

Frankie Beard also made a late charge to claim runner-up honors while Phillip Seifet, who led laps 12 through 22, faded to third at the checkered flag. The race was slowed by three caution flags for inconsequential incidents.

In a wild-and-crazy race where the second car across the finish line was the winner, Walter Pecora, driving Krashy the Klown, claimed the victory in the 20-lap season finale for the CRASHCars. Jerry White's White Boy entry, which actually led the final five laps, settled for second and Kill O'Bite, with Jake Brown driving, finished third.

Kenneth Deese, a five-time winner in the 16-race series, ended up seventh in the 20-lap run, but the Monroe, N.C., driver banked $10,000 for claiming the inaugural CRASHCar series championship.

The Bank of America presents the World Short-Track Championships concluded the sixth season of racing at The Dirt Track @ Charlotte Motor Speedway. The track's 2006 schedule will once again feature a special-events format, highlighted by several of the nation's top touring dirt-track series. The complete schedule will be announced in the coming weeks.

The results:
Dixie Thunder Series Late Model Feature (25 laps): 1. Furman Parton; 2. Dennis Franklin; 3. Damon Eller; 4. Tim Allen; 5. Lee Cooper; 6. Tim Christie; 7. Dane Burns; 8. Brian Ledbetter; 9. Ron Parker; 10. Mike Duvall; 11. Everette Dunlap; 12. Lance Moss; 13. Chuck Smith Jr. 14. Jim Blackwell; 15. Bret Dysart; 16. Bobby Bottom; 17. Kent Petrea; 18. Lonnie Roberts; 19. Spencer Liggon; 20. David Yandle; 21. David Lindsay; 22. Robert Bailey; 23. Ken Ronmanager Jr.

Heintz Performance American Sprint Car Series Feature (25 laps): 1. Brian Smith; 2. Bryan Howland; 3. Brooke Bowman; 4. Jeff Van Dusen; 5. Shane Morgan; 6. Dave Betts Jr.; 7. Butch Pendergrass; 8. Bruce Cline; 9. Doug Gold; 10. C.J. Miller; 11. Brandon McLain; 12. Scott Young; 13. Mary Anne Williams; 14. Dick Spadaro; 15. Danny Mercy; 16. Don Smith; 17. Nick Mulheim; 18. Kris Brooks; 19. Kevin Welsh; 20. Coby Adams; 21. Tim Perry; 22. Dustin Apple; 23. Jeff Young; 24. Geoff Quackenbush.

IMCA Modified Feature (25 laps): 1. Brent Glastetter; 2. John DeYoung; 3. Dave Siegert; 4. George Catanzano; 5. Jamie Kuntz; 6. Roger Moser; 7. Rusty Covan; 8. Jim Roach; 9. Greg Brown; 10. Richard Clem; 11. Craig Smith; 12. Eric Nier; 13. Eric Thompson; 14. Justin Haas; 15. James Stevens; 16. Mark Webb; 17. Jason Rice; 18. Stoney Jackson; 19. Junior Daniels; 20. Josh Wright; 21. James Allbee; 22. Mike Stolarcyk III; 23. Gary Brooks; 24. Myron DeYoung.

Top Tracks Crate Late Model Feature (25 laps): 1. Jonathan Davenport; 2. Frankie Beard; 3. Phillip Seifet; 4. Chris Steele; 5. David Lindsay; 6. Owen Osteen; 7. Jay Sessoms; 8. John Kline; 9. Paul Grimsley; 10. Don Jenkins; 11. Shane Mathis; 12. Jeff Fields; 13. Aaron Bowen; 14. Brandon Anderson; 15. Jay Hendricks; 16. Bo Stanley; 17. Mike Huey; 18. Timbo Mangum; 19. Lonnie Brant; 20. Shane Riner; 21. Marty Reid; 22. Andy Blackwood; 23. Tim Millwood; 24. Randle Jordan.

CRASHCar Feature (20 laps): 1. Walter Pecora, Krashy the Klown; 2. Jerry White, White Boy; 3. Jake Brown, Kill O'Bite; 4. Jeff Blackwelder, Fast Ball; 5. Jennifer Petree, Miss Demeanor; 6. Marc White, Invader; 7. Kenneth Deese, Big Show; 8. Joe Pelhan, Area 51; 9. Dale Drye, Crash Test Dummy; 10. Chris James, Rimer Rocket; 11. Jim Cook, Mr. Big Shot; 12. Brian Spivey, Redneck Medic; 13. David McEachern, Crusher; 14. Dave Hutchinson, Ruby Rhino; 15. Bobby Wallace, Land Shark; 16. Randy Spivey, Road Hawg Rebel; 17. Gene Loden, Salvage; 18. Matt Fernandez, Cherry Bomb; 19. Stephen Runion, Junkyard Dawg; 20. George "Cotton" Spry, T-Wrecks; 21. Larry Henderson, No Insurance; 22. Kristi Springer, Trouble; 23. Tony Springer, Tony Tiger; 24. Paul Grimsley, Venomous; 25. Rusty Drye, Vigilante; 26. Terry Plott, The Patriot, 27. James Crider, High Voltage.