Jeff Gordon won the Bank of America 500 NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series race at Lowe's Motor Speedway. Clint Bowyer followed in second place, and Kyle Busch took third. The event included 15 caution flags totaling 62 of the 337 laps in the 500-mile race. Twenty-six lead changes took place among 11 drivers.


JEFF GORDON - winner, no. 24 "Man, I don't know where to start. I'm fired up about this. I mean, I was fired up last week. Now because this is the final, last, duel, and this week, it's Charlotte; I was in here this week and getting asked the questions about, you know, how we haven't run or finished well here in the last several races, and it hasn't been since '99 that we've won, and just all the different obstacles that we had to overcome tonight, it really truly made this one very, very special. I had my sister here, and in 81 race wins, she's never been to victory lane. She's been there and left and a lot of crazy stories, but to have her and family and friends and to do it here in Charlotte was just really special, and of course, with the championship on the line, every win is so important today. And my goodness, if you don't win today, you know a guy that you're battling the points with is going to finish ahead of you, either Jimmie or Clint Bowyer; both of those guys are stepping it up, so it's a very special win."

CLINT BOWYER - second-place, no. 07 "Yeah, it was a good run for us. There's no secret, this is a struggle for me coming to this place. I always seem to find a place to spin out and into turn four wall. But finally finished the race here and second, it's a loser but in the big picture it's a points save for us. I didn't qualify the best and we were able to get up high. It's uncharacteristic of everything of me, I finished and ran high and I don't have do that. I'm really proud of all of the guys on the Jack Daniels Chevrolet and they basically built the car for this track and I'm always loose here and driving too loose and they built a car that's a little bit tighter. We went and tested at Nashville and put a lot of effort into it. It wasn't from lack of effort, it was a good day, good night whatever."

KYLE BUSCH - third-place, no. 5 "It wasn't bad. We had a pretty good car all night long. Just kept fighting a tight chatter through the center of the corner and got it a little bit freed up and got it a little bit too loose there but still kept it loose to keep it turning. We were just really, really loose on the short run there and that's why everybody kept running way from us for a while, especially Jeff and Clint, and they were able to do the same thing and we were able to get a little more tightened up and they were tightening up, too and we were able to run by them and Jeff was too far ahead when the race went green and then with the caution, running out of gas going into turn run, both of us, he did a little more than I did, because I was ready to go and I wasn't going and finally he moved up and I was able to move up a little bit but those guys had a significant enough run on us where we couldn't really do anything. But other than that, I don't know, easy day, third place, whatever. Didn't make up much ground in the points."