Charlotte Motor Speedway's flag football team completed a dream season Wednesday night in the Totally Racin' Flag Football League.  The LMS team, led by wiley head coach Mike "jukes-a-lot" Jones, defeated Roush Racing 31-0 in the season Super Bowl.     

"The old-timers like me and Dan "freight train" Farrell remember seasons where we didn't win a game," stated Jones in his postgame remarks. "Going from worst to first in one year is a testament to the grit of our veterans and an infusion of young talent."   

 Quarterback and team MVP Adrian "don't call me Peter" Parker threw five touchdowns with no interceptions in the season finale. "I'm just lucky to have receivers that know how to get open," said a humble Parker.   

Other team members included Jason Hoyt, Doug Cremer, Kyle Edmiston, Kent Ridge, Jason Cross, Kevin Woods, Sean Owens, Matt Greci, Chris Kouri and Matthew Braydich.