Fans who attend the NASCAR Banking 500 only from Bank of America on Oct. 17 are sure to make many new memories at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

In celebration of 50 years of racing at the legendary superspeedway, fans from around the world were asked to take to their computers to share their favorite memories of the races held at the track. Below is a selection of those memories submitted through Twitter and Facebook:

"My first race in person was the October Nationwide race in 1984. Sitting in Turn 1, it was lap two when it hit me - full field, full speed, full sound, smell of burning fuel and the concussion wave of the draft. I am hooked for life."

Guy Peters

"I was sitting in Turn 1 at the 1989 Winston and got to see Rusty give ole D.W. a little nudge in Turns 3 and 4 to send him spinning into the grass. That was my 2nd race. First one was the '87 Coke 600...nothing but great memories!"

Stuart Senecal

"I have a lot of memories from Lowe's, but the one that sticks in my mind is when my good friend, Tad Segars, flipped his Thunder Car across the start/finish line during the 2008 All-Star weekend. He purchased the car on Friday and totaled it on Saturday."

Carlisle McNair

"The Sprint All-Star Race weekend has brought my family together for the past few years. We all live in different places in Tennessee, but we all gather and head to the All-Star race as a family. I have a lot of great family memories from those trips."

Justin Holt

"My boyfriend and I attended this year's Coke 600. It was my first May race and our first race together, so everything was a favorite memory, especially the cookout on the track. That was awesome! It felt really cool to be part of something so special."

Sue Lumbra

"It has to be seeing the black No. 3 back on the track in 2003. Even though it was Richard Childress behind the wheel, we all knew the Intimidator was watching over us with that smirk on his face. I had tears - a moment I will never forget."

Brad Shea

"I was on the roof of The Speedway Club with a group that included four Russian military officers when four F-16s come over the rim of the grandstands for the flyover. Does "shock and awe" ring a bell? I thought they all were going to have heart attacks."

Don Yonce

"I still get goose bumps when I think back about the pass in the grass. I don't think anything will ever top that No. 3."

Sarah Elizabeth Hogan

"My favorite moment was being able to meet Dale Earnhardt and several other drivers and crew members on May 19, 1995. I have Spina Bifida and I'm in a wheelchair. I was 9 years old at the time and was preparing to undergo surgery to correct Scoliosis. I'm almost 24 now and the day I met Dale Earnhardt is still one of the best days of my life."

Jennifer Raines

"My favorite moment was when Kasey Kahne won the Sprint All-Star Race in 2008 after being voted in by the fans, and then coming back the next week to win the Coca-Cola 600. Absolutely amazing!"

Jeannie Sweitzer

            Fans will continue to make memories when the NASCAR Banking 500 only from Bank of America returns to Charlotte Motor Speedway on Oct. 17. Those who attend are invited to share their stories from the race on Charlotte Motor Speedway's Facebook and Twitter pages.

            Many great ticket packages are still available for the NASCAR Banking 500, and individual tickets start as low as $49. For more information, contact the speedway ticket office at 1-800-455-FANS or by visiting