The American Drag Racing League’s (ADRL) first appearance at zMAX Dragway for its prestigious Dragstock event will also feature a first-time opportunity for local car clubs and hot rod owners.

Entitled “Pro Mods and Hot Rods,” the world’s premier eighth-mile drag racing league announced on Thursday that will allow hot rod owners free admission for the car and the driver for the upcoming Dragstock IX, which takes place Aug. 3-4 at zMAX Dragway in Charlotte.

Drivers must register their car by July 30 to be eligible for the free car and driver entry to what is annually one of the biggest events on the ADRL Tour.

“This is something that is perfect for the ADRL and it was ideal to introduce it at Dragstock, which has always been our most prestigious event, and at an incredible facility like zMAX Dragway,” ADRL Account Executive Keith Goolsby said.

“The interest has already been outstanding and our sponsors are also very excited about it. We can’t wait to see how many total hot rods we will get for what will be an incredible two days at zMAX.”

In addition to the free entry, the participants may have the opportunity to cruise up two lanes of the four-lane zMAX Dragway after the third qualifying session concludes at Dragstock IX on Friday.

The event has already drawn significant interest from a number of area car clubs, as well as ADRL sponsors. Mickey Thompson will feature its customized trucks for the event, and Pro FABrication will be featuring a 1962 Buick LeSabre.

Extreme Pro Stock competitor Richard Penland will also be featuring his ’55 Chevy Sport Coupe and ’57 Chevy Truck during the event.

“There is no better place to introduce this event than at this race and if everything goes like we hope and anticipate, this is the type of event we will seriously consider adding to future ADRL races,” Goolsby said.

For more information on the “Pro Mods and Hot Rods” event or to register your car, contact (417) 224-2348 or e-mail