Tyler Green, a resident of China Grove, N.C. and native of Owensboro, Ky., won the third annual Legends Big Money 100 A-Feature Tuesday night at Charlotte Motor Speedway, taking home the top prize of $25,000.

It looked as though Darrell Wallace Jr. would get the win, but a 16-car pile-up on lap 97 took him out of contention and changed the course of the race. Green would come out on top to take the win in the biggest grassroots racing event of the year.

“I just can’t believe I’m here right now,” said Green, son of former NASCAR driver Mark Green. “We’ve been thrashing the last three days and just working on this thing. We’ve been up to one o’clock and two o’clock in the morning the last couple of nights trying to get this thing right.

“A hell of a job by my dad and Uncle Jeff (Green). Thanks to all the guys that helped us and the good Lord for pulling us through.”

Doug Stevens started on the pole in the 100-lap event and led the first 40-lap segment. On the start of the second segment, Stevens moved several car lengths in front, but a caution brought the field back together. On the restart, Wallace made contact with Stevens, sending them both spinning. The advantage went to Steven Cantrell as he took the point.

Cantrell led the field to the green for the final 20-lap segment, but Wallace quickly moved through the pack and was on Cantrell’s bumper by lap 90. The two raced side-by-side before Wallace pulled ahead and Green moved into second place.

With just four laps to go, a wreck in the middle of the pack brought out the first of four cautions that created a tension-filled finish that brought the fans to their feet.

Green and Wallace held steady at the front through each restart as cars continued to bunch up and wreck behind them. Following the fourth restart, Wallace appeared on his way to victory, but Green muscled his way to the inside groove and battled Wallace door-to-door. Coming out of Turn 2, Wallace got sideways and spun at the front of the field, resulting in a spectacular 16-car pileup along the backstretch.

Wallace’s car was among seven that had to be towed off the track due to extensive damage.  After a nearly 20-minute delay, the pace car finally led the remaining 13 cars in the field to the green flag for the final three laps. Green pulled away for the win followed by Austin Hill in second and Derek Shumaker in third.

In the 50-lap Legend Car Young Lion/Semi-Pro A-Feature, Trey Jarrell, of Martinsville, Va., found himself in Victory Lane. After being the fastest qualifier and winning his heat race on Monday, Jarrell started on the pole and led every lap. 

A spin on lap 1 was a sign of what was to come for the rest of the race. The red flag waved early-on in the feature after Chase Dowling, running in third, was turned in front of the oncoming field.  Nine cars, including frontrunners Kaz Grala and Austin Reed, were involved in the accident.

Other on-track excitement included a collision between Austin Langenstein and Anthony Cataldi that sent Cataldi airborne going into Turn 1. The race included a total of eight cautions and one red-flag. In the end, it was Jarrell who stayed ahead of the mayhem to hold off second-place finisher Reid Wilson and third place Ryan Shattuck. 

In the Legend Car Masters A-Feature, Tom Pistone, of Mooresville, N.C., claimed the checkered flag to take home the win.

Jeff Green led the field, until lap 25 when Pistone worked his way under the NASCAR veteran to take the lead. Kevin Foisy followed behind and stayed on his tail for most of the race. On lap 45, Foisy made contact with Pistone and knocked himself back to the sixth position.

On a restart with two laps to go, the win was within anyone’s reach. As the tightly packed field rounded Turn 4, Pistone held off Mark Green and Jan Ingram to get the win.

In Bandolero racing action, Austin Green, of Concord, N.C., completed his sweep of the event, clinching the win in the Bandits A-Feature after qualifying first and winning his heat race to start on the pole. Jeff Dunfee III and Connor Okrzesik finished second and third.

Seth Werner, of Iron Station, N.C., got the win in the Outlaws A-Feature after starting the race in second over polesitter Tyler Lester. Lester wanted the win, but had to settle for second. Stefan Parsons followed behind in third.

Fans can watch a one-hour recap of Tuesday night’s Legends Big Money 100 as Fox Sports South will air coverage of the 100-lap showdown throughout the week next week. The regional sports network will air the race special on Monday, July 9 at 6 p.m.; Tuesday, July 10 at 8 a.m. and 10 p.m.; Thursday, July 12 at 7 p.m. and Saturday, July 14 at 11 a.m.

The 19th annual Jack in the Box Summer Shootout Series continues Tuesday, July 10, with Faster Pastor school bus racing. In addition to the regular racing divisions, fans can support their local pastors as they try their hand behind the wheel of the monstrous machines, measuring 30 feet long, 112 inches tall and tipping the scales at nearly 13 tons each. The first 1,000 fans through the gates get a free lanyard key chain courtesy of Jack in the Box.

Tickets for the Summer Shootout Series are $7 for adults and are available in advance at the speedway ticket office or at Gates 4 and 5 the night of the event. Kids 13 and under get in free. Spectator gates open at 5 p.m. with preliminary action starting at 5:10 p.m. Opening ceremonies are at 6:45 p.m. and feature races are scheduled to conclude by approximately 10 p.m.

For tickets to the Summer Shootout Series, call the Charlotte Motor Speedway ticket office at 1-800-455-FANS (3267) or visit www.charlottemotorspeedway.com.

For live updates during the Summer Shootout Series, follow hashtag #SummerShootout on Twitter. To join in on the conversation simply include #SummerShootout in your tweet.

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Unofficial Results:

Legends Big Money 100 A-Feature (100 laps): 1. Tyler Green; 2. Austin Hill; 3. Derek Shumaker; 4. Trey Jarrell; 5. Jared Irvan; 6. Kaz Grala; 7. Steven Cantrell; 8. Kyle Weatherman; 9. C.J. Hulsey; 10. Taylor Hull; 11. Tyler Goodwin; 12. Kyle Plott; 13. Joey Mucciacciaro; 14. Darrell Wallace, Jr.; 15. Reid Wilson; 16. Mason Massey; 17. Sean Rayhall; 18. Matt Pappa; 19. Doug Stevens; 20. Ryan Shattuck; 21. Austin Langenstein; 22. Brayton Haws; 23. Kyle Beattie; 24. Connor Pyle; 25. Brady Boswell; 26. T.J. Michael; 27. Greg Lang; 28. Justin Swilling; 29. Tom Pistone; 30. Daniel Hemric; 31. Tyler Hill; 32. Kory Abbot; 33. Sam McAulay; 34. Nick Pistone; 35. Michael Dabney, Jr.; 36. Alex Pacheco.

Legends Big Money 100 B-Feature (25 laps): 1. Sean Rayhall; 2. Michael Dabney, Jr.; 3. Kyle Weatherman; 4. Alex Pacheco; 5. Kyle Beattie; 6. T.J. Michael; 7. Kory Abbot; 8. Kaz Grala; 9. Brady Boswell; 10. Tyler Hill; 11. Clayton Green; 12. Doug Barnes; 13. Jared Irvan; 14. Seth Adams; 15. Kason Plott; 16. Andy Hogan; 17. Dustin Sword; 18. Evan Swilling; 19. Case Dowling; 20. Spencer Boyd; 21. Jake Cole; 22. Garrett Smithley; 23. C.J. Hulsey; 24. Devin McLeod; 25. Dakota Baggette; 26. Matt Pappa; 27. Spencer Taylor; 28. Myatt Snider.

Legends Big Money 100 C-Feature (25 laps): 1. Kason Plott; 2. Evan Swilling; 3. Myatt Snider; 4. Clayton Green; 5. Tye Mihocko; 6. C.J. Hulsey; 7. Garrett Smithley; 8. Spencer Taylor; 9. Brandon Debrakeleer; 10. Dustin Sword; 11. Christopher Freeland; 12. Ryan Hammar; 13. Ronny Freeland; 14. Payton Ryan; 15. Chris Freeland; 16. Austin Reed; 17. Nick Pistone; 18. Nicholas Lascoula; 19. Jeffrey Stanton; 20. Baiden Heskett; 21. Tyler Audie; 22. Chase Fitzgerald; 23. Dillon Faggart; 24. Nathan Wilson. 

Legend Car Young Lion/Semi-Pro A-Feature (50 laps): 1. Trey Jarrell; 2. Reid Wilson; 3. Ryan Shattuck; 4. Austin Langenstein; 5. Jordan Stillwell; 6. Spencer Boyd; 7. Jordan Black; 8. Seth Adams; 9. Madeline Crane; 10. Nicholas Lascoula; 11. Andy Hogan; 12. Payton Ryan; 13.Jared Irvan; 14. Kaz Grala; 15. Austin Cindric; 16. Austin Reed; 17. Clayton Weatherman; 18. Kason Plott; 19. Garrett Smithley; 20. Brayton Haws; 21. Erik Nash; 22. Myatt Snider; 23. Anthony Cataldi; 24. Chase Dowling; 25. Tyler Goodwin; 26. Josh Brimecombe; 27. Chase Fitzgerald; 28. Connor Pyle; 29. Clayton Green; 30. Joey Mucciacciaro.

Legend Car Young Lions/Semi-Pro B-Feature (25 laps): 1. Tyler Goodwin; 2. Austin Cindric; 3. Austin Reed; 4. Chase Fitzgerald; 5. Clayton Green; 6. Myatt Snider; 7. Nicholas Lascoula; 8. Erik Nash; 9. Jordan Stillwell; 10. Madeline Crane; 11. Grant Winchester; 12. Trevor Collins; 13. Ryan Hammar; 14. Tyler Audie; 15. David Hudson; 16. Dylan Smith; 17. Brandon Debrakeleer; 18. Tye Mihocko; 19. Joey Padgett; 20. Zack King.

Legend Car Masters A-Feature (50 laps): 1. Tom Pistone; 2. Mark Green; 3. Jan Ingram; 4. Ira Laughy; 5. Buddy Goudy; 6. Kevin Foisey; 7. Jamie Laine; 8. Phillip Young; 9. Carl Cormier; 10. Bruce Silver; 11. Jeff Green; 12. Chris Freeland; 13. Casey Nash; 14. Scott Anderson; 15. Tom Sherman; 16. Ron Mander; 17. Todd Bolin; 18. Jack Dossey, Jr.; 19. Chris Rogers; 20. Eddie Harwell.

Bandolero Outlaws A-Feature (25 laps): 1. Seth Werner; 2. Tyler Lester; 3. Stefan Parsons; 4. Taylor Jorgenson; 5. Jonnie Varga; 6. Clyde Tucker; 7. Dakota Ratcliff; 8. Jordan Locklear; 9. Jensen Jorgenson; 10. Miguel Cesar Jr.; 11. Jacob Hefner; 12. Alex Reece; 13. Sprout Royal; 14. Hannah Bell; 15. Shawn Hooven.

Bandolero Bandits A-Feature (25 laps): 1. Austin Green; 2. Jeff Dunfee III; 3. Connor Okrzesik; 4. Byson Goudy; 5. Austin Powell; 6. Noah Weaver; 7. Sam Audie; 8. Dawson Cram; 9. Zachary Dabbs; 10. Dalon Moore; 11. Ivan Gudmestad; 12. Chandler Smith.