Drivers took no prisoners Tuesday at Charlotte Motor Speedway in Round Three of the Jack in the Box Summer Shootout Series presented by Dave & Buster’s. The night included a local weatherman defending his title in the Media Mayhem bus race, a last lap battle between four cars and a driver climbing the fence after his first Legend Car win. 

Al Conklin, WBTV meteorologist, got his second consecutive win in the Media Mayhem school bus slobberknocker.

Drex, from Kiss 95.1 FM, started on the pole and pulled away on the start, but a caution for debris on lap 6 brought the field back together. Matthew East, with News 14, got the point position after the crowd chose to invert the top four, but trouble on the restart left him stopped on the track. The stalled bus brought out another caution and it was Al Conklin who took the lead as the field went back to green. Lug Nut, the world’s fastest mascot, was hard-charging, but ran out of time as Conklin drove on for the victory, leaking fluid as he crossed the line.

“I know I’m making a mess of the track here. Sorry about that Bruton and Marcus, but we’ll get it mopped up I guess,” said Conklin. “I could smell it. I was like ‘man I hope this doesn’t go on much longer,’ because I didn’t think I had much left in this bus.

“But moms and dads don’t worry, I’m not going to take your kids to school come August, but I sure had fun. It was a real slobberknocker this year.”

The remainder of the finishing order included Drex in third, East in fourth, Keith Monday with WSOC-TV in fifth, Derek James with Fox Charlotte in sixth, Kris Stevens with 96.9 FM The Kat in seventh and Brad Panovich with WCNC in eighth.

In Quaker Steak and Lube Legend Car Pro feature action, Darrell Wallace, Jr., of Concord, N.C., claimed his second victory of the season in one of the craziest finishes in Summer Shootout history.

Justin Carroll started on the pole, but Tyler Green quickly took the lead on lap 1, leaving the field behind. Carroll got to Green’s bumper at the halfway point and stayed on his tail. The two were side-by-side as they took the white flag, allowing third place Gray Gaulding and fourth place Wallace to close in. All four were beating and banging for the top spot heading toward the checkered flag, but it would be Wallace coming out on top by a fender over Gaulding, who finished second. Carroll followed behind in third as Green settled for fourth after leading a majority of the race.

Jan Ingram, of Asheboro, N.C., claimed his first ever Legend Car victory in the Auto Country Club Masters feature. The race was shortened to 10 laps due to a high amount of cautions.

Bruce Silver took the lead from pole-sitter Darren Sanoum on the first lap. Sanoum spun out on lap 4 after trying to regain the lead, collecting John Craig. On the restart, Ingram took the lead from Silver and held off Brian Weimer and Eddie Harwell in the final laps to take the checkers. Weimer finished in second and Jack Dossey followed in third.

After Ingram climbed from his car, he celebrated with the crowd by climbing the fence Tony Stewart-style.

The Bandolero Bandits action started off in full blast with three-wide racing throughout the 20-lap feature, which provided five caution flags. Cason Werner, of Iron Station, N.C., was able to navigate through all of the chaos to take the lead on lap 3 and ultimately win the race. Zachary Dabbs finished second after starting in fourth. Austin Green, winner of the first two feature races of the season, battled back to finish third after an early spin sent him to the back of the pack.

Other winners of the night included Spencer Boyd, of Concord, N.C., in the NOS Energy Semi-Pro feature, Chase Dowling, of Roxbury, Conn., in the Legend Car Young Lions feature, Stefan Parsons, of Cornelius, N.C. in the Bandolero Outlaws feature and DJ Canipe, of Fallston, N.C., in the Bandolero Beginner Bandits feature.

Coming up Monday and Tuesday, July 2-3, is the third annual Legends Big Money 100, the biggest grassroots racing event of the year. Boasting the largest purse in Legend Car racing at $100,000, the event will feature some of the best grassroots racers in the country.

In addition to the on-track action, fans can enjoy a pre-race concert with Ace and TJ’s band, Charity Case, on Tuesday, prior to the start of the Legends Big Money 100 A-Feature. Drivers will also participate in an autograph session on the frontstretch during the concert. At the conclusion of the Legends Big Money 100 A-Feature on Tuesday, Charlotte Motor Speedway will host the area’s first Fourth of July Fireworks celebration.

Tickets for the event are $10 per day for adults and children 13 and under get in free. For tickets to the Legends Big Money 100, call the Charlotte Motor Speedway ticket office at 1-800-455-FANS (3267) or visit

Competitor registration for the Legends Big Money 100 is still open online at

For live updates during the Legends Big Money 100, follow hashtag #BigMoney100 on Twitter. To join in on the conversation simply include #BigMoney100 in your tweet.

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The unofficial Round Two results:

Quaker Steak and Lube Legend Car Pro Round Feature (20 laps): 1. Darrell Wallace, Jr.; 2. Gray Gaulding; 3. Justin Carroll; 4. Tyler Green; 5. Kyle Weatherman; 6. Matt Pappa; 7. Sean Rayhall; 8. Justin Swilling; 9. Kyle Plott; 10. Nick Pistone; 11. Dennis Kiser; 12. Trey Eidson; 13. Austin Hill; 14. Alex Pacheco; 15. Jake Cole; 16. Daniel Hemric; 17. Kory Abbott; 18. Steven Cantrell; 19. C.J. Hulsey; 20. Gregory Lane; 21. Chase Scott; 22. Evan Swilling.

Auto Country Club Legend Car Masters Round Feature (10 laps): 1. Jan Ingram; 2. Brian Weimer; 3. Jack Dossey; 4. Eddie Harwell; 5. Chris Coker; 6. Bruce Silver; 7. Carl Cormier; 8. John Fargason; 9. Ray Short; 10. Dean Bonessi; 11. Mark Green; 12. Scott Whitaker; 13. Kevin Aube; 14. Jamie Smith; 15. Darren Sanoum; 16. John Craig; 17. Todd Bolin; 18. Tom Pistone.

NOS Energy Legend Car Semi-Pro Round Feature (12 laps): 1.Spencer Boyd; 2. Tyler Goodwin; 3. Ryan Mackintosh; 4. Adam Burton; 5. Josh Brimecombe; 6. Myatt Snider; 7. Austin Langenstein; 8. Billy Webb; 9. Dylan Smith; 10. Kevin Ellison; 11. Erik Nash; 12. Joe Ryan Osborne; 13. Amber Colvin; 14. Jami Weimer; 15. Joey Mucciacciaro; 16. Tyler Hill; 17. Cody Ware; 18. Austin Reed; 19. Jake Spillers; 20. Anthony Cataldi; 21. Zack Skolnick; 22. Kevin Donahue; 23. Justin Bolten; 24. Ford Martin; 25. David Garbo, Jr.; 26. Austin Allen; 27. Drew Sciranko; 28. Jordan Stillwell; 29. Jake Burkhalter; 30. RS Senter.

Legend Car Young Lions Round Feature (20 laps): 1. Chase Dowling; 2. Jordan Black; 3. Kaz Grala; 4. Joey Padgett; 5. Jared Irvan; 6. Reid Wilson; 7. Trey Jarrell; 8. Kyle Donahue; 9. Payton Ryan; 10. Steven Johns; 11. Ryan Shattuck; 12. Conner Pyle; 13. Riley Thornton; 14. Austin Blakenship; 15. Kason Plott; 16. Austin Cindric; 17. Doug Barnes; 18. Tyler Audie; 19. Jacob Schneider; 20. Joshua Plummer; 21. Jeffrey Stanton; 22. Dylan Faggart; 23. A.J. Davis; 24. Clayton Weatherman; 25. Matt Craig; 26. Riley Halverson; 27. Andy Hogan; 28. Brayton Haws.

Bandolero Outlaws Round Feature (10 laps): 1. Stefan Parsons; 2. Dakota Ratcliff; 3. Tyler Lester; 4. Layton Sullivan; 5. Seth Werner; 6. Jonnie Varga; 7. Tyler Farris; 8. Daniel Bedford; 9. Ashley Caldwell; 10. Jordan Locklear; 11. Dylan Smith; 12. Alex Reece; 13. Craig Biryla; 14. Teigan Deluca; 15. Jacob Heafner; 16. Jordan Plummer; 17. Clyde Tucker; 18. Miguel Cesar, Jr.; 19. Sprout Royal; 20. Scott Joy; 21. Tal Davidson; 22. Hannah Bell; 23. Eric Brown; 24. Jacob Brumagin; 25. John Kuczmarski; 26. Nicholas Ceraolo; 27. Ronnie Goins.

Bandolero Bandits Round Feature (20 laps): 1. Cason Werner; 2. Zachary Dabbs; 3. Austin Green; 4. Kodie Conner; 5. Banks Johnson; 6. Enzo Fittipaldi; 7. Hunter Richards; 8. Nick Craig; 9.Dawson Cram; 10. Carson Ware; 11. Austin Janocha; 12. Austin Powell; 13. Sam Audie.

Bandolero Beginner Bandits Round Feature (20 laps): 1. D.J. Canipe; 2. Ryleigh Lemonds; 3. Casey Kirwan; 4. Elizabeth Montgomery; 5. Brayden Mander; 6. Richie Kuty; 7. Brayde Miranda; 8. Emily Brandt.