The first day of summer brought out the heat on and off the track in round three of the Summer Shootout Series at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Tyler Green, Ben Rhodes and Carson Ferguson were among those able to keep their cool as each cruised to victory in their feature events.

Green, of China Grove, N.C., held off the likes of NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver, David Ragan, to take home his first win of the season in the Legend Car Pro division.

Battles for position were hard-fought from first on back as Wentzville, Mo., native, Kyle Weatherman, and last week’s feature winner, Sean Rayhall, of Austell, Ga., swapped for the lead.

Green proved he was a force to be reckoned with as he made a hard-charging pass on the outside to move into second position, eventually taking the lead with five laps to go.

Contact between Gregory Lang, of Davidson, N.C., and Chase Catania, of El Cajon, Calif., brought out the caution and staged the field for a green, white, checkered finish. Green held off the competition to get the win as Rayhall settled for second and Austin Hill, of Winston, Ga., crossed the line in third. Ragan trailed behind to finish fourth.

In the Legend Car Young Lions feature, Rhodes, of Louisville, Ky., led a majority of the laps as he secured his third win of the 2011 season.

Moving into the second position after starting the race in fourth, Rhodes quickly challenged Mason Massey, of Douglasville, Ga., for the lead. On Lap 4, the two were side-by-side in Turns 1 and 2 as Rhodes eventually slid to the inside, taking the top spot.

A single car spin brought out the caution on Lap 8, allowing the field to catch back up to the leaders. Rhodes quickly distanced himself from the field on the restart, leaving the remaining cars to battle in the closing laps.

Matt Pappa, of Nassau, N.Y., made a daring last-lap pass on Concord, N.C., native, Justin Carroll, to take the third position as Rhodes cruised across the finish line to claim victory. Massey followed behind to finish second.

In the Bandolero Bandits feature, Ferguson, of Mt. Holly, N.C., broke away from the pack en route to pick up his third feature win in the Summer Shootout Series this season.

Jacob Heafner, of Dallas, N.C., paced the field to the green, but after a pile up on the opening lap, a complete restart was required. Ferguson used the restart to pass multiple cars, making his way into the second position.

On Lap 4, Ferguson piloted his No. 00 past leader Austin Green of Concord, N.C., leaving Green in a two-way battle for the second position with Heafner. A late caution took Heafner out of contention, allowing Dawson Cram, of Mooresville, N.C., to take control of third.

The race came down to a three-lap shootout with Ferguson taking the checkered flag ahead of second place finisher Green and third place Cram.

Other feature winners included John Sossoman, of New London, N.C., in the Legend Car Masters division; Tyler Hill, of Port Tobacco, Md., in the Legend Car Semi-Pro division; Hunter Stewart, of Mooresville, N.C., in the Bandolero Beginner Bandits division; and Parker Barnes, of Roswell, Ga., in the Bandolero Outlaws division.

The 18th annual Summer Shootout Series continues Tuesday night, June 28, with Media Mayhem. In addition to a full slate of Legend Car and Bandolero racing, local television weathermen will get behind the wheel to compete in the second school bus slobberknocker of the season.

The first 1,000 kids to enter the gate will receive a free pair of goggles and families can enter for a chance to win a Myrtle Beach Vacation courtesy of Gates open at 5 p.m. with opening ceremonies for feature racing at 7 p.m.

Tickets to the 2011 Summer Shootout Series are just $7 for adults and $3 for kids 6 to 12. Children 5 and under get in free.

For tickets for the Summer Shootout Series contact the Charlotte Motor Speedway ticket office at 1-800-455-FANS (3264) or visit

Unofficial results:

Legend Car Pro Feature (20 laps): 1. Tyler Green; 2. Sean Rayhall; 3. Austin Hill; 4. David Ragan; 5. Steven Cantrell; 6. Justin Swilling; 7. Kyle Plott; 8. Brady Boswell; 9. Kyle Weatherman; 10. Casey Roderick; 11. Zac Kittle; 12. Sam McAulay; 13. Scott Hensley; 14. Bayley Currey; 15. Justin Morton; 16. Jimmy Heavlow; 17. Steve Ward; 18. Casey Traxler; 19. Gregory Lang; 20. Gray Gaulding; 21. Chase Catania; 22. Donald McIntosh; 23. Michael Dabney Jr.; 24. Cody Haskins; 25. Zach Knowles; 26. Jake Morris; 27. Aaron Moyer; 28. Trey Edison; 29. Evan Swilling; 30. Brenton Irving.

Legend Car Masters Feature (20 laps): 1. John Sossoman; 2. Kevin Foisy; 3. Jeff Green; 4. Jan Ingram; 5. Kevin Aube; 6. Eddie Harwell; 7. Chip Ferguson; 8. Ronald Mander; 9. David Reed; 10. Brad Green; 11. Bruce Silver; 12. Carlos Moore; 13. Brian Tinker; 14. Rod Harouff; 15. Mike Rogers; 16. Hans-Peter Schaepp; 17. Ray Short; 18. Jamie Smith; 19. Hoyt Demis; 20. Tom Pistone; 21. Todd Bolin.

Legend Car Semi-Pro Feature (20 laps): 1. Tyler Hill; 2. Corey Gordon; 3. Adam Welch; 4. Amber Colvin; 5. Alex Hickham; 6. Austin Reed; 7. Myatt Snider; 8. Chris Coker; 9. Garrett Smithley; 10. Dusty Summers; 11. Lee Jordan; 12. Blake Spears; 13. Spencer Boyd; 14. Brandon Wrisley; 15. Austin Allen; 16. Erik Nash; 17. Austin Langenstein; 18. Kyle Hall; 19. Justin Little; 20. Kevin Donahue; 21. Jonathon Ross; 22. Grant Winchester; 23. Justin Doyle; 24. Marc Remesi; 25. Dustin Coonfield; 26. Westin Baldwin; 27. Brau Hutchinson; 28. 9; 29. Robert Kuczmarksi.

Legend Car Young Lions Feature (20 laps): 1. Ben Rhodes; 2. Mason Massey; 3. Matt Pappa; 4. Justin Carroll; 5. Trey Jarrell; 6. Adam Burton; 7. Jake Cole; 8. Chase Dowling; 9. CJ Hulsey; 10. Clayton Weatherman; 11. Josh Morris; 12. Jacob Heavlow; 13. Payton Ryan; 14. Paul Schaffer; 15. Connor Pyle; 16. Ryan Shattuck; 17. Jake Spillers; 18. Joey Padgett; 19. Tyler Turner; 20. Dylan Faggart; 21. Tyler Goodwin; 22. Riley Halverson; 23. Hayden Woods; 24. Kason Plott; 25. Jeffery Stanton; 26. David Schilling; 27. Austin Cindric; 28. Matt Wallace; 29. TJ Michael.

Bandolero Outlaws Feature (15 laps): 1. Parker Barnes; 2. Tyler Lester; 3. Ryan Mackintosh; 4. Taylor Jorgensen; 5. Noah Cornman; 6. Tyler Dayton; 7. Ashley Caldwell; 8. Grant Shadduck; 9. Kaz Grala; 10. John Holleman; 11. Seth Werner; 12. Matt Craig; 13. Tyler Janocha; 14. Jensen Jorgensen; 15. Walker Yates; 16. Chase Heath; 17. Jacob Brumagin; 18. Jordan Plummer; 19. Scotty Hooker; 20. Joshua Plummer; 21. Tal Davidson; 22. Dakota Ratcliff; 23. Craig Biryla.   

Bandolero Bandits Feature (20 laps): 1. Carson Ferguson; 2. Austin Green; 3. Dawson Cram; 4. Matt Murphy; 5. John Kuczmarkski; 6. Stefan Parsons; 7. Banks Johnson; 8. Tate Folgeman; 9. Alex Reece; 10. Sprout Royal; 11. Trevor Hawkins; 12. Jordan Mander; 13. AJ Davis; 14. Jacob Hefner; 15. Brayton Haws; 16. Kodie Conner; 17. Jordan Locklear; 18. John Wayne Counsel; 19. Teigan Deluca.

Bandolero Beginner Bandits Feature (20 laps): 1. Hunter Stewart; 2. Austin Geer; 
3. Zachary Dabbs; 4. Austin Powell; 5. Tyler Farris; 6. Hannah Bell; 7. DJ Canipe; 8.    
Trent Barnes; 9. Hayden Humphrey; 10. Mark Durgin, Jr.; 11. Liz Montgomery; 12. 
Cason Werner.