Tyler Green won the weather-shortened Legends All-Star Race Thursday at Charlotte Motor Speedway, leading all 31 laps of the caution-filled contest to bring home the $2,500 payday.

Green, the son of former NASCAR driver Mark Green, started from the pole and was able to stay in front of the fray, avoiding all of the early chaos. A large pileup brought out the caution on lap 31, and the cleanup was lengthy enough to allow strong approaching lightning storms to reach the track, ending the race nine laps short of the advertised distance and giving Green the win.

"I was upset to see that last caution with nine to go," Green said. "I think we were in a good spot. They were battling behind me but I had a good distance on them, just trying to take care of my stuff and be at the checkered flag when it dropped."

Prior to the final caution, Green was being stalked by Steven Cantrell, who transferred into the main event by winning the earlier hooligan race, and Doug Stevens, who had worked his way to the front despite being involved in an early caution.

"I knew with (them) behind me, we'd have a good race, but I felt like as the night went on, (they) probably wore (their) stuff out to get up there," Green said. "Those restarts are critical, and I felt like we got good jumps on all of them, getting away from them before they can get to you."

Cantrell and Stevens finished second and third respectively. Joey Pagget and Kaz Grala rounded out the top five.

The evening's first Legend Car event, the 25-lap hooligan race, also started with a flurry of cautions, whittling the field and leaving behind a trail of debris.

But Steven Cantrell rose above the fray and stayed out of trouble to easily transfer to the main race. The rest of the top 10 transferring with him were Jay Coen, Evan Swilling, Kory Abbott, Connor Pyle, Joshua Brimecombe, Stefan Parsons, Dillon Faggart and Austin Langenstein. Bruce Silver and Randy Schaaf were added as provisional starters.