Multi-round division winners Daniel Hemric, Sean Rayhall and Ray Beebe returned to Victory Lane during round nine of the Kangaroo Express Summer Shootout Series at Charlotte Motor Speedway. John Sossoman, Ryan Shattuck and Tate Fogleman were also among Tuesday night’s feature winners.

In the Legend Cars Pro division, Hemric led all 20 laps of the feature en route to victory. There were three cautions in the first ten laps but the final ten laps of the event were marked by green-flag racing and complete dominance by Hemric, who also took home the unprecedented $250,000 top prize in the Legends Million at Charlotte Motor Speedway in July. The win was Hemric’s second of the 2010 Summer Shootout season. Finishing second was Steven Ross, of Stanfield, N.C., and in third place was Kyle Plott, of Marietta, Ga.

In the Young Lions division, Rayhall, of Winston, Ga., was victorious for the fourth time this season. After starting in the fifth position, Rayhall raced his way to the front of the field, passing pole sitter Brady Boswell on Lap 9 of the 19-lap feature.

Boswell, of Watkinsville, Ga., stayed in Rayhall’s rearview mirror but couldn’t reclaim the lead. Boswell settled for a second place finish in the multi-caution race. Josh Morris, of Fredericksburg, Va., trailed Boswell, crossing the stripe in the third spot.

Beebee, of York, S.C., scored two wins in one night after taking the victory in both the feature postponed by rain from the previous week and in the round nine Bandolero Bandits division race.

Jeffrey Abbey started the round nine event from the pole position, but following a caution for a multi-car spin on the first lap, Beebe quickly assumed the lead. After a caution for debris at the midway point of the 20-lap feature, Beebe led the single-file restart and never looked back, maintaining the lead for the final 10 laps. Layton Sullivan, from Gaffney, S.C., finished second and Abbey, from Comanche, Texas, finished third.

Other feature winners included Sossoman, of New London, N.C., in the Legend Car Masters division; Jake Morris, of Fredericksburg, Va., in the Legend Car Pull-A-Part Semi-Pro division; Shattuck, of Islamorada, Fla., in the Bandolero Outlaws division; and Fogleman, of Durham, N.C., in the Bandolero Beginner Bandits division.

In the first of three Bandolero features postponed by rain from the previous week, Shattuck was victorious in the Bandolero Outlaws division race. Other postponed races were won by Beebe in the Bandolero Bandits division and Noah Corrman, of Palm Coast, Fla., in the Bandolero Beginner Bandits division.

Legend Car drivers ruled the night in the school bus slobberknocker, as Tyler Green emerged victorious. Finishing in the second position was Hemric’s behemoth racing machine and coming home in third was Sossoman.

The 17th annual Kangaroo Express Summer Shootout Series concludes Tuesday night, Aug. 10, with Championship Night at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Champions will be crowned in each of the six racing divisions as the 10-week series comes to a close. The evening will also include wild and wacky school bus racing featuring principals from Cabarrus County.

In addition to the school bus race, a full slate of Legend Car and Bandolero action is scheduled. Spectator gates open at 5 p.m. with feature racing at 7:30 p.m.

Adult tickets are just $7 with children ages 6 to 12 admitted for $3 and kids under 6 are free. For more information or tickets to the Summer Shootout Series contact the ticket office at 1-800-455-FANS (3267) or go online at

The results:

Legend Car Pro Feature (20 laps): 1. Daniel Hemric; 2. Steven Ross; 3. Kyle Plott; 4. Steven Cantrell; 5. Samuel McAullay; 6. Chad Finchum; 7. Jimmy Heavlow; 8. Chris Dilbeck; 9. Kyle Weatherman; 10. Tyler Green; 11. Darrell Wallace Jr.; 12. Tyler Lester; 13. Evan Swilling; 14. Brian Ouimette; 15. Duncan Molesworth; 16. Travis Braden; 17. Cole Miktuk; 18. Eric Gunderson; 19. Doug VanDenBrink; 20. Aaron Moyer; 21. Harrison Rhodes; 22. Kenzie Ruston; 23. Justin Lloyd.

Legend Car Masters Feature (20 laps): 1. John Sossoman, 2. Tom Pistone; 3. Clay Hair; 4. Jan Ingram; 5. Rick Wetmore; 6. Jimmy Gurley; 7. Phil Sharpe; 8. Eddie Harwell; 9. Brad Green; 10. John Davis; 11. Gary Shannon; 12. Bruce Silver; 13. Jackie Ryan; 14. Carlos Moore; 15. Jamie Smith.

Pull-A-Part Legend Car Semi-Pro Feature (20 laps): 1. Jake Morris; 2. Chase Catania; 3. Austin Langenstein; 4. Ryan Flores; 5. Timmy Hill; 6. Gregory Lang; 7. Jake Knight; 8. Austin Leitner; 9. Ronnie Milroy; 10. William Allen; 11. Chris Coker; 12. Andrew Harrah; 13. Taylor Coffman; 14. Erik Nash; 15. Robert Kuczmarski; 16. Anna Lisa Smith.

Legend Car Young Lions Feature (19 laps): 1. Sean Rayhall; 2. Brady Boswell; 3. Josh Morris; 4. Gray Gaulding; 5. Sean Shalvoy; 6. Nicholas Drake; 7. Brian Kolb; 8. Corey Gordon; 9. Kason Plott; 10. Justin Carroll; 11. Spencer Boyd; 12. Dusty summers; 13. Matt Pappa; 14. Cole Custer; 15. Adam Burton; 16. CJ Hulsey; 17. Matt Wallace; 18. Jake Cole; 19. Jacob Heavlow; 20. Chandler Levan; 21. Tyler Hill.

Bandolero Outlaws Feature (20 laps): 1. Ryan Shattuck; 2. Austin Allen; 3. Coty Hartson; 4. Myatt Snider; 5. Walker Yates; 6. Paul Fusko; 7. Parker Barnes; 8. Ben Klatt; 9. Craig Biryla; 10. Jacob Brumagin; 11. Riley Halverson; 12. Tyler Janocha; 13. Jeffrey Stanton; 14. Joshua Plummer; 15. Taylor Martin; 16. Kayla Marshall; 17. Dakota Ratcliff; 18. Scotty Hooker; 19. Ryan Mackintosh; 20. Reid Wilson; 21. Trey Jarrell; 22. Chase Heath.

Bandolero Bandits Feature (20 laps): 1. Ray Beebe; 2. Layton Sullivan; 3. Jeffrey Abbey; 4. Garrett Biggers; 5. Derek Sobel; 6. Kodie Conner; 7. Clayton Weatherman; 8. Austin Cindric; 9. Payton Ryan; 10. John “Matt” Murphy; 11. Tyler Dayton; 12. A.J. Davis; 13. Seth Werner; 14. Jordan Plummer; 15. Teigan Deluca; 16. Cole Timm; 17. Chase Hawkins; 18. Kaz Grala; 19. Carson Ferguson; 20. Austin Green; 21. Matt Craig.

Bandolero Beginner Bandits Feature (15 laps): 1. Tate Fogleman; 2. Stefan Parsons; 3. John Kuczmarski; 4. Banks Johnson; 5. Scott Joy; 6. Trevor Hawkins; 7. Jacob Hefner; 8. Dawson Cram; 9. Elijah Bacon; 10. Slade Parsons; 11. Graham Smith; 12. Noah Corrman; 13. Dylan Mills; 14. Hunter Richards; 15. Ed Bacon.