Friday, the stars of Red Bull Global Rallycross took over The Dirt Track at Charlotte for the first of two days of racing action. Ken Block posted the fastest time in qualifying for the second year in a row, followed by Nelson Piquet Jr. and Tanner Foust. It was Block's first top seed since running in Charlotte last year. At 32.323 seconds, his fastest lap time was over four seconds faster than his qualifying time from last season.

Following qualifying, Block, Brian Deegan and Bucky Lasek took home wins in the first series of heat races. Steve Arpin, Block and Sverre Isachsen won the second set.

In Lites action, Mitchell DeJong topped the charts in qualifying with Mooresville, N.C. native, Austin Cindric second fastest. Oliver Eriksson and Kevin Eriksson won Friday's heat races.

Red Bull Global Rallycross racing action continues Saturday at The Dirt Track. Gates open at 10 a.m. for semifinals, last chance qualifier, and finals. Tickets are still available at the track, by visiting or by calling 1-800-455-FANS (3267). Fans can also watch all the action live on Saturday, July 26 at 2 p.m. on NBC.

GRC Supercars:

Qualifying: 1. Ken Block, 32.323; 2. Nelson Piquet Jr., 32.556; 3. Tanner Foust, 32.658; 4. Sverre Isachsen, 32.674; 5. Rhys Millen, 32.922; 6. Patrik Sandell, 33.023; 7. Steve Arpin, 33.358; 8. Brian Deegan, 33.382; 9. Bucky Lasek, 33.421; 10. Austin Dyne, 33.465; 11. Emma Gilmour, 34.237; 12. Joni Wiman, 34.866; 13. Scott Speed, 35.219.

Heat 1A: 1. Ken Block; 2. Joni Wiman; 3. Steve Arpin; 4. Patrik Sandell; 5. Scott Speed. 

Heat 1B: 1. Brian Deegan; 2. Nelson Piquet Jr.; 3. Rhys Millen; 4. Emma Gilmour.

Heat 1C: 1. Bucky Lasek; 2. Austin Dyne; 3. Sverre Isachsen; 4. Tanner Foust.

Heat 2A: 1. Steve Arpin; 2. Bucky Lasek; 3. Tanner Foust; 4. Nelson Piquet Jr.

Heat 2B: 1. Ken Block; 2. Patrik Sandell; 3. Rhys Millen; 4. Austin Dyne.

Heat 2C: 1. Sverre Isachsen; 2. Brain Deegan; 3. Joni Wiman; 3. Scott Speed; 4. Scott Speed; 5. Emma Gilmour.

GRC Lites:

Qualifying: 1. Mitchell DeJong, 32.908; 2. Austin Cindric, 33.132; 3. Kevin Eriksson, 33.155; 4. Oliver Eriksson, 33.290; 5. Alejo Fernandez, 33.543; 6. Tyler Benson, 33.811;

DNS: Geoff Sykes

Heat 1A: 1. Oliver Eriksson; 2. Alejo Fernandez; 3. Mitchell DeJong.

Heat 1B: 1. Kevin Eriksson; 2. Tyler Benson; 3. Geoff Sykes; 4. Austin Cindric.