Last year, 16-year-old Kyle Plott, of Marietta, Ga., won the second annual Legends Big Money 100. Leading into this year’s event, coming up July 2-3, we’ve been chatting with him each week as he looks to defend his title. This week, he discusses last year’s win, preparing for the this year’s event and helping out his brother as he gets ready for his first start in the biggest grassroots racing event of the year.

Q:  How are you preparing for this year’s big money event?

A: I’m just preparing on the track with practice. I’m just learning what I can do better compared to the other guys that may be a little bit quicker than me. I’m finding what their weaknesses are and learning what mine are.


Q:  How do you think that you’ve improved as a driver since last year’s big money?

A: I think that I’ve improved a little bit. I’ve definitely improved in my confidence.  I’ve learned what makes the car work a little bit better and what fits my driving style. There’s another year under the belt with me and my crew chief and the extra experience with one another helps. I think that is what’s helped me the most.


Q: Do you and your little brother Kason get the opportunity to race together very often?

A: We practice a little bit together, but we don’t get to race each other that often because we’re two years apart. 


Q: Even when you practice with each other are you competitive? Will you be competitive when you’re racing each other during the Legends Big Money 100?

A: Yeah, I hope so. Every time we get to race each other, he’s mad that I’m a little bit quicker than him or whatever. But every time we get on the track for practice he tries to rough me up or something. But it’s definitely a lot of fun racing with him.


Q:  Are you excited for your brother Kason to race in the Legends Big Money 100 for the first time?

A: Yeah, I’m excited for him to race. I’ve pointed out a few things for him to do and not to do. Hopefully he makes it in and has a good race.


Q:  Do you think having your brother out on the race track is an advantage for the two of you?

A: I guess so. Two heads are better than one. I don’t think that it’d be a huge advantage over everyone else though, but it may be a little bit.


Q:  How are you helping him to prepare for not only Big Money, but the Summer Shootout as well?

A: We practice together a lot. You know, I just rough him up a bit to compare to here. He’s a good driver and he’s going to do pretty well this year.


Q:  How big is family to your racing career?

A: It’s very important. If it weren’t for my family, I don’t know if I’d even be doing this. It’s a huge family-involved sport and I’m glad to have them. 


Q: Are you more nervous or excited about Big Money this year?

A: I’m real excited for it. I won it last year which has definitely boosted my confidence. So I’m feeling really good going into it.  I want to finish ahead of everyone and come away with a win again to defend my title.  It’d be great defend it. 


Q: When did last year’s win sink in for you?

A: Probably a week or so after that. I mean after I won it, it was like I was dreaming. I didn’t really believe I had won it. But yeah, it took a few weeks to sink in.