Kyle Plott won last year’s Legend’s Big Money 100 race at only 15 years old.  A year later, he’s looking to defend his title in the race that will run at Charlotte Motor Speedway July 2-3.  We’ve been talking to Kyle every week leading up to the biggest event in grassroots racing to find out how he’s preparing. This week he talked to us about his excitement going into the Legend’s Big Money 100, the advice he’s given and been given over the years, and how he wants his future to be all about racing.


Q: What’s your favorite part about racing in the Summer Shootout Series and Legends Big Money 100?

A: I like the challenge.  It’s a challenge for me and my crew to beat the other drivers.  It’s fun for me to be out there with all of the other competitors.  They’re all so fast and real close this year.  It’s just boosts my confidence and gets me ready for the next level of racing.


Q: What will you take from Summer Shootout to use in the Legends Big Money 100?

A: In the Summer Shootout I’ve figured out how to race other competitors. I’ve learned that the way they race you is they way that they’ll race you back. I need to always be consistent and not drive over my head.


Q: What are you most looking forward to with the Legends Big Money 100?

A:Defending my title! That’s what I’m most looking forward to. It’d be great to defend my title this year because it means a lot to win this race. It’s only the third year that’s it run and I won it the second year.  So it’d be great to win it again!


Q: Who do you think is your biggest competition this year?

A: There’s not really one person. Basically the whole field. Whoever makes it in that race is obviously a good competitor. To be racing in the Summer Shootout and Legends Big Money 100 with all these drivers and making it there…it’s real good competition.


Q: What will you do if you win the Legends Big Money 100 again?

A: We’ll celebrate and then go racing again.  That’s my celebration.  I’ll probably take the money and put it back into running more late model races.


Q: What kind of advice would you give to a young Bandolero or Legend car driver who wants to be the next Kyle Plott and win the Legends Big Money 100?

A: Always have confidence in yourself. Always communicate with the car chief about how you’re feeling and what the car is doing.


Q: What is the best piece of racing advice you’ve ever been given?

A: Probably to just be smart and not drive over my head. That’s helped me a bunch. If you don’t drive over your head and you’re smart while you’re driving, you can do anything. It will be a huge part of the Big Money race. There are 100 laps, but a bunch of people will want to go to the front on the first lap and that’s not always the best thing to do. You just have to bide your time and do what you can for 100 laps.


Q: Where do you want racing to take you?  Do you want to continue racing as you get older or go to college?

A: I want to make it to NASCAR eventually. I would like to keep working on my racing and maybe not go to college. I’d like to go to college to just to say that I went to college, but if my career kicks off in the next few years then I probably won’t. 


Q: Why should fans come see Big Money?

A: It’s 100 laps of pure excitement.  People are always beating and banging.  A bunch of people out there feel like Superman in the first 10 laps or so and they just go in there and knock people out of the way.  It makes it very exciting for fans.