Since 2007, veteran camper Dave Middleton and his decked out RV, dubbed the “Love Shack,” have been attracting hundreds of fans during NASCAR race weekends at Charlotte Motor Speedway’s Morehead Farms Campground. But the “Love Shack” is no ordinary RV. The unique vehicle originally started out as a regular tractor-trailer.

Middleton, a Monroe, N.C., resident, who has been camping in the same spot since 1994, always wanted to transform a tractor-trailer into an RV and did just that when the opportunity arose.

“I’ve been in the trucking business for years and I wanted to take one of the tractor-trailers and convert it to an RV,” said Middleton. “So when my old Pace Arrow RV started acting up in 2006, I thought now is the time.”

He and his friends sat down with a napkin and began sketching out his new creation room by room. The project was completed over a span of seven months.

“We took the windows out of the old Pace Arrow. We started visiting garage sales to furnish it and people would give me assorted items for free. It made its first appearance at the track at the 2007 All-Star Race.”

On the outside, the RV still looks like a regular tractor-trailer, but on the inside the “Love Shack” has all the amenities of a high-dollar motorcoach.

“It’s fully equipped now. Up front is a king-size bed called Big Daddy’s Suite. Behind is a full stand-up shower, bathroom, a bunkroom that sleeps four and the kitchen connected to the living room with a four-foot porch off the back,” explained Middleton. 

His favorite feature inside the camper is a refrigerator his parents purchased when he was growing up. The 1949 model still works great.

The name of his dream RV came long before it was ever constructed. After purchasing the old Pace Arrow he was listening to the radio and the popular B-52’s single “Love Shack” came on. He knew right away if his RV became reality, he would name it the “Love Shack.” Today, the official name of his vehicle is the “747 Air-Ride Love Shack Number Two.”

“It’s quite the attraction and everybody is welcome. We set up an awning outside of the Shack and under that have a big stereo system along with all the cooking supplies and stuff. One of the deals is I pay for the spots, and two guys I have met through the years out of Roanoke, Va., are chefs, and they do the cooking.”

On a race weekend at Charlotte Motor Speedway, hundreds of fans take tours of the “Love Shack.” Some of the visitors include state troopers, garbage collectors and ambulance drivers, and even a NASCAR driver or two. The “Love Shack” has been so popular that his group of friends, known as “Love Shackians,” give daily tours.

“Every hour on the hour we play the ‘Love Shack’ song and the whole campground starts dancing. We get such a large group of people dancing, it stops traffic,” said Middleton.

Look for Middleton and his “Love Shackians” this spring during the NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race on May 19 and the Coca-Cola 600 on May 27.

Camping is still available for the 10 biggest days of racing at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Campsites start at just $100 for each week of camping. Full hook up camping at Tom Johnson Campgrounds is also still available. For more information on camping at Charlotte Motor Speedway visit To purchase a campsite, call the ticket office at 1-800-455-FANS (3267). RV rentals are also available.

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