“Rocket Man,” Josh Richards has taken over the World of Outlaws Late Model Series points lead with a victory in the World of Outlaws Late Model Showdown Wedneseday night, at The Dirt Track at Charlotte. In National Dirt Racing Association (NDRA) Crate Late Model action, Danny Brewer took home the win. Check out the photo gallery here.

Richards started off the night just two markers behind points leader Darrell Lanigan, but was able to capitalize after a flat right front tire took Lanigan out of contention for the win. Lanigan finished the night in the 12th spot, allowing Richards to take over the lead by 22 points.

After starting on the outside pole, Rocket Man didn’t waste any time getting to the point position, taking the lead on Lap 1. Richards never looked back as he led the 50-lap feature flag-to-flag. Richards was able to stay out front uncontested for the first 14 laps of the A-Feature, until Tim McCreadie moved to the high side on a Lap 13 restart and quickly pulled up to Richards’ back bumper. Battling lap after lap, McCreadie, of Watertown, N.Y., was never able to make a move on Richards and crossed the stripe in second followed by Mike Marlar, of Winfield, Tenn., in the third position.

“When you start on the outside pole it’s awesome to have that track position,” said Richards. “I saw McCreadie up on the board and I thought I could kind of hear him on the outside so I moved up to the top of Turn 1 and 2. After that the car took off, but trying to hold those guys off is a job in itself. It was a good night to take home the win.”

The victory is Richards’ third at The Dirt Track at Charlotte and his eighth of the year, putting him just one win away from the most all-time wins in a season, nine, set by Scott Bloomquist in 2004.

Just two races away from the season-ending World of Outlaws World Finals Nov. 4-6, at The Dirt Track, Richards, the 2009 series champion, is in position to become the first-ever repeat World of Outlaws Late Model Series champion.

“We definitely can’t count our chickens before they hatch,” explained Richards about taking over the points lead. “It’s been a great year so far and we’re looking forward to coming back in November for the World Finals.”

The A-Feature was slowed by five cautions and the 10-lap World of Outlaw Late Model Series heat races were won by Mike Marlar, Richards, Jonathan Davenport and Lanigan.

Transferring into the A-Feature through the first 10-lap World of Outlaws Last Chance Qualifier were Steve Shaver and Johnny Pursley. Moving into the A-Feature through the second 10-lap Last Chance Qualifier were winner Randy Weaver and second place finisher Luke Roffers.

In NDRA Crate Late Model feature, Brewer, of Troutman, N.C., cruised to victory lane in the 30-lap event. After taking the lead on Lap 15, Brewer held off Ron Parker and Matt Long to capture the win. The race got off to an exciting start with a multi-car pileup on the first lap, but included just one other caution on Lap 7.

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The results:

World of Outlaws Late Models

First Heat (10 laps): 1. Mike Marlar; 2. Earl Pearson Jr.; 3. Tim McCreadie; 4. Austin Hubbard; 5. Clint Smith; 6. Steve Shaver; 7. Johnny Pursley; 8. Chris Brown; 9. Mike Evock; 10. Donald Bradsher; 11. Jay Sessoms.

Second Heat (10 laps): 1. Josh Richards; 2. Jeff Smith; 3. Austin Dillon; 4. Chris Ferguson; 5. Russ King; 6. Steve Francis; 7. Brady Smith; 8. Kenny Compton Jr.; 9. Brian Ledbetter; 10. Tim Allen; 11. Chuck Smith.

Third Heat (10 laps): 1. Jonathan Davenport; 2. Dale McDowell; 3. Chris Madden; 4. Rick Eckert; 5. Randy Weaver; 6. Chub Frank; 7. Mike Collins; 8. Jill George; 9. Travis Leake; 10. Kyle Pierce; 11. Stephen Evans.

Fourth Heat (10 laps): 1. Darrell Lanigan; 2. Eddie Carrier Jr.; 3. Tim Fuller; 4. Tommy Kerr; 5. Ross Bailes; 6. Robbie Bailey; 7. Luke Roffers; 8. Jon Gunther; 9. Shane Clanton; 10. Vic Coffey.

Last Chance Qualifier # 1 (12 laps): 1. Steve Shaver; 2. Johnny Pursley; 3. Brady Smith; 4. Steve Francis; 5. Brian Ledbetter; 6. Chris Brown; 7. Mike Evock; 8. Tim Allen;

Did not start: Kenny Compton Jr.; Donald Bradsher; Jay Sessoms; Chuck Smith.


Last Chance Qualifier # 2 (12 laps): 1. Randy Weaver; 2. Luke Roffers; 3. Mike Collins; 4. Jill George; 5. Kyle Pierce; 6. Robbie Bailey; 7. Jon Gunther; 8. Stephen Evans; 9. Travis Leake; 10. Vic Coffey; 11. Shane Clanton.

Feature (50 laps): 1. Josh Richards; 2. Tim McCreadie; 3. Mike Marlar; 4. Earl Pearson Jr.; 5. Steve Shaver; 6. Rick Eckert; 7. Austin Dillon; 8. Dale McDowell; 9. Steve Francis; 10. Shane Clanton; 11. Chub Frank; 12. Donald Bradsher; 13. Johnny Pursley; 14. Clint Smith; 15. Chris Madden; 16. Tommy Kerr;17. Jonathan Davenport; 18. Austin Hubbard; 19. Luke Roffers; 20. Randy Weaver; 21. Ross Bailes; 22. Russ King; 23. Robbie Bailey; 24. Chris Ferguson; 25. Eddie Carrier Jr.; 26. Jeff Smith; 27. Tim Fuller; 28. Kenny Compton Jr.

Did not start: Kenny Compton Jr.

National Dirt Racing Association Crate Late Models

Qualifying Results: 1. Kenny Compton Jr.; 2. Dennis Franklin; 3. Brandon Haley; 4. Dan Brewer; 5. Zack Mitchell; 6. Ron Parker; 7. Teddy Musgrave Jr.; 8. Matt Long; 9. Chase McCormick; 10. Timbo Mangum; 11. Steve Cooke; 12. Matt Stover; 13. Tim Harrelson; 14. Jimmy Schlitz; 15. Ryan Atkins; 16. Alex Krohn; 17. Brad Smith; 18. Robbie Stevens; 19. Anthony Sanders; 20. Justin Hudspeth; 21. Mitchell Coble; 22. Pat Lindsay; 23. Doug Sanders; 24. Dale Barneycastle; 25. Cameron Norris; 26. Andy Blackwood; 27. Edward Gibbons; 28. Travis Steele; 29. Richard Clew; 30. Russell Jones.

Last Chance Qualifier # 1 (10 laps): 1. Jimmy Schlitz; 2. Anthony Sanders; 3. Mitchell Coble; 4. Matt Stover; 5. Tim Harrelson; 6. Robbie Stevens; 7. Alex Krohn; 8. Ryan Atkins; 9. Travis Steele; 10. Justin Hudspeth; 11. Doug Sanders; 12. Dale Barneycastle; 13. Brad Smith; 14. Cameron Norris; 15. Edward Gibbons; 16. Pat Lindsay; 17. Russell Jones; 18. Andy Blackwood. 

Feature (30 laps): 1. Dan Brewer; 2. Ron Parker; 3. Matt Long; 4. Brandon Haley; 5. Zack Mitchell; 6. Doug Sanders; 7. Jimmy Schlitz; 8. Timbo Mangum; 9. Mitchell Coble; 10. Ryan Atkins; 11. Chase McCormick; 12. Matt Stover; 13. Tim Harrelson; 14. Dale Barneycastle; 15. Robbie Stevens; 16. Justin Hudspeth; 17. Cameron Norris; 18. Pat Lindsay; 19. Travis Steele; 20. Dennis Franklin; 21. Brad Smith; 22. Anthony Sanders; 23. Teddy Musgrave Jr.; Alex Krohn.