Tuesday night, WCCB's Brandon Davidow pulled off the upset over two-time defending winner Al Conklin, from WBTV, taking home the trophy in the Media Mayhem school bus slobberknocker during Round Four of the Jack in the Box Summer Shootout Series presented by Dave and Buster's. Other feature winners of the night included Daniel Hemric, Austin Green and Johnny Sossoman, among others.

Conklin started on the pole and led a majority of the action-packed Media Mayhem race, avoiding the overturned buses of News 14's Matthew East and WSOC-TV's Andrew Doud. On the final restart, Davidow got the jump on the WBTV meteorologist and pulled out front. Conklin tracked Davidow down coming into the final turn and they got together heading to the finish line, but it was Davidow who came out on top in his first-ever bus race.

The rest of the finishing order included WSOC-FM radio personality Jim Slade in third, WCNC's Gerald Jackson in fourth, East in fifth, WKKT radio DJ Kris Stevens in sixth and Doud in seventh.

"Hotshoe" Hemric, of Kannapolis, N.C., continued his hot streak, winning his second race in a row and his third of the season in the Legend Car Pro feature. Tyler Green started on the pole after the invert, but Hemric quickly jumped to the lead coming out of turn four on lap 1, remaining in the point position for all 30 laps while Green held steady in second.

The biggest battle in the race was for third place as drivers Jordan Black, Ryan Shattuck and Justin Swilling stayed nose-to-tail for a majority of the race, racing fiercely for the position. Shattuck crossed the line in third behind Green, followed by Swilling and Black.

The drivers of the Security Force Legend Car Masters division showed no signs of slowing down tonight in Round 4 of the Jack in the Box Summer Shootout. In the end, it was Concord's own John Sossoman taking the checkered flag for the night.

Point leader Rodney Tharp led the field to the green but was soon overtaken by last week's winner Tom Pistone. Sossoman diced his way through the field, taking positions left and right, working his way up to second. The lead dwindled lap-by-lap until Sossoman finally took the top spot after a tight five-lap battle. Lap traffic proved to be no trouble for Sossoman, who went on to score his first win of the season.

After 30 laps and no cautions, Pistone took second place followed by Robby Faggart, Jeff Green, and Carl Cormier.

Austin Green, of Concord, N.C., came through with his first victory in the Bandolero Outlaws division. Green led for most of the feature race after starting in the second spot behind Sprout Royal.

Several drivers, including Hannah Bell and Ashley Caldwell, were involved in a wreck at Turns 3 and 4, causing a caution on lap 2. However, Green managed to avoid the mix-up and slide away from the pack to take the lead. Green's lead was not heavily challenged until John Holleman began pushing his way to the front.

Holleman began the race in sixth, but by lap 10 he had entered the third spot. The Bandolero Outlaws point leader came close to taking the lead on the last lap, but Green managed to stay slightly ahead and came out with the win. Holleman took second place with Alex Reece taking third. Dylan Smith and Jacob Brumagin also made the top five.

Other winners included Joe Ryan Osborne, of Kannapolis, N.C.; in the Legend Car Semi-Pro division; Carson Ferguson, of Concord, N.C., in the Legend Car Young Lions division; Cason Werner, of Iron Station, N.C., in the Bandolero Bandits; and Nick McMillan, of Concord, N.C., in the Beginner Bandits.

Zachary Dabbs of Mooresville, N.C., won the postponed Round Three Bandolero Bandit feature, while Alex Reece of Granite Falls, N.C., won the postponed Bandolero Outlaw feature.

The 20th annual Jack in the Box Summer Shootout Series continues Tuesday, July 2, with a spectacular fireworks extravaganza and the Little Luggies 600 Power Wheels race, in addition to regular Legend Car and Bandolero racing divisions.

Tickets for the Summer Shootout Series are $7 for adults and are available in advance at the speedway ticket office or at Gates 4 and 5 the night of the event. Kids 13 and under get in free. Spectator gates open at 5 p.m. with preliminary action starting at 5:10 p.m. Opening ceremonies are at 6:45 p.m. and feature races are scheduled to conclude by approximately 10 p.m.

Racing will be televised on the Fox Sports South network, with a recap show airing each Monday following the event at 6 p.m. and a re-air on the following Saturday. Fans should check their local listings for more information.

For tickets to the Summer Shootout Series, call the Charlotte Motor Speedway ticket office at 1-800-455-FANS (3267) or visit www.charlottemotorspeedway.com.

For live updates during the Summer Shootout Series, follow hashtag #SummerShootout on Twitter. To join in on the conversation simply include #SummerShootout in your tweet.

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The unofficial results:

Legend Car Pro Feature (30 laps): 1. Daniel Hemric; 2. Tyler Green; 3. Ryan Shattuck; 4. Justin Swilling; 5. Jordan Black; 6. Evan Swilling; 7. Kason Plott; 8. Reid Wilson; 9. Kaz Grala; 10. Zane Smith; 11. Gregory Lang; 12. Mackena Bell; 13. Clayton Weatherman; 14. Joey Padgett; 15. Spencer Boyd.

Security Force Legend Car Masters Feature (30 laps): 1. Johnny Sossoman; 2. Tom Pistone; 3. Robby Faggart; 4. Jeff Green; 5. Carl Cormier; 6. Scott Whitaker; 7. Eddie Harwell; 8. Rodney Tharp; 9. Bruce Silver; 10. Chip Ferguson; 11. Jan Ingram; 12. Jamie Smith; 13. Shawn Geisel; 14. Jody Folice; 15. Jim Audie; 16. Carlos Moore; 17. Chris Byerly; 18. Carl Moberg.

Legend Car Semi-Pro Feature (30 laps): 1. Joe Ryan Osborne; 2. Luke Demis; 3. Ryan Mackintosh; 4. Jay Coen; 5. Riley Halverson; 6. Riley Thornton; 7. Billy Webb; 8. Devin Amos; 9. Sheldon Crouse; 10. Tyler Truex; 11. Jordan Stillwell; 12. Adam Welch; 13. Bronson Butcher; 14. Joshua Turner; 15. Craig Biryla; 16. Joshua Plummer; 17. Tyler Hanberry; 18. Rafael Durante; 19. Ethan McMillon; 20. Enrique Contreras; 21. Dylan Barbosa.

Legend Car Young Lions Feature (20 laps): 1. Carson Ferguson; 2. Connor Pyle; 3. Jared Irvan; 4. William Byron; 5. Michael Torres; 6. Stevie Johns Jr.; 7. Payton Ryan; 8. Stefan Parsons; 9. Seth Werner; 10. Dillon Faggart; 11. Tripp Gerrald III; 12. Matt Craig; 13. Trent Barnes; 14. Alex Murray; 15. AJ Davis; 16. Doug Barnes; 17. Spencer Davis; 18. Jordan Mander.

Bandolero Outlaws Feature (18 laps): 1. Austin Green; 2. John Holleman; 3. Alex Reece; 4. Miguel Cesar; 5. Jacob Brumagin; 6. Ashley Caldwell; 7. Austin Powell; 8. Chase Purdy; 9. Eric Brown; 10. Sprout Royal; 11. Matthew Davey; 12. Jordan Plummer; 13. Jacob Heafner; 14. Jack Fread; 15. Nicholas Ceraolo; 16. Banks Johnson; 17. Ivan Gudmestad; 18. Nate Tretow; 19. Tal Davidson; 20. Hannah Bell; 21. Kayla Lyons.

Bandolero Bandits Feature (20 laps): 1. Cason Werner; 2. Chandler Smith; 3. Dawson Cram; 4. Justin Taylor; 5. DJ Canipe; 6. Austin Geer; 7. Ryleigh Lemonds; 8. Kamera McDonald; 9. Noah Ewing; 10. Austin Saunders; 11. Liz Montgomery; 12. Bradyn Mander; 13. Daniel Wilk; 14. Hayden Humphrey; 15. Richard Kuty; 16. Enzo Fittipaldi; 17. Brayde Miranda; 18. Zachary Dabbs.

Bandolero Beginner Bandits Feature (20 laps): 1. Nick MacMillan; 2. Matthew Eades; 3. Isabella Robusto; 4. Joshua Kossek; 5. William Robusto.

Bandolero Outlaws Round Three Make-Up Feature (20 laps): 1. Alex Reece; 2. Jacob Heafner; 3. Hannah Bell; 4. Jacob Brumagin; 5. John Holleman; 6. Miguel Cesar; 7. Austin Green; 8. Jack Fread; 9. Ashley Caldwell; 10. Ivan Gudmestad; 11. Tal Davidson; 12. Jordan Plummer; 13. Sprout Royal; 14. Nate Tretow; 15. Matthew Davey; 16. Austin Powell; 17. Eric Brown.

Bandolero Bandits Round Three Make-Up Feature (20 laps): 1. Zachary Dabbs; 2. Justin Taylor; 3. Daniel Wilk; 4. Cason Werner; 5. Liz Montgomery; 6. DJ Canipe; 7. Kamera McDonald; 8. Noah Ewing; 9. Bradyn Mander; 10. Enzo Fittipaldi; 11. Hayden Humphrey; 12. Dawson Cram; 13. Richard Kuty; 14. Brayde Miranda; 15. Ryleigh Lemonds.