Jeff Gordon (no. 24 DuPont Chevrolet, qualified first) - This was huge and a huge shock. We just have not been qualifying good this year, and we haven’t qualified this well at Charlotte in 20 years. We used to qualify so well here, but we just sort of lost our way. To be honest, the way it was going tonight, I didn’t think we had any shot at this pole. But this track, when the sun goes down, the temperatures go down, and the car reacts totally different. (After practice) we tried to adjust more for what was happening in (turns) 1 and 2 because it was shaded. So, even though we were 30-something in practice, we went out and tried to do the best we could. I came to the green good and got through 1 and 2 okay, but I thought we got through 3 and 4 good. It was awesome timing in the Chase after the way we ended last week’s race; it’s a small momentum and confidence booster for us. (On the radio to crew after his run) I am so proud of you guys.

Carl Edwards (no. 99 Aflac Ford, qualified second) - This is what we need. Last week was very frustrating. This is a good start for us. We worked really hard on qualifying today, and it worked out. (On radio to crew after his run) That was close, guys; that was close. (After watching Gordon’s qualifying run on TV) Wherever Jeff Gordon was running, I’m gonna find that, and I’m probably going to run that (line).

A.J. Allmendinger (no. 43 WIX Filters Ford, qualified third) - It was a bit of a surprise. The car was good in practice. In qualifying trim, it seemed pretty good, but the car was better than the driver here, honestly. Saw the teammates were fast, saw the track had a lot of grip; tried to go out and lay down the best lap we could. The car was good in race trim, I’ve just always struggled in qualifying. Today being so cool, and there was so much grip on the race track, you just really had to go after it. Seeing what the other cars were doing helped me out a lot. The car was good all day, I just needed to keep getting better.