Burt Myers (No. 1 Capital Bank/Patterson’s Foods/Roush Yates Engines Ford) Race Winner and Whelen Southern Modified Tour Champion - It was one of those deals where we wanted to come out and sit on the pole and win the race. We were lucky enough to start on the pole. We had a really good car in race trim. We weren’t very fast on the short runs. You can make a plan on how you want to do things. You just never know how it’s going to turn out until the end. I saw the 47 (Seuss) and 79 (Civali) were having problems, and I knew the 36 (Miller) was behind me. It became our championship and our race to lose. We were fortunate enough to win the whole thing tonight. This is one of the races and one of the venues that you would like to be able to put that feather in your cap, and say ‘hey, I won that race.’ I was a little bit pessimistic about the championship. And it was because of the competition we were up against - the rest of the guys we were up against, and how good they have been all year long. Atlanta was our worst race. We had a 17th-place finish there. I really thought that was going to put us out of the championship hunt. If you can believe Burt Myers is at a loss for words, I’m pretty close to it. But hey, it sounds pretty good to me. Even though this track is laid out like Atlanta, it drives nothing like Atlanta. It’s kind of tricky. It’s the transition off the corners. We were junk in practice. We changed four shocks and four springs before qualifying and took a shot at it. This was a race we were looking forward to. I was glad this was going to be the last race of the year for the championship. We are a strong team. We made the adjustments we needed to make. My dad has been in racing his whole life. I’m sure as we get home and reflect on this, it’s going to be real special for the whole family. It was one of those deals where we didn’t know exactly how much you need to save the tires. I tried to run a good, smooth, hard pace.

Tim Brown (No. 02 Hayes Jewelers/T&C Motorsports Chevrolet) Second Place - We came here to win. We won the last tour race we ran with this 02 car. We came to win the race and just got beat. Man, we were too tight in the middle, and when you are tight in the middle, you can’t get off the corners. Just got a little bit of work to do for this track. I’m pleased to run second. It gives this team some momentum. That’s a good building point for the team. We can build some better cars now for next year. It’s fun to come and race for a team that you don’t own and paying for it and you can just come and drive. It’s more fun and a lot less stressful. I just had a ball here. I hate it we didn’t win. Burt beat us. He rolled the middle and got off the corner better. All in all, we had a good year.

Zach Brewer (No. 11 Shane Hmiel Racing to Recovery Chevrolet) - I gave it all I got. Tonight was all for Shane Hmiel, who was injured real bad last week. I’ve been in Indy all week – I just flew back on Wednesday night, and everything I did tonight was for him. (How is he?) He’s hanging in there. He’s got a long road ahead, but he’s hanging in there. We’re just praying. You know, we’ve raced together every year since we were about 6 years old. We’re best friends. We used to sleep over at each other’s houses. He’s my brother. (Was it hard to come back and race?) Not at all. I felt like I had a job to do. It was therapy for me, and it was the best place for me to be. It’s where he would want me to be. (Does a wreck like that, to someone so close to you, make you reconsider what you do?) I would go drive those cars today. When it’s in your blood, it doesn’t bother you to get back in the car. You could get hurt like that driving down the street. (You said tonight was for Shane … do you think he’d be happy all you got him was a third?) (Laughter) Yeah, probably not. Not at all.