Carl Edwards (No. 99 Aflac Now Hiring Ford, Third Place)
“That’s huge for us. We’ve had this one circled on the schedule as one our whole Aflac team was nervous about. We qualified well; we weren’t that fast at the beginning of the race and [crew chief Bob Osborne] did a really good job dialing it in. Overall, a really great night for us. Just a good race. A lot better finish than I thought we were gonna have. So I’m happy with it. [Question: Shouldn’t the guys racing for second and third be racing hard?] Oh yeah, we should definitely be racing each other hard. But there’s a difference between racing hard and just cutting across a guy’s nose. What I told Kyle is I just wonder why coming off of turn two – when I got underneath of it – he drove down instead going up to the wall like you’d normally do. That just doesn’t really make sense. If that happens, I’ll just stay where I’m at and he can drive across the hood and wreck himself. It just surprised me. He told me he didn’t mean to do it and I gotta believe that. [Question: What was your reaction to Jimmie Johnson’s wreck?] It can happen to any of us, so obviously the more points we can get on the guys in the Chase the better, but that can happen to anyone. He could go on a tear and be leading the points in three to four weeks. That could happen, too. So I don’t ever count him out.”

Kyle Busch (No. 18 M&M’s Toyota, Second Place)
“It was a good race for us. We certainly started pretty deep in the field and made our way up there slowly and steadily, but it was really tough to pass and make up ground here. You had to be creative. You had to work your way up and work your way past guys. But I don’t think we made a change to the car all night; we just let the race play out. Lo and behold, we thought we were gonna win one, and then you get down to all these late restarts and give it away, so we finished second. We’ve kind of set out that we need to start finishing where we run during the race. Tonight, we certainly ran well. We drove up through the field and got in position to win the race and was leading much of the end there and just got outdrove by Kenseth there on the restart. He just flat out drove right past me like I was standing still. The frustration is we didn’t finish where we wanted to, which could have been a win, could have been a real highlight. The next frustration is we have yet to win a Chase race. [Question: What did Carl Edwards talk to you about after the race?] He just said he didn’t like the way I raced him coming out of turn three that one time. That 17 [race winner Matt Kenseth], he found something that none of us could find tonight and made something out of nothing. He just outdrove me. [Question: Is Matt Kenseth a quiet contender?] You can never count Matt out. Seems like those Wisconsin guys are awfully quiet most of the time. Maybe that’s just part of it. He’ll sneak it out there at the end.”

Jimmie Johnson (No. 48 Lowe’s Chevrolet, 34th Place)
“We just have to keep racing. That’s all there is to it. There’s five races left, and a lot can happen in five races.”