Following last weekend’s NASCAR Sprint All-Star race, fellow Joe Gibbs Racing teammates Kyle Busch and Denny Hamlin had some opinions on the events that took place. Hamlin was leading, with Kyle Busch in second, when Hamlin blocked Busch from taking the lead and Busch bounced off the Turn 2 wall. Soon after, a tire went down on Busch’s car, causing a crash, which put Busch into Kasey Kahne’s car. The teammates had some varying views on the events that transpired.

Kyle Busch spoke first of the incident:

“I think that last week should have, and could have, gone a little bit differently,” said Busch. “I think either he (Hamlin) or myself had a shot to win the race and bring home the million bucks to Joe Gibbs Racing – to win another race for the team and all the guys and our sponsors and stuff. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen. Apparently, it was the All-Star race, and it kind of surprised me the way my teammate wanted to race me. Unfortunately, I ran out of race track, got in the fence and tore up a perfectly good race car. Four or five laps later, I blew a right-front tire and destroyed the race car, so it’s written off. Of course, I was heated after the incident. It surprised me, and I wouldn’t have expected my teammate to have raced me that way, but he’s the leader, he’s got the race track and I now understand that. Yeah, I feel like we can move on and work together. A little dissatisfied with his quote about how I would have done the same thing, because you can’t put words in a person’s mouth, and I don’t feel like I would have done the same thing. I’ve had my bad points, but since learning from Mark Martin, Tony Stewart, and those guys, I feel like I’ve gotten better and – even though it is an All-Star race – like I said, I was surprised by the fact that happened. I wouldn’t have expected it. I don’t think I typically run myself into the fence. Fortunately, Denny and I are teammates, so we’ve talked it over with Joe (team owner Gibbs), and Joe’s had multiple conversations, I believe, with the crew chiefs this week back at the shop and stuff like that. I took it on myself to go straight to Denny Hamlin’s trailer because I wanted to make sure that it was handled right then and there.”

Hamlin, meanwhile, offered his thoughts on the incident:

“It’s pretty much the same,” said Hamlin. “I feel like I definitely wouldn’t change anything that I would do and nobody in my position would. I challenge anyone to be in that position and to change the way that I drove. The thing is that he (Kyle) was never there; there was never a hole for his car to fit in, so he has a gas pedal and a brake just like I do. He could choose to check up and pass me in the next corner or put his car in the fence like what happened. I’m not going to put much effort into it, to be honest with you. Kyle brings this stuff up himself, and he gets mad at the media for asking him questions about his blow-ups and stuff, but he does it to himself. I don’t want to be a part of it; any drama that he wants to create or anything is on him. All I’m going to say – and I’m going to be done with it – each year Kyle’s going to grow out of it and he just doesn’t. Until he puts it all together, that’s when he’ll become a champion. Right now, he just doesn’t have himself all together.”