Top Gear 300 Quotes:

Matt Kenseth (Winner, No. 16 Fastenal Ford) – “That was fun. First time I’ve got to drive the COT (Car of Tomorrow) version of the (NASCAR) Nationwide (Series) Ford. Took a few laps to get used to it, but we had a good time. The car was handling really well; it was a fun race for us. [Differences from old car] It’s almost just like a Cup car. You pretty much think you’re in a Cup car until you step on the gas. To me it doesn’t feel a lot different. With the horsepower loss you just drive them a little different. [Taking over for Trevor] Taking over, a part of you feels bad, because it’s their ride. I knew the equipment was fast. I was looking forward to driving it.”

Jack Roush (Winning car owner) – “I’m thinking about what a difference a year makes. For a long time it seemed like we couldn’t buy a race. This year, we brought Chris Andrews over to crew chief on the 16 car. I’m really thankful for Chris. [Trevor] We’re very anxious to have Trevor back. One of the scenarios I worried about is the team would go stale. We managed to keep the team going, and Chris is anxious to have Trevor back.”

Chris Andrews (Winning car crew chief) – “Had a stumble on the left rear pit stop once that put us back some. We pitted a couple laps shorter than we wanted to. Then, the caution fell our way and we made our way back, and that was it.”

Carl Edwards (2nd place, No. 60 Fastenal Ford) – “Big day for Fastenal. Great race at the end for me. Just got too tight and Matt was able to get by me. I raced him really clean, I just got tight and his car was turning and he got the victory. Congrats to him and the guys. It was a good day for our whole team. It’s fun racing like that. [Tire issue?] I couldn’t get back to him [Kenseth]; I was getting tighter and tighter. He was saying thank you out the window and I was like, ‘Hey, not so fast.’ I was not really wearing him down but just trying to race him a little longer. When these cars get tight you just have to slow down a little. If it was five laps shorter I would have been pretty good. [Roush compared to last year] It is a big pickup, and it’s not just one thing, it’s a number of things. The cars drive better, the pit stops are better, we’re working very well as a team. Not just one thing, it’s a lot. [Is it more fun since you’re not worried about the championship?] I really did have a lot of fun there. Don’t know if it’s because there’s not a driver’s championship on the line. You don’t feel you have as much pressure on because the cars are fast almost every time you get in them.”

Kyle Busch (3rd place, No. 18 Z-Line Designs Toyota) – “Our race was pretty good today. The car drove pretty good. The car was pretty good in the middle stages but unfortunately toward the end the car didn’t handle at all. Overall a decent day and to come home third was pretty entertaining. [Tires fall off much?] Tires were really good, same compound as the Cup side. Didn’t seem like they were falling off much, maybe a half second, actually a little less than normal. Surprising, as slick as this place is usually and how much grip we had today. [Kimi] Saw him a couple times – as we were lapping him once. He seemed that he was doing all right. He didn’t look like he was loose; maybe he was tight. He would let the car go where it wanted to go. You know, that’s experience. Hopefully he had a fun time and didn’t get too hot.”

Ricky Stenhouse Jr. (Highest NASCAR Nationwide Series championship contender, 4th place, No. 6 Fastenal Ford) – “Started off really good, got the pole there, led the first few laps; could tell it was gonna get tight and it finally did. Missed the 1-2-3 finish like we were looking for, but still a good finish. [Sprint practice helped out?] Helped out a lot because you can’t drive the Sprint cup cars so far into the corner. Race track got really slick. All the laps are definitely helping. [Last year vs. right now] We’re in a good spot right now, but it’s really nothing I can pinpoint I’ve done myself other than being patient, staying focused. We were running good at end of the year last year and got everything turned around. The guys worked their butts off during the off season. [Opportunity for tomorrow] I haven’t had a lot of testing in these cars. It’s a huge opportunity and a long race so hopefully I’ll learn a lot. Hopefully I can just be there all day and learn all day. [Confidence?] Confidence is definitely high, but it’s because of Jack Roush and everybody at Roush Racing. We were lacking it last year. When you crash 12 times in the first half of the season, nobody’s confidence was going to be very high. You start questioning whether you can do this or not.”

Elliott Sadler (Points leader, 10th place finish, No. 2 One Main Financial Chevrolet) – “Pretty blessed to stay in the points lead, that’s our main goal and main intentions. We tried some new stuff, didn’t work out the way we wanted to so we just patched things up and adjusted a lot of the race. Proud to have a top-10; that’s what championship teams do. It’s a pretty good momentum builder.”  

Trevor Bayne (Regular driver, No. 16 Fastenal Ford) – “That’s nerve wracking for those guys up there. This is awesome for this team. Can’t wait to get back in next week. Wish I could have been there, but at least I could have been here watching this weekend.”