Larry the Cable Guy Visits Media Center before Coca-Cola 600 – Larry the Cable Guy, star of the new Disney-Pixar movie “CARS 2,” visited with the media prior to his duties as honorary pace car driver for tonight’s Coca-Cola 600.

When asked about practicing driving the pace car, he commented, “It went real good.

“When you do something like this you get a little nervous about it, and my buddies said ‘What are you getting so nervous about’? They said you go faster than that to get groceries. I got in there and they said here’s what you do. Put it on 47 miles an hour and put it on cruise control. By the time we got done, I was in the second groove, and I said I wanted to open it up. So, I did about 105 on the back stretch. That car drove good.”

The comedian is the voice of Mater in the “Cars 2” movie. He talked about the upcoming film.

“I tell everybody this movie is so awesome. That’s how good it is. It is like 180 degrees from the first movie. The first one was a nostalgic trip down Route 66, and this one is Mater and [Lightning] McQueen going to an international race. They race all overseas and different tracks and all over the place. Mater is kind of like a fish out of water. They get into a little espionage. They think Mater is a spy. Of course, he’s not. But he is so good at being Mater, they think nobody can be that stupid. So, they think he really is a spy. But, he is just Mater. It is non-stop action. I’m the only person in the movie who gained weight to do the voice-overs. So, I put on about 340 pounds to do that. It is the only movie you will ever see me in that has the number two after it.”

“I’m really looking forward to being here tonight,” he concluded. ”It is always a lot of fun to get to do that this. I have been a NASCAR fan for some time. To be able to come here and drive the pace car is awesome. I did it once at Sonoma [Infineon Raceway] and said I would never do it again. Some guy behind me kept coming up and bumping me.”

Larry the Cable Guy also noted his favorite driver is Ryan Newman.

“Ryan is a buddy of mine, so I pull for Ryan,” he said. “My favorite driver in NASCAR history is Dick Trickle. He used to race at LaCrosse Fairgrounds Speedway, and I helped sponsor my cousin there. I met him one night. So, he was my all-time favorite racer, but Ryan Newman is who I root for. “