Wheaties Unveils Earnhardt Box - In the first press conference of the day held in the Time Warner Media Center, members of the Earnhardt family and RCR team owner Richard Childress unveiled the new Dale Earnhardt Sr. Wheaties cereal commemorative box.

Earnhardt becomes the only motorsports driver to appear on the Wheaties box more than once. The unveiling comes as Earnhardt is scheduled to be inducted into the new NASCAR Hall of Fame Sunday. It was 14 years ago that Earnhardt ran the Wheaties car in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series All-Star Race.

Helping unveil the new box, Childress noted how special this is to him and the sport.

“Dale would be really proud,” said Childress. “He knew how special it was to be on a Wheaties box. And for him to go out there and represent Wheaties, he was super proud. To have this second box come out, especially at this time with the Hall of Fame….. Dale was a champion’s champion. As the kids see this box, if they are go-cart racers, late model racers or dirt racers, they want to be like a champion. And that is the way Dale Earnhardt was. It’s a great honor for RCR as well.”

Also helping with the unveiling were Dale’s daughter Taylor and son Kerry.

“It’s an honor to have Dad on the box again,” said Taylor. “I remember seeing that box on the counter and saying to myself, ‘my dad is on the Wheaties box.’ It means a lot to our family. This whole weekend means a lot to the family. And I think it will mean a lot to the kids, too, who want to see what he did. I think he would have loved it.”

“To have dad involved with the Wheaties box is special,” said Kerry. “This week has really been busy. We’ve heard a lot of good stories about Dad. This is a great opportunity to sit back and remember all the things that Dad meant to people.”

The new commemorative box will hit store shelves this summer.